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Serving as a well-known name, RC Homeopathy offers a wide range of online and offline homeopathic consultation and services in Sydney, Australia. Managed under the expert guidance of founder Ramya Billa, we offer professional and up to date health care services. Earlier established with a single vision to provide natural and safe healing treatments, we have now diversified our services that are well in alignment with the homeopathic industry standards. Once you consult us, our well trained homeopathic practitioners will provide you with friendly support, inspiration and motivation throughout your treatment with us. We specialize in the treatment of recurrent infections such as colds, tonsillitis, skin conditions, gynecology problems, sleep disorders, depression, asthma, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, backaches, sinusitis, migraine, anxiety, allergies, nasal polyps, eye infections, adenoids, infertility, worm infestations, hair loss, ENT problems and many more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Homeopathy Sydney

RC Homeopathy
  • Homeopathy Sydney

Treatment of Chorea in Homeopathy
What is Chorea? Chorea is a term derived from the
word choreus meaning dance as it involves
irregular, uncontrolled and involuntary
movements. One experiences spasmodic movements of
the face, feet, arms, and hands. Even the walking
of the person suffering from chorea seems
bizarre. Types of Chorea Hereditary
chorea Structural chorea Metabolic
chorea Infectious chorea Cerebrovascular
chorea   Timely treatment is necessary as these
awkward movements can also reach arms and
legs. The uncontrolled behavior might range from
minor movements to severe uncontrolled
movements. Other areas of personality that might
get affected include. Speech Swallowing Posture Ga
Chorea itself is not a disease rather a symptom
to an underlying cause which can either be
genetic or non-genetic. Homeopathy serves as a
good supportive treatment and helps manage the
symptoms of chorea.  As the symptoms of chorea
vary depending upon the underlying condition, a
homeopath will prescribe the remedies
accordingly. Causes  of Chorea Chorea can be
caused due to genetic as well as non-genetic
factors Genetic Huntingtons disease Neuroacanthoc
ytosis Wilsons disease Benign hereditary chorea
Non- Genetic Sydenhams chorea Chorea
gravidarum Drug-induced Senile chorea Endocrine
disorders  Symptoms of Chorea Symptoms of chorea
depend upon the underlying condition causing it.
Here are some common conditions Huntingtons
disease This is an inherited disease which causes
the breakdown of nerve cells leading to the
following symptoms Involuntary jerking Writhing Mi
lkmaids grip  Chorea-acanthocytosis It is a
neurological disorder that affects the movement
in many parts of the body and involves abnormal
red blood cells Abnormal arms and leg
movements Shoulder shrugs Pelvic
thrusts Movements of face Teeth
grinding Drooling Belching  
Sydenhams Chorea Mostly affects children and
adolescents and results from infection. This type
of chorea involves irregular movements of the
facial muscles, arms, legs, and trunk Drooping
abnormal gait Muscle weakness Other symptoms
might include the following Swelling and
inflammation of joints Pain, redness, and
tenderness of joints Muscle weakness   Homeopathic
Treatment for Chorea A  homeopath analyzes your
case history in full detail to prescribe with the
most suitable remedies. For ascertaining the
underlying cause, a homeopath might ask the
following questions When did symptoms begin What
triggers make the symptoms better or
worse Determine whether you have a family history
of conditions causing chorea Previous and current
medications   Conventional treatments, on the
other hand, are based on symptom suppression but
are not a complete cure. Homeopathic medicines
can be used as a supportive treatment after
consultation with a homeopath. These remedies
start providing internal relief in a matter of
months. Free from any side effects these
medicines help provide an overall
relief-physically, mentally and emotionally.
Top Homeopathic Medicines for Chorea Tarantula
Hispanica Limbs are affected Difficulty using the
hand Difficulty in speech Heaviness in
tongue Nervous contractions in face
muscles Mygale Involuntary movements of arms,
legs, and face The constant notion of
legs Difficulty standing or walking Involuntary
head movement Symptoms better in
sleep Agaricus Unsteady gait Tumbles Either the
jerking occurs for single muscles or for the
whole body Cina Affects face and upper
limbs Involuntary movement of the face Throwing
of arms Weakness of hands
Causticum When the Right side of the body is
affected Unsteady gait Involuntary body
movement Weak muscles Symptoms worse at
night Cuprum Met Affects the left side of the
body Jerking of arms and legs Weakness in arms
and legs Speech is affected Magnesia
Phos Symptoms better in sleep Shaking of limbs,
face, head, and mouth Jerking of mouth Speech
affected   If you still have any doubt or
concerns, please feel free to drop me a message
at info_at_RChomeopathy.com.au and I will get back
to you soon. Note Do not self-medicate any of
the remedies listed above . Consult a qualified
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