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Oureducation offer best Coaching Institutes for UPSC Preparation in Delhi. we have successfully guided hundreds of students to achieve their dream-career IAS, IPS and other allied services. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best IAS coaching centre in Delhi

Best English Notes by Top Coaching Center
English section is an important part of all
Competitive Exams. English grammar sections is
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Permeates (verb)
Top IAS Coaching Institute - English Notes By
Best Faculty Vocabulary
  • Meaning spread throughout (something)
  • Synonyms impregnate
  • Antonyms drain
  • It is this implicit faith that permeates the
    psyche of a uniformed person based on the belief
    that his commander is supreme and will always
    look after his interests as well as those of his

Cobble (verb)
  • Meaning roughly assemble or produce something
    from available parts or elements.
  • Synonyms scribble
  • Antonyms destroy
  • Having given five months to the Bharatiya Janata
    Party (BJP) to try to cobble together a
    government, the surprise challenge by the Peoples
    Democratic Party (PDP), supported by the National
    Conference (NC) and the Congress, forced him to
    reverse course, and hastily dissolve an Assembly
    that he had kept in suspended animation without
    once consulting the MLAs.

Disingenuous (adjective)
  • Meaning not candid or sincere, typically by
    pretending that one knows less about something
    than one really does.
  • Synonyms mendacious
  • Antonyms ingenuous
  • The Governors reasons for dissolution are not
    only disingenuous, they are downright dangerous.

Pretence (noun)
  • Meaning an attempt to make something that is not
    the case appear true.
  • Synonyms dissimulation
  • Antonyms honesty
  • Most Kashmiri commentators, in any case, argue
    that there has never been more than a pretence of
    democracy on the part of New Delhi when it comes
    to Kashmir.

Vindicates (verb)
  • Meaning clear (someone) of blame or suspicion.
  • Synonyms exonerate
  • Antonyms incriminate
  • What happened last week vindicates their
    argument. Sadly, it also represents a return to
    the dark days of political meddling by the Centre
    in State politics, a practice that had been
    gradually relinquished between 2002 and 2014, a
    period which saw three of the freest and fairest
    elections in the State.

Thwarting (verb)
  • Meaning oppose (a plan, attempt, or ambition)
  • Synonyms forestall
  • Antonyms facilitate
  • In this volatile situation, the impact of the
    events of the past six months, from the BJP
    toppling its coalition government with the PDP to
    the Governor thwarting the PDP-NC-Congress
    claim to forming a government, has been

Simmer (verb)
  • Meaning a state or temperature just below
    boiling point.
  • Synonyms bubble
  • Antonyms soothe
  • Though the issues were resolved, tensions have
    continued to simmer.

Maxim (noun)
  • Meaning a short statement expressing a general
  • Synonyms aphorism
  • Antonyms disbelief
  • In aviation, for example, there is a maxim, a
    superior pilot is one who uses his superior
    judgment to avoid situations which require the
    use of his superior skills.

Sacrosanct (adjective)
  • Meaning (especially of a principle, place, or
    routine) regarded as too important or valuable to
    be interfered with
  • Synonyms inviolable
  • Antonyms blasphemous
  • A commanders order is sacrosanct and a soldier
    on the front line follows it unflinchingly
    despite knowing that he could lose his life the
    next moment.

Remuneration (noun)
  • Meaning money paid for work or a service
  • Synonyms remittance
  • Antonyms nonpayment
  • The gender comparison is crucial too at a time
    when the womens competition at diverse levels
    and different sporting events is being sought to
    be placed on a par with the mens, in terms of
    infrastructural support and remuneration, Mary
    Koms record will indeed give heart to all women

Latched (verb)
  • Meaning a device for keeping a door closed
  • Synonyms sneck, clamp
  • Antonyms key
  • The doors are latched, windows are curtained
    with thick black fabric, and every nook and
    cranny closed.

Claustrophobic (adjective)
  • Meaning fear of confined places
  • Synonyms afraid
  • Antonyms unafraid, fearlessness
  • The consequences of living in claustrophobic
    spaces without men are tragic.

Grotesque (adjective)
  • Meaning strange and unpleasant especially in a
    slightly frightening way
  • Synonyms absurd, ridiculous
  • Antonyms standard, ordinary
  • The sisters repeatedly attack each other in
    grotesque performances of frustrated desire.

Demonise (verb)
  • Meaning portray as wicked and threatening
  • Synonyms criticize
  • Antonyms honour
  • Shortly after they came to power in 2014,
    leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party began to
    demonise one of the finest centres of academic
    excellence and enlightened debate, the Jawaharlal
    Nehru University ( JNU).

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Clamour (noun)
  • Meaning a loud or confused voice
  • Synonyms ferment, outcry
  • Antonyms calm, harmony
  • The clamour for compilation of the National
    Register of Citizens (NRC) in Tripura reflects a
    real problem but also exposes deep demographic
    fault lines in the northeastern State bordering

Apprehensive (adjective)
  • Meaning fearful that something bad or unpleasant
    will happen
  • Synonyms anxious, afraid
  • Antonyms confident
  • They were apprehensive that their identity,
    language, culture and traditions were at stake.

