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Outdoor Furniture Industry Statistics & Market Research-Sample


According to Goldstein Research, world outdoor furniture market is expected to reach more than USD 14.3 billion by 2024 from USD 9.1 billion in 2016, growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 5.6% over the forecast period 2016-2024. The trend of luxury housing, growing real estate sector and rising disposable income of people is driving the growth of world outdoor furniture market. Global outdoor furniture market segmentation has been carried out on the basis of product type, material type, end users, distribution channel and region. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Outdoor Furniture Industry Statistics & Market Research-Sample

Global Outdoor Furniture Market Outlook
Global Outdoor Furniture Market Outlook 2024
Opportunity Growth Analysis, 2016-2024
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91-120-473-0422, 91-991-071-6331
Published By Goldstein Research
Copyright All Rights Reserved, Goldstein
Copyright All Rights Reserved, Goldstein
Global Outdoor Furniture Market Outlook
Global Outdoor Furniture Market Share(), By
Global Outdoor Furniture Market Size USD
(Billion). 2016-2024
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Source Goldstein Research
Source Goldstein Research
In 2016, Outdoor Seating accounted for the
highest market share XX in Global Outdoor
Furniture Market
With XX share in 2016, North America dominated
the Global Outdoor Furniture Market
Global Retail sales (), By End Users -2016
Global Outdoor Furniture Market Share (), By
Material Type -2016
Global Outdoor Furniture Market Share(), By
Product Type-2016
Source Goldstein Research
Source Goldstein Research
Copyright All Rights Reserved, Goldstein
Global Outdoor Furniture Market Outlook
  • In 2016, overall outdoor furniture market was
    dominated by the residential market, which
    accounted for more than XX of total outdoor
    furniture and accessories. Appealing designs and
    novel technologies to build outdoor furniture has
    also attracted the new consumer base, which is
    the key factor determining the sales of new
    outdoor furniture market.
  • The improved focus on high quality outdoor
    furniture has also heightened the selections and
    combinations of outdoor fabrics that homeowners
    and designers are using. Additionally, home size
    is an imperative indicator of which sets
    consumers are most probable to purchase. For
    instance, the size if the U.S residency has
    declined from 2,400 sq. ft. in 20118 to 2,200 sq.
    ft. in 2015. As a result, this influences the
    types of patio sets customers are buying. As
    living spaces become smaller, smaller sets with
    price labels in between USD 399 and USD 799 will
    continue to rise in popularity.
  • Fresh trends show that outdoor furniture market
    is fast-tracking owing to the factors such as
    demand for reprocessed plastic lumber popularity
    which is commonly known as Envirowood. Outdoor
    furniture market is also profited by the
    government funding to open more leisure and green
    spaces such as gardens, sports area among other
    where people can relax. For instance, around 58
    of the total inhabitants in United Kingdom claim
    to make leisure visit every week.
  • Further, expanding expenditures over the purchase
    of luxury housing and real estate properties will
    also aid the progress of outside furniture
    market. Over the next five years demand of
    purchasing luxury housing properties is expected
    to reach 20 by the wealthy population across the
  • Retail stores will continue to be the most
    lucrative sales channel for outdoor furniture,
    followed by direct to consumer channel. However
    direct to consumer channel will register a
    comparatively higher CAGR than retail stores in
    the market through 2022.

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Leisure Lifestyle
Growing Hospitality Sector
Luxury Housing and Real Estate Properties
Global Outdoor Furniture Market Size (USD Billion)
North America
USD XX Billion
USD XX Billion
USD XX Billion
USD XX Billion
Copyright All Rights Reserved, Goldstein
Copyright All Rights Reserved, Goldstein
Fig 13 Global Outdoor Furniture Market Size
(USD Billion)-2016-2024
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Source Goldstein Research
  • Global Outdoor Furniture Market is anticipated to
    expand at a compound annual growth rate of XX
    during the forecast period i.e. 2016-2024. The
    market is anticipated to reach USD XX billion by
    the end of 2024. The demand for modular and
    elegant furniture is growing in urban cities. The
    development in housing sector and rapid pace
    growth of metro cities is changing the living
    standards and lifestyle of the population. The
    rising tend of home décor and home furnishing
    with modular and stylish furniture is the major
    reason behind the flourishing growth of global
    outdoor furniture market.
  • Furniture industry is highly unorganized in high
    potential developing regions due to presence of
    large number of local wholesalers and furniture
    shops. The wide scale availability of raw
    material such as wood, mica and other accessories
    along with cheap labor force are the two major
    factors which are responsible for the
    un-organized segment of this industry.
  • Online space furniture store market is projected
    to expand at a CAGR of XX during 2016-2024 when
    compared to offline with XX CAGR during
    2016-2024 online channel estimated to gain high
    jump in urban regions across the globe.

