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Choosing A Paediatric Cardiologist - Maitri Hospital


Anything related to your child is of crucial importance. Then, imagine how critical it could be if your child is suffering from a heart ailment! Choose to put your child into the hands of a responsible paediatric cardiologist. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Choosing A Paediatric Cardiologist - Maitri Hospital

Newborns are at equal risks as adults when it
comes to heart diseases. There are multiple
cases seen where newborns are born with a heart
defect. This is when the parents are advised to
visit a pediatric cardiologist. Some defects may
not require treatment, while others may require
a surgery. To give your child the best care and
to make the right decisions, you need a
professional to guide you on the right track and
for this, you need a cardiologist who has the
right experience and skill. You can ask your
paediatric doctor in Kota to help you find one.
But, if your paediatric doctor is the one at
Maitri Hospital, you neednt worry as you are in
safe hands who will be guiding you throughout the
The job of a general cardiologist is in itself
very difficult as it has to deal with the
problems of the heart. One mistake and the
surgeon costs the life of a person! So imagine
the job of a paediatric cardiologist! An
infants heart is only the size of his fist.
Operating on such a tiny organ, on which the
life of the child depends, isn't an easy job. It
requires specialized training, skill, and
experience. Thus, it is important to find a
doctor with technical qualifications and the
most appropriate skills. Here is what all you
need to consider while choosing a paediatric
cardiologist for your child. Understand your
babys condition You first need to understand
the condition of your baby. Ask your doctor for
information about your babys condition, and
then find more detailed information about the
condition online or at a library. This will help
you find the right cardiologist for your child.
Search for hospitals offering paediatric
cardiologist services Look for hospitals that
provide paediatric cardiology services. Learn
about the facility and have your child enrolled
there. Or, you could look for the doctors and
surgeons affiliated there. Get in touch with
them personally and have your child taken care
of. If you get in touch personally, ask them
about their experience since how long they are
working, how many surgeries have they executed,
how many surgeries were successful, the kind of
surgery they specialize in, etc. Dont hesitate
to ask them all such questions. If he is a
considerate doctor, he will take the time to
answer you. Ask friends and family for
recommendations You may be having friends or
relatives who have had a baby. If you know anyone
whose baby has also had problems with the heart,
they probably have a lot of experience and
references for the best doctors (or probably the
worst). When you speak to them, you will know
what to do and what not, and who to approach, and
where not to go. Assess the entire medical team
to be involved If you are planning to approach a
hospital, or a team of doctors working together,
you need to be sure that you can trust all of
them. Learn about the entire team of doctors,
surgeons, assistants, nurses, and other medical
staff. Learn as much as you can about them before
you decide on putting your baby in their hands.
Check for their areas of expertise to see if they
are suitable to treat your childs
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