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Top 10 Mobile Application Development Latest Trends


Look at the top mobile application development trends that dominate 2020 & grow your business all around the world by using revolutionary technologies & apps. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 Mobile Application Development Latest Trends

  • Created By - James Burns

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Its Not A Trend Anymore Its Our Need!
  • Mobile application development is a fastly
    evolving sector! Within a blink, smartphones have
    become our constant companion. Many technologies
    made their way into our lives. And the revenue
    from mobile app development has skyrocketed.
  • Mobile app trends have made a way into the market
    place. Developers bring these trends to users via
    mobile apps. The trends make the lives of users
    easier. Inevitably more users will jump on the
    bandwagon. Thereby businesses strengthen their
    user base.
  • Mobile app development business will grow
    unexpectedly by 2025, crossing 1000 billion
    market net worth!

Top 10 Mobile Application Development Trends
  • Beacons
  • 5G Internet Connectivity
  • The World Of Reality - AR/VR
  • AI Making Apps Intelligent
  • Internet Of Things
  • Blockchain
  • Almost every mobile app development company in
    USA follows these mobile application
    technologies. How helpful these techs are in
    making better mobile apps?

  • Beacons are wireless transmitters using Bluetooth
    technology to send signals. Hotels, healthcare,
    and museums are Beacons top users. Beacons can
    power mobile payments.
  • Beacon sends a signal the users phone fetches
    the signal. Now beacon-enabled app transmits the
    signal to an online portal the user gets a
    personalized message. The app format the
    information for the user the platform sends a
    sign to the app to act.
  • Beacon has immense potential in the marketing
    landscape reduces the path between the users
    and the companies. Many industries like hotels,
    museums, and healthcare have already installed
    beacons in their services.
  • Apple introduced iBeacon in 2013 Google
    introduced Eddystone in 2015!

5G Internet Connectivity
  • 5G internet speed is a trend that is not only
    limited to mobile app development but would
    become one of the biggest trends of 2020. It is a
    buzz beyond that!
  • 5Gs speed is probably 100 times more than what
    4G provides at present.
  • 5G internet provides efficient signal while
    reducing latency by 1ms for the IoT connectivity.
    It optimizes network energy consumption and
    effectively process multi-Gbps data. With better
    antenna techniques, it will process more
  • 5G will benefit data security, augmented
    reality, virtual reality, and 3D gaming.

The World Of Reality - AR/VR
  • Augmented Reality Virtual Reality are being
    widely used in the world of gaming. And the time
    isnt far enough when these technologies will be
    used in all the aspects of our life.
  • Next year in 2020, we can see many AR-based app
    ideas for industries like healthcare, tourism,
    education, retail, marketing, etc. Facebook
    Instagram are already using these technologies.
  • Smartglasses like HoloLens, Oculus Go, Magic
    Leap, etc. to provide an immersive and
    interactive user experience.
  • This technology can be used in live surgeries,
    exploration activities, visual learnings, and
    destination navigator.

AI Making Apps Intelligent
  • We all use virtual assistants like Siri, Google
    Assistants, Replica, etc. and AI-based photo
    filtering apps like Face App, Prisma, etc.
  • Software and applications like AI-based cameras,
    voice translations, user predictions, etc will
    find a new home in smartphones. A combination of
    AI ML DL will help in making apps for data
    security, cybersecurity, data handline, business
    modeling, and more.
  • For eCommerce development services, AI ML will
    play a major role in understanding user behavior
    in better ways. Also, these techs can control
    homes, devices, automobiles, etc. on their own.
  • Around 44 of companies use AI and smartphones
    to channelize their business processes smoothly.

Internet Of Things
  • IoT products like Amazon Dash button, Philips
    lighting system, August doorbell cam, August
    smart lock, etc. are already winning users
    hearts in the way they control our homes and
  • The business of IoT Connected Devices will boost
    to 76 billion market worth by 2025.
  • Xively, Android Ubidots, Thingworx are some
    famous platforms that help in integrating IoT to
    your next mobile application. Wearable devices
    are also the best examples of IoT!
  • Some of the future trends of IoT includes smart
    homes and cities, smart and self-driving
    automobiles, AI-powered IoT devices, IoT in
    healthcare, IoT in logistics, and many more!

  • Blockchain gives us a sneak-peek into
    cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Blockchain
    development services is by far the best solution
    for cybersecurity.
  • Future applications of blockchain are in
    Anti-piracy, Secure public elections, Transparent
    betting, Swarm Robotics, Asset Tokenization, and
    Blockchain as service (BaaS).
  • Blockchain offers complete security for all our
    sensitive information. Be it our transactions or
    data exchanges or documents nobody can track
    that info. As a result, we can expect mobile
    application wallets to rise high in usage.

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