Divesting (verb)
  • Meaning deprive someone of (power, right or
  • Synonyms dismantle
  • Antonyms give, offer
  • The court, while entertaining a writ petition
    from Mr. Verma questioning the legality of the
    order divesting him of his powers, has asked the
    CVC for a quick probe within two weeks into
    allegations against him contained in a letter
    sent by the Cabinet Secretary on August 24.

Surcharged (verb)
  • Meaning a charge in addition to the usual amount
    paid for something
  • Synonyms surtax, gouge
  • Antonyms under charge
  • Judicial intervention often serves to quieten the
    mood in a surcharged atmosphere.

Adjudication (noun)
  • Meaning to make a formal decision about
  • Synonyms arbitrate, determine
  • Antonyms hesitate
  • Questions such as whether the CVCs power of
    superintendence extends to recommending
    stripping a Director of his powers and functions
    and whether such a step requires the approval of
    the committee that appoints the Director are
    still open for adjudication.

Protracted (adjective)
  • Meaning lasting for long time or longer than
  • Synonyms prolonged, continued
  • Antonyms abbreviate, diminish
  • The deep demographic fault lines and the history
    of a bitter insurgency ravaged past should,
    however, remind both New Delhi and Agartala that
    mishandling of the citizenship issue may push
    Tripura into a protracted conflict situation that
    will be difficult to resolve.

Reprisal (noun)
  • Meaning an act of retaliation
  • Synonyms vengeance
  • Antonyms clemency
  • In 1993, over 250 people were killed in Mumbai
    in a series of coordinated bomb explosions
    attributed to Dawood Ibrahim, reportedly as
    reprisal for the demolition of the Babri Masjid.

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Whim (noun)
  • Meaning a sudden desire or change of mind,
    especially one that is unusual or unexplained
  • Synonyms megrim, vegary
  • Antonyms certainty
  • It is difficult to recall any recorded instance
    in modern times where a state and its various
    agencies were directly involved in carrying out a
    terror attack of this nature. As is now known,
    the Mumbai terror attack was not based on a
    sudden impulse or whim.

Perpetrated (verb)
  • Meaning carry out or commit (a harmful, illegal,
    or immoral action)
  • Synonyms inflict, wreak
  • Antonyms skimp
  • Ten years ago on this day, Pakistan carried out
    one of the most heinous of terror attacks
    perpetrated anywhere in the world.

Reconnoitre (verb)
  • Meaning make a military observation of (a
  • Synonyms scrutinize
  • Antonyms neglect
  • The targets were carefully chosen after having
    been reconnoitred previously by Headley for
    maximum impact, viz. the Taj and Oberoi Hotels,
    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, the Jewish
    centre at Nariman House, and the Leopold Cafe,
    since these places were frequented by Europeans,
    Indians and Jews.

Manifestation (noun)
  • Meaning the action or fact of showing something.
  • Synonyms exposition
  • Antonyms ambiguous
  • The fluid, if not vague, nature of the BRI is
    nothing but a manifestation of a pragmatism with
    Chinese characteristics that has the capacity to
    constantly adjust to a fast changing environment.

Transmute (verb)
  • Meaning change in form, nature, or substance
  • Synonyms metamorphose
  • Antonyms stagnant
  • A failure to resolve the WTO Appellate Body
    crisis or any consequent weakening of the
    multilateral dispute resolution process could
    present an opportunity for purely nationalistic
    initiatives to transmute and assume larger

Debilitating (adjective)
  • Meaning (of a disease or condition) making
    someone very weak and infirm.
  • Synonyms enfeebling
  • Antonyms strengthen, invigorate
  • Recent reports indicate that some patients in
    West Bengal became resistant to the treatment
    protocol used for the falciparum parasite, which
    causes debilitating cerebral malaria and leads to
    a high number of deaths.

Foolhardy (adjective)
  • Meaning recklessly bold or rash
  • Synonyms impetuous
  • Antonyms wise
  • John Chaus killing was a tragedy but his attempt
    to make contact with the Sentinelese, who he
    seemed to know something about, was foolhardy and
    dangerous, not only to himself but to them.

Unfettered (adjective)
  • Meaning not confined or restricted
  • Synonyms untrammelled
  • Antonyms restricted
  • Handlers in Pakistan were given unfettered
    freedom to provide instructions to the terrorists
    during the entire four day siege.

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Amorphous (adjective)
  • Meaning without a clearly defined shape or form
  • Synonyms nebulous
  • Antonyms definite
  • However, with the world trading system passing
    through a turmoil, the possibility of regional
    trade agreements or amorphous legal devices such
    as the BRI embracing greater trade liberalisation
    goals cannot be entirely ruled out.

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