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Best UPSC coaching centre in Delhi


If you are an Civil services aspirant and looking for IAS Coaching in Delhi then, Oureducation is the place you are looking for you. we Offer Top UPSC coaching in Delhi – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best UPSC coaching centre in Delhi

Best English Notes - Oureducation
English grammar is very significant in
preparing for any competitive exam. The English
grammar sections is important in clearing English
language section with a good cutoff. All exams
have an average score to clear all sections.
Sometimes, you may be very good in English but
still be unable to crack the English section in
the competitive Exam.
Best IAS Coaching Centre in Delhi
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Stringent (adjective)
Best IAS English Notes By Experienced Faculty
Members - Vocabulary
  • Meaning very strict or severe
  • Synonyms strict, firm, rigorous
  • Antonyms flexible, slack,lax
  • Our government has made stringent rules for the
    safety of women.

Conferred (verb)
  • Meaning to discuss something important in
  • order to make a decision
  • Synonyms accord, grant,vest
  • Antonyms withhold, remove
  • The jury conferred to choose the winner.

Cognitive (adjective)
  • Meaning connected with the process of thinking
  • Synonyms percipience, discernment, cognizance
  • Antonyms heedlessness, ignorance
  • A lot of cognitive ability is required to do any
    new work.

Rhetoric (noun)
  • Meaning the act of speaking or writing formally
    and effectively especially as a way to persuade
    or influence people
  • Synonyms bombast, grandiloquence, verbiage
  • Antonyms inarticulateness
  • The famous author hoped that his rhetoric writing
    would provoke people against reservation.

Sequestration (noun)
  • Meaning state of being kept apart from other
  • Synonyms seclusion, segregation, solitude
  • Antonyms togetherness
  • The sequestration of murderer prevented to meet
    his co-mates.
  • .

Influx (noun)
  • Meaning the arrival of large flow of people,
    things or emotions
  • Synonyms affluence,inflow, inpouring
  • Antonyms outflow, outpouring
  • I felt influx happiness after I had qualified SBI
    PO examination.

Inscrutable (adjective)
  • Meaning causing people to feel curious or
  • Synonyms arcane, enigmatic, occult
  • Antonyms obvious, unambiguous, accessible
  • Many cases remain inscrutable in our country due
    to lack of evidences.

Punitive (adjective)
  • Meaning intended to punish someone
  • Synonyms castigating, penal
  • Antonyms nonpunitive
  • The principal is taking punitive actions against
    the students who misbehaved with their teacher.

Deter (verb)
  • Meaning to prevent from happening
  • Synonyms discourage, dissuade, inhibit
  • Antonyms encourage, persuade
  • Rams friend deter him from fighting which he
    would later regret.

Fervent (adjective)
  • Meaning having or showing very strong feeling
  • Synonyms ardent, fervid, torrid
  • Antonyms impassive, dispassionate
  • Radha fervent attitude towards book makes
    everyone feels she will be a great writer.

Dissipated (verb)
  • Meaning to disappear
  • Synonyms dissolute, reprobate, degraded
  • Antonyms pure, uncorrupt
  • The bond between me and my friend dissipated when
    I found her backbiting about me.

Subservient (adjective)
  • Meaning prepared to obey others unquestioningly.
  • Synonyms submissive
  • Antonyms independent
  • It is, thus, wrong to compare a corporate board
    to the RBIs and suggest that the Governor is
    subservient to it.

Articulated (verb)
  • Meaning having or showing the ability to speak
    fluently and coherently,
  • Synonyms express
  • Antonyms listen
  • Such a scenario would strengthen the case for a
    second referendum, articulated most eloquently by
    former Prime Minister John Major and echoed in a
    public demonstration in London.

Iterations (noun)
  • Meaning the repetition of a process or
  • Synonyms emphasis
  • Antonyms oxymoron
  • The projected water demand of the energy sector
    makes it an important point for the NITI Aayog to
    consider while bringing out future iterations of
    the CWMI.

Ramifications (noun)
  • Meaning a complex or unwelcome consequence of an
    action or event
  • Synonyms outcome
  • Antonyms cause
  • Her failure to win parliamentary backing for the
    exit deal would raise the risk of a no deal
    Brexit, with potentially chaotic ramifications.

