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Learn How to Play Golf & know about Golf Tips and Rules


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Title: Learn How to Play Golf & know about Golf Tips and Rules

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Align your body with the ball
  • Your face, shoulders, hips, and feet should all
    be facing the ball before you swing. Your body
    should be parallel to the intended target. Make
    sure that your feet are shoulder width apart for
    maximum balance. When using a club position the
    ball just forward of the center of your stance to
    get maximum control and distance. Bend your knees
    slightly and bend forward just a little from the
    waist to maintain proper posture.

Position your hands correctly on the club
  • Place the hand closer to your target on top of
    the hand that is farther away from the
    target.Keep your arms straight but relaxed.Since
    you are leaning forward, your arms will be
    hanging down almost straight from your

Perfect your backswing
  • Move the club back away from the ball. If you are
    right-handed, you move the club backward to the
    right. Your right elbow should bend slightly, but
    your left elbow will remain straight. Your
    shoulders will twist clockwise slightly. As you
    turn, raise the club until it is somewhere
    between hip and shoulder height. This should feel

Hit the ball
  • Swing the club forcefully toward and through the
    ball. If you are right-handed, you will swing the
    club to the left. Once you hit the ball, follow
    through with your body turn and club. Allow the
    club to continue to swing over your left
    shoulder. At this point, both of your elbows will
    be bent.

Shorten your backswing with putting
  • As you get closer to the hole, you will want to
    change your swing slightly. When you putt, for
    example, use a shorter backswing. Lightly tap the
    ball. The ball should roll on the ground instead
    of flying through the air. Continue your follow
    through and keep your eye on the ball throughout
    your swing, pitch, chip, or putt.

Use the correct club
  • There are several different types of clubs in a
    set of golf clubs. The driver is the club that is
    used to hit the ball long distance. This should
    be used on your first hit off the tee-box. The
    putter is the club that is used when your ball is
    on the green. An iron is used for hits that are
    less than 200 yards away. Hybrid clubs have been
    developed recently that combine the benefits of
    drivers and irons

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