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Naturopathy is a broad term of which homeopathy is just a subset. Homeopathic treatments are based on homeopathic remedies, while a naturopath may also suggest the use of herbs, diet change, etc as a remedy measure. Healthcare focused especially on an individual naturopathy considers the patient as a congregation of mind, body, and soul. All the treatments and healing work are done by studying these three planes for healing deep-rooted causes that manifest a disease. Natural treatment by a naturopath invigorates the body’s self-healing vital force restoring the body to its natural functional levels. An analysis by a naturopathic doctor may include your personal and family history, major traumas of the past, sleep patterns, levels of stress, diet, your bowel health, hormonal disturbances, relationship traumas or any other concern which a naturopath may deem worthy of concern while making your analysis. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Naturopath Sydney

RC Homeopathy
  • Homeopathy for Kidney Stones Treatment
Our urinary system is composed of kidneys,
urinary bladder, urethra, and ureters. Kidneys
are mainly responsible for purifying our blood
and removing waste and excess fluids from the
body. The wastes and fluids left over after
kidney filtration is urine. Urine is then passed
down from the ureters down the urinary
bladder. All goes well but if the solid mineral
deposits collect and form crystals or solid
deposits in the kidney or in the bladder, one
develops kidney stones. Thus kidney stones are
basically hard deposits of minerals and
salt. There are substances that prevent the
formation of such solid deposits. The formation
of kidney stones signifies the corresponding fall
in the production of such substances.
Other reasons include insufficient hydration
which causes the concentration of mineral in your
urine to increase and raise the probability of
developing kidney stones. Taking homeopathic
medicines ensures that the amount of substances
required for the effective functioning of kidneys
and releasing of waste substances is carried out
efficiently. Homeopathic medicines work by
treating the underlying cause to prevent the
formation of solid deposits. Natural homeopathic
medicines not only prevent the further
development of kidney stones but also dissolve
the existing stones. In many cases, and under
homeopathic remedies can even bypass the need for
surgical intervention. But for this to happen, we
recommend consulting a homeopathic practitioner
as soon as possible. Homeopathy is very effective
to dissolve stones of small sizes. This does not
mean that it is not effective for large stones.
It is equally effective and has shown cases where
even large stones were dissolved after a proper
diagnosis and some tests. But in extreme cases
there can be urine retention due to blockage
created by kidney stones and the urine cannot
pass from the kidney onto the bladder. In this
condition, immediate medical help is
needed. Usually, there are two junctions inside
the urinary system where the homeopathic
medicines work. These are The pelviureteric
junction (PUJ) and the ureterovesical junction
Kidney Stones Signs and Symptoms Usually, for
small stones, you will not face any symptoms and
in certain cases, they may pass themselves down
without any medical intervention. But when these
stones block or pass through ureter causing pain,
you may experience renal colic. Renal colic is
the pain associated with kidneys that is felt in
the back and flank area. The renal colic may
change as per the location where the stone
moves. Some other symptoms  Nausea Vomiting Burn
ing sensation during urination Blood in
urine Cloudy and smelly urine Urge to urinate
Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones On noticing
above symptoms, consult a homeopathic
practitioner without delay. Why prolong the
symptoms when the stones can be dissolved all
naturally. Even for people who face frequent
kidney stones, homeopathic remedies can help
provide permanent relief. For this, a homeopath
conducts your in-depth analysis to locate the
underlying cause of stone formation. By
prescribing remedies to treat the underlying
cause, you get relief from the painful
symptoms. You can also be suggested with diet and
lifestyle changes. Why homeopathic remedies are
so effective? In homeopathic treatment, no two
patients are treated alike. Even with the common
symptoms listed above, patients are treated after
an individual analysis. Their natural tendency,
family tendency, lifestyle habits, type of kidney
stones are paid due attention in setting up the
right prescription. Types of Kidney Stones Uric
acid stones Struvite stones Staghorn stones
cystine stones Calcium stones
Risk Factors for Kidney Stones Not enough
water intake Being overweight Family history
of kidney stones Kidney disease Excessive
concentration of uric acid, calcium, cystine or
oxalates in the urine Medicating under
diuretics or calcium-based antacids The above
factors are of particular importance for a
homeopath as it allows her to work through your
underlying cause. Homeopathic Medicines for
Kidney Stones As is understood, homeopathy offers
very personalized remedies pertaining to your
specific condition. Berberis Vulgaris One of the
top homeopathic remedies for treating kidney
stones on the left side. Guiding Symptoms
Feeling of urine left even after urination
Urine containing mucus and sediments Pasin
proceeding downwards from the ureter on to the
bladder Sensitivity in the kidney region when
Lycopodium Lycopodium for kidney stones is very
effective to treat right side kidney
stones. Guiding Symptoms Red sediments in
urine Pain worsens before urination Turbid or
pale urine Cantharis Vesicatoria Prescribed when
there is intense pain on passing urine. Guiding
Symptoms  Pain before and after
urination Frequent urination Jelly-like
mucus Hydrangea Arborescens Also known as the
stone breaker is recommended when noticing these
symptoms White or yellow sand in urine. Sore
kidney region Blood in urine   Note Do not self
medicate the above homeopathic remedies. Consult
a homeopathic practitioner for best suitable
remedies. If you still have any doubt or
concerns, please feel free to drop me a message
at and I will get back
to you soon. Note Do not self-medicate any of
the remedies listed above . Consult a qualified
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