Concurrent (adjective)
  • Meaning existing, happening, or done at the same
  • Synonyms simultaneous
  • Antonyms asynchronous
  • Eminent past Governors have interpreted Section
    7, the relevant one, to mean that the powers of
    the board and that of the Governor are

Meddling (verb)
  • Meaning interfere in something that is not one's
  • Synonyms intrude
  • Antonyms leave
  • You only have to read the memoirs of the former
    Governors, Y.V. Reddy and Duvvuri Subbarao, to
    understand the extent of meddling by the Centre
    in the RBIs affairs.

Annul (verb)
  • Meaning declare invalid (an official agreement,
    decision, or result).
  • Synonyms nullify
  • Antonyms restore
  • Members have a period of 30 days within which
    they can either suggest modifications to the
    regulations or annul them.

Caveat (noun)
  • Meaning a warning of specific conditions, or
  • Synonyms caution
  • Antonyms carelessness
  • He can exercise all powers and do all things that
    may be exercised and done by the RBI. This is
    subject to a caveat though.

Resilience (noun)
  • Meaning the capacity to recover quickly from
  • Synonyms flexible
  • Antonyms rigidity
  • However, there is a lot to be done to upgrade
    infrastructure and housing in coastal districts
    to meet higher standards of resilience in an era
    of extreme weather events.

Remittance (noun)
  • Meaning the act of spending money as a payment
    of something
  • Synonyms payment, fee, remuneration
  • Antonyms nonpayment
  • The order will not be delivered until we receive
    your remittance.

Feud (noun)
  • Meaning a prolonged and bitter quarrel or
  • Synonyms argue, bicker, quabble
  • Antonyms concord, accord
  • This long running feud weakened the legitimacy
    of both parties, thus creating the space for
    extremism to grow.

Perennial (adjective)
  • Meaning lasting or existing for a long or
    apparently infinite time
  • Synonyms imperishable, abiding, perpetual
  • Antonyms obsolete, outdated
  • It is a sign of how accustomed India has got to
    the perennial Kashmir crisis that the municipal
    elections held in Jammu and Kashmir recently,
    which saw near zero voter turnout in the Valley,
    have generated such limited public discussion.

Catastrophic (adjective)
  • Meaning involving or causing sudden great damage
    or suffering.
  • Synonyms disastrous
  • Antonyms beneficial
  • The National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project
    started by the Ministry of Home Affairs has been
    working to reduce the impact of such catastrophic
    events on Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal,
    Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, classified as States
    with higher vulnerability most western coastal
    States are in the next category.

Conciliatory (verb)
  • Meaning intended to placate or pacify
  • Synonyms harmonize, reconcile, conform
  • Antonyms disharmonize
  • Aware of the fact, Mrs. Gandhi should have taken
    a conciliatory approach with Abdullah.

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Benign (adjective)
  • Meaning gentle or kind
  • Synonyms innocuous, amiable, benevolent
  • Antonyms adverse, baleful
  • New Delhi is so powerful in Kashmir, it needs to
    appear more benign than usual.

Resurgent (adjective)
  • Meaning increasing again or becoming popular
  • Synonyms renewal, resurrection
  • Antonyms extinction
  • The resurgent Kashmir militancy was something
    that the Narendra Modi government inherited.

Incipient (adjective)
  • Meaning beginning to come into existence
  • Synonyms nascent, inchoate
  • Antonyms mature, ripened
  • Those who felt that the Abdullah Congress
    alliance had robbed the elections became the
    first recruits of the incipient insurgency.

Disparity (adjective)
  • Meaning different from each other
  • Synonyms discrepancy, inconsistency
  • Antonyms similarity, equality
  • This power disparity not only increases the
    likelihood of its abuse but also generates
    suspicion of abuse in the minds of the Kashmiri

Reckon (verb)
  • Meaning to think,to consider
  • Synonyms compute, quantify
  • Antonyms disregard, neglect
  • It must reckon with the profound dissatisfaction
    that the Kashmiri people have expressed through
    this recent boycott.