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Getting Through A Detox Program


TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction Create Time Eat Healthily Stay Hydrated Use Prescribed Medications Get Family Support Adopt an Exercising Routine Address the Emotional Triggers Get Spiritual Nourishment Consider Music Therapy Be Patient and Hopeful Closing Thoughts – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Getting Through A Detox Program

Getting Through ADetox Program
  • Introduction
  • Create Time
  • Eat Healthily
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Use Prescribed Medications
  • Get Family Support
  • Adopt an Exercising Routine
  • Address the Emotional Triggers
  • Get Spiritual Nourishment
  • Consider Music Therapy
  • Be Patient and Hopeful
  • Closing Thoughts

  • The body hosts a lot of things some good
    and others bad. The bad things, what we call
    toxins, maybe the reason why you are suffering
    physically or mentally. Before we go any further,
    its necessary to know what these toxins are.
  • The toxins in question are mostly deposits
    of illicit drugs and alcohol. They can also be
    bad fat and excess sugar. Through a detox
    program, you can get rid of them. This will
    ensure that you enjoy a healthier inner body.
    Considering that there are different toxins that
    you can eliminate from the body, the detox
    programs are different for everyone. Whats clear
    is that you cant go through the process on your
    own. You need professional help.

  • When you suffer from a serious health
    condition such as cancer or Heart Disease, its
    likely that wouldnt hesitate to pay a health
    professional a visit. So, why not seek
    professional help when you decide to detox? The
    most sensible thing to do will be to sign up at
    the nearest detox center. Actually, registering
    for a detox program is not the hardest part.
    Getting through it is. This is because you are
    bound to face several withdrawal challenges that
    may make you consider going back to the
    addiction. However, with the right guide, you can
    overcome the challenges. To help you find you get
    through a detox program, here are 10 proven ways
    to observe

Create Time
  • Detoxification is a lengthy process. You
    have to prepare for everything. This means
    picking the perfect time to start the detox
    program. When you start, there shouldnt be any
    distracters. If your detox program involves a
    diet change, you have to plan perfectly what to
    eat and when to eat. Other things that you have
    to plan for are
  • The frequency that youll be making the
    subsequent visits to your detox clinic.
  • The support materials such as detoxification
    supplements that youll need to help you get
    through the program.
  • When youll be having your social visits so that
    nothing interferes with your detox program.
  • Who to call when you are experiencing withdrawal
    symptoms that are alarming.

Eat Healthily
  • When you start your detox journey, its
    necessary that you adopt a healthy nutrition
    plan. You dont have to listen to your cravings
    if your target is to avoid them. Besides, if your
    goal is to get rid of toxins that are associated
    with unhealthy feeding patterns, it doesnt make
    sense entertaining the thought. Some general tips
    for a detox diet that you need to observe
  • Take enough proteins The proteins will help to
    heal and repair your body after damage by toxins.
    This is particularly important if what you are
    overcoming is alcohol addiction. In this case,
    you should take healthy proteins such as fish,
    chicken, and dairy products. You can talk to your
    nutritionist about the portions to observe.

  • Add vitamins The best sources of vitamins are
    greens and fruits. The sources will help you curb
    the cravings. You need to include as many greens
    and fruits as possible on your daily intake. In
    addition to helping you with your detoxification
    goal, the vitamins will help to enhance your
  • Dont forget whole grains You need carbohydrates
    for energy as well as fiber. So, include whole
    grains in your daily nutrition plan. Theyll also
    help to manage the cravings. If you are
    exercising, youll need extra energy to endure
    the gym stress.
  • Cut the fats Fat is not healthy when you are
    planning to detoxify. It overworks the liver (the
    organ that is responsible for detoxification). If
    you have to take fats, take it in moderation.

Stay Hydrated
  • The cheapest and easiest way to hydrate is
    drinking plenty of water. According to experts,
    you should take at least 8 glasses of pure water
    daily when detoxing. For one, drinking plenty of
    water helps to ease the side effects of a
    withdrawal. Two, water helps to reduce the
    potency of the toxin thats inside your body.
    This is because water is naturally an effective
    diluting agent. Since most withdrawals are
    characterized by symptoms such as diarrhea,
    excessive perspirations, and vomiting, your body
    will lose fluids. You can replace the lost fluids
    by taking extra water. Other hydration options
  • Herbal tea For example, you can take ginger tea
    daily to hydrate your body while getting rid of
    the toxins. This is because the tea encourages
    excessive secretion of toxins through sweating.
    You can take at least a cup a day. This can be
    done routinely until you achieve your
    detoxification goal.

  • .
  • Lemon tea This is an effective detoxification
    approach that helps to get rid of excessive fat.
    Its a weight loss option that has been used from
    time immemorial. For maximum detoxification, you
    can take as much as three cups of lemon tea a
  • Fruit juice This will help to hydrate your body
    while providing beneficial vitamins. The fruit
    juices will also help to curb sugar cravings.
    They are a good substitute for soda and other
    sugar-rich soft drinks.

Use Prescribed Medications
  • One bigger challenge that you have to prepare
    for when you start a detox program are the
    adverse reactions that arise after a withdrawal.
    They include a headache, fainting, nausea,
    anxiety, body chills, and excessive perspiration.
    While these signs may appear unpleasant, they are
    indicators that your detox program is working.
    So, you just have to learn how to manage them.
  • Youll need prescribed medications to do it.
    Often, your doctor will prescribe
    antidepressants, analgesics, and tranquilizers.
    These anti-addiction prescriptions will help you
    go through the detox process safely. However, you
    should only use prescribed medications. If you
    consider over the counter prescriptions, you may
    aggravate the adverse reactions instead of
    alleviating them.