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  • Rapid Urbanization is Driving the Outdoor
    Furniture market
  • Growing urbanization across the globe and others
    is supporting the culture of housing societies.
    Moreover, the corporate sector globally is
    uplifting on the back of ease of doing business
    reforms introduced by the government
  • The pace in urbanization further boost the demand
    for modular and western style furniture in
    developing countries. The demand for durable and
    hybrid seating furniture is expected to drive the
    global outdoor furniture market
  • The technological advancements such as
    availability of high speed internet networks such
    as 4G and spiked absorption of smart gadgets such
    as smart phones and tables is boosting the
    e-retail sector globally. These advancements
    further provides ease to the customers to buy
    furniture through online channels
  • The rising trend of modular and state of the art
    furniture among the population living in urban
    cities is boosting the growth for furniture
  • Moreover, the rising growth of wood industry in
    Global further compensate the price of furniture.
    On the back of these factors the furniture
    industry is expected to propel in Global

Recent News and Trends
  • The 100 FDI in retail sector further increasing
    the penetration of international players in the
    Indian market such as Ikea. The rising foreign
    direct investment in retail sector further
    enhances the furniture industry in India
  • Worlds largest furniture retailer Ikea is
    investing USD XX Million in India as part of
    plans to have XX stores across the globe by 2025.
    These rapid investments in furniture industry
    further change the scenario of global furniture
  • The rising trend of online and mobile shopping
    further boost the demand for furniture through
    online channels. Various furniture companies such
    as Pepperfry, Urban ladder and others are
    creating huge demand from these online channels
  • Online retailers utilize interest-based
    advertising to target internet users whose
    browsing behavior indicates they might be
    interested in certain categories of products

  • Impact Analysis-
  • Rapid urbanization and growing demand for modular
    and compact furniture is expected to heavily
    impact on the growth of furniture market in near
  • With the housing market returning and buyers
    feeling more comfortable with the economy, its
    good news for the furniture industry since the
    housing and real estate market are the largest
    drivers of industry demand. there has been a
    steady annual increase of about 4.5 in new
    furniture sales among global furniture

Fig 5-3 Influence of Loyalty Programs in
Selecting Furniture Retail Brands- by Different
Generations ()
Source Primary Source
  • Unorganized Industry in Majority of the Regions
  • It is a challenging task for the major players
    to generate the revenue and to maintain the
    growth of their share in furniture market across
    the globe. The major challenge for the key
    players is the presence of large number of
    unorganized players
  • The major part of this industry, approximately
    more than 80 is in the unorganized sector. The
    remaining part comprises of large manufacturers,
    such as, Godrej Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,
    BP Ergo, Featherlite, and others
  • The unorganized players sell their product
    through local shops which decreases the cost of
    distribution channel. Thus, they can easily sell
    their product at low cost by maintaining their
    margin cost as well
  • The presence of large number of local furniture
    manufacturers further hampers the growth of
    organized global furniture market. Further, the
    unorganized players in the furniture industry
    offers the same products as of organized players
    but at low prices. However, at some point the
    quality of the material is also compromised by
    unorganized players without the knowledge of the
    consumers. The population further incline towards
    the low cost furniture products