Get Family Support
  • Its important that you get someone that
    cares about you to walk with you through the
    detox journey. Whether its a spouse, a parent or
    a family friend, you should involve them when you
    go to the detox center. Theyll help you manage
    the stress triggers and the cravings. A NIDA
    study shows that loved ones can motivate a drug
    addict to stay clear of the addiction and to
    enjoy therapy.
  • The people that you love will not let you go
    back to the addiction just because you are facing
    a withdrawal setback. Theyll do everything
    possible to help you get through the ordeal. This
    is according to a study by the Substance Abuse
    and Mental Health Services Administration.
    According to the study, the more your loved ones
    join you for therapy and counselling, the higher
    the chances of overcoming the withdrawal

Adopt an Exercising Routine
  • According to CDC, exercising is important
    for any detox program. For one, it lowers the
    risks of cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and
    other serious conditions. Moderate exercises
    generally promote better heart functions, lung
    capacity, and blood circulation. So, for a person
    who is detoxing to get rid of unhealthy fats,
    exercising helps to break down the fat molecules
    through a process called lipolysis. The fat
    molecules are usually hidden around major organs
    such as the heart and the lungs.

  • Similarly, for someone who is detoxing
    because of alcohol or an illicit drug, exercising
    helps to produce serotonin, dopamine, and other
    mood enhancers. The chemicals control the
    triggers that push you to think about the drug.
    When adapting an exercising routine, you dont
    have to do something strenuous. You can start
    with light workouts such as walking, yoga, and
    swimming. According to a study by Frontiers in
    Psychology, exercising helps to prevent a relapse
    by decreasing the need for cravings and drug
    abuse. You just need to find training routine
    that suits you and your detoxification goal.

Address the Emotional Triggers
  • What incites you to consider going back to
    the addiction that you are trying to avoid? You
    first need to identify it so as to fight it. If
    there are specific cravings that are hard to
    resist, write them down and talk to an expert
    about them. If the emotional trigger, for
    example, is driving you into the local store to
    get a bottle of liquor, cigarette or chocolate,
    try something healthy. Instead of alcohol, you
    can take fruit juice or water.
  • Likewise, instead of going for chocolate or
    ice-cream, you can opt for fruits as they are
    healthier. You can also reduce the number of
    visits that you make to the local store. If you
    need a specific item and theres someone in the
    family that you can send, consider the option.
    The idea is to try to avoid the emotional
    triggers as much as possible.

Get Spiritual Nourishment
  • Drug addiction not only wrecks your physical
    body but the spiritual too. For this reason, a
    detox program is not just meant to help you get
    rid of the toxins from your body but to also help
    you rebuild your life. So, as you take care of
    your physical body through proper nutrition, you
    also need spiritual cleansing. Some of the
    practical approaches that you can consider are
  • Taking a yoga or a meditation class.
  • Seek spiritual counsel from a spiritual leader.
  • Read spiritual books and follow spiritual
  • The above approaches will help to promote
    mental calmness and self-awareness. Youll also
    have the opportunity to enjoy better sleeping
    patterns. Whether you seek spiritual guidance or
    you take up an alternative therapy, whats
    important is that you regain mental calmness
    without using alcohol or any drug.

Consider Music Therapy
  • You should never underestimate the power of
    music. Music therapies such as song writing,
    singing, and playing instruments can be an
    effective way of overcoming the distracters.
    According to a 2014 research, music therapy may
    help you avoid alcohol and other drugs throughout
    your detox program. The therapy helps you to
    re-engage in something you really like.
  • Experts also recommend music therapy because
    it helps to enhance the mood by releasing
    endorphins, chemicals that give you a positive
    mindset. As a therapy, music embodies emotions
    that cant be expressed by words. So, its just a
    matter of identifying the type of music therapy
    that you really like and sticking to it
    throughout your detox program. If you are not
    sure what to do, you can enrol in a music school
    so as to have a taste of the different music

Be Patient and Hopeful
  • Lastly, its important that you look forward
    to a great future once you begin your detox
    program. You may not realize your objectives
    immediately but you have to stay hopeful
    throughout. You shouldnt despair on the routine
    that your counsellor suggests at the detox
    center. If an addiction has made you to postpone
    a career or to quit a relationship, you should
    observe a positive attitude while targeting to
    regain what you have lost. You generally have to
    take up the cleansing as a lifestyle. You
    shouldnt take it as a punishment but something
    that will help you get rid of the accumulated
    toxins. With time, youll start noticing the
    positive effects that come with observing the
    detox program.

Closing Thoughts
  • Generally, you shouldnt let toxins such as
    drug deposits or unhealthy fats rob your
    happiness. Just enrol for a detox program. While
    the walk may be tougher than you expect, there
    are ways that you can manage the obstacles. The
    secret is in the 10 ways discussed above. But
    still, its important to find the ideal detox
    program that suits your goal. The program highly
    determines the chances of you staying healthy and
  • Addiction Rehab Toronto offers supervised
    detox programs that are executed with an
    individuals needs in mind. They show their
    clients how to cope up with cravings and other
    unpleasant withdrawal effects. They also provide
    their clients with the right tools to transition
    into the addiction treatment process and to
    adequately prepare for a life of abstinence. For
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