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Fig 17 Reason behind the growth in Global
Furniture Market-2016-2024
  • Impact Analysis-
  • The presence of large number of unorganized
    players in the furniture industry is restraining
    the growth of global furniture market.
  • The rich and upper middle class is typically very
    attentive to design and quality, so price is
    rarely a determining factor. However, the middle
    class population is creating a huge demand for
    furniture on the back of price of the products
  • High cost of modular furniture is one the major
    reason behind the sluggish growth of furniture
    market in Global. On the other hand presence of
    counterfeit products at low cost by the
    unorganized players is limiting the growth of
    furniture industry

Source Goldstein Research
Impact on Global Outdoor Furniture Market
  • As living conditions continue to improve in China
    and other developing countries people are
    becoming more and more willing to invest in home
    decoration. Consumers increasing purchasing
    power has driven the furniture market to develop
    in leaps and bounds. In 2016, the total sales of
    furniture manufacturing enterprises grew XX year
    on year to USD XX billion in APAC region, while
    total profits grew XX year on year to USD XX
  • Luxury/branded goods consumers These consumers
    want furniture to reflect their taste and style.
    While making their purchase, they would also like
    to enjoy aesthetics and cultural elements. They
    are at the forefront of trends in aesthetics,
    lifestyle and price concepts.
  • An increasing number of consumers, in particular
    mid-to-high end consumers and childrens
    furniture consumers, choose to embrace new living
    concepts, such as the eco home. These consumers
    have a strong preference for environment-friendly
    furniture, such as odour- and formaldehyde-free

Fig 17 Global Outdoor Furniture Market Share,
By Product Type, 2016-2024
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Source Goldstein Research
Fig 17 Global Outdoor Furniture Market Y-O-Y
Growth, By Product Type, , 2016-2024
Fig 17 Global Outdoor Furniture Market Size
(USD Billion), By ProductType-2016-2024
Source Goldstein Research
  • The global market for outdoor furniture is
    growing. Consumers increasingly use their garden
    as living space, a place for active and passive
    recreation. Therefore, outdoor furniture has to
    meet the same needs as indoor furniture.
    Sustainability and design are becoming
    increasingly important. Another trend is
    developing furniture for relatively small spaces
    like balconies. The Europe is an especially
    interesting focus region, with a strong market
    for developing countries.
  • Growing disposable and per-capita income in the
    Middle East and Asian countries offers huge
    potential for outdoor furniture. High net worth
    individuals buy free-hold residential properties
    in Middle East which has open/large gardens and
    private beach which requires extensive use of
    exclusive outdoor wooden furniture.
  • Further, the hotel FB space continues to show
    growth, with overall consumer spending increasing
    XX percent in 2017 and showing a robust XX
    percent annual growth since 2011.

Fig 17 Global Outdoor Furniture Market Share,
By Food Products, 2016-2024
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Source Goldstein Research
Fig 17 Global Outdoor Furniture Market Y-O-Y
Growth, By Food Product Type, , 2016-2024
Source Goldstein Research
Fig 17 Consumer Preferences To Shop For
Furniture, By Different Demographics
Source Goldstein Research
Fig 17 Global Outdoor Furniture Market
Attractiveness-By Product Type, 2016-2024
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Market Size (USD Million)
Day Beds and Sun lounges
Source Goldstein Research
Outdoor seating holds the largest revenue share
in the global outdoor furniture market. Further,
hospitality sector is likely to boost the sales
of day beds and sun lunges over the forecast
period. Demand in the outdoor furniture market
has been extending from specialised sectors, such
as star-grade hotels, restaurants, exclusive
clubs, leisure venues and residential
communities, to the home sector, including
private gardens, rooftops and terraces.
Development in the home sector is gathering
momentum. Outdoor furniture is increasingly
popular in the Chinese market. Available in an
increasing variety, outdoor furniture mainly
falls under the following categories beach beds,
rattan chairs, leisure chairs, bamboo chairs, and
other outdoor furniture items. Among these,
rattan chairs and leisure chairs account for a
bigger share.
Fig 17 Global Outdoor Furniture Market BPS
Analysis- By Type 2016-2024
Source Goldstein Research
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North America Outdoor Furniture Market Size (USD
Source Goldstein Research
North America North America Outdoor Furniture
Market Size (USD Billion), By Product
North America North America Outdoor Furniture
Market Size (USD Billions), By Country-2016-2024
Source Goldstein Research
Source Goldstein Research
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United States Outdoor Furniture Market Size (USD
Billion), Compound Annual Growth Rate (), Y-O-Y
Growth Rate (), 2016-2024
Source Goldstein Research
Key Insights
Fig 24 U.S Increase in No. of Furniture Retail
Stores, 2012-2016
  • According to Goldstein Research U.S households
    spent over nearly USD XX billion on the outdoor
    market (include furniture, shade products and
    grills) and about USD XX billion alone on outdoor
    furniture in 2016 and it is predicted that XX
    more of U.S households plan to purchase an
    outdoor furniture in the coming year.
  • According to the U.S Census Bureau there were
    83.1 million millennial in 2015 and tis
    demographic presents more than one quarter of the
    nations population making them the largest age
    demographic and potential consumers in the
    united States.

Source Goldstein Research
According to Casual Living and Apartment Therapy
survey, nearly XX of all outdoor furniture sales
comes from home improvement and discount
department stores. The same survey also revealed
that the vast majority of consumer who shop at
these retail stores signified that price was the
most important purchasing consideration, followed
by quality/durability and style/design. Its also
important to note that 67 of sales in outdoor
patio furniture occurs between the months of
March and June. For most of the United States
except Midwest region, the most popular month to
buy is May
North America Outdoor Furniture Market
Attractiveness-By Country, 2016-2024
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Market Size (USD Billion)
Source Goldstein Research
According to the above graph, U.S. outdoor
furniture market is anticipated to be the most
attractive market across all the countries in
outdoor furniture market, for new entrants
looking to enter in the market, existing players
looking for business expansion and investors
seeking investment opportunities over the
forecast period i.e. 2016-2024 The United States
has increased its furniture exports to the tune
of achieving USD XX Billion USD in 2016. It also
has increased its furniture imports by about XX
over the last year, mostly coming from China and
Vietnam. The import figure translated to about
USD XX billion in 2016, and with such numbers the
US is considered the largest importer of
furniture in the world today. Furthermore, some
US furniture companies have gone a step even
further by opening factories in Asia
North America North America Outdoor Furniture
Market BPS Analysis- By Country, 2016-2024
Source Goldstein Research
IKEA (Company Overview Business Strategy)
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Founded 1943
Website www.ikea.com
Employees 147,000
Headquarters Netherlands
Company Overview
Key Products
Home Electronics
Indoor Gardening
Outdoor Furniture
Baby Children's Products
Bathroom Storage
  • IKEA is a Swedish-founded Dutch-based
    multinational group, that designs and sells
    ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances
    and home accessories.
  • As of November 2017, IKEA owns and operates 415
    stores in 49 countries. In fiscal year 2016, USD
    XX billion worth of goods were sold, a total that
    represented a XX percent increase over 2015. The
    IKEA website contains about 12,000 products and
    is the closest representation of the entire IKEA
    range. There were over XX billion visitors to
    IKEA's websites in the year from September 2015
    to August 2016.
  • More than half of the production i.e. XX of the
    production is in Europe and the company has 315
    IKEA Group stores in 27 countries across the
  • Most of IKEA's stores and factories were
    previously owned by INGKA, a holding company
    controlled by the Stichting INGKA Foundation, one
    of the 40 wealthiest foundations in the world

Business Strategy
Offering the lowest prices Cost effectiveness is
one of the solid bases of IKEA competitive
advantage. The global furniture retailer is able
to offer low prices thanks to a combination of
economies of scale and technological integration
into various business processes. International
market expansion strategy The home improvement
and furnishing chain has traditionally engaged in
new market development in an aggressive manner.
IKEA Group has 340 stores in 28 markets
worldwide, 22 Pick-up and Order Points in 11
countries, 41 Shopping Centres in 15 countries
and 38 Distribution sites in 18 countries. The
company is planning to open stores in India and
Serbia in medium term perspective. Increasing
variety of products Great range of products also
belongs to the list of IKEA competitive
advantages. There are 9500 products across in
IKEA portfolio and the company renews its product
range annually launching approximately 2,500 new
products. The company is also increasing its
presence in food and catering industries.
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