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Weight Gain Tips, Natural Supplements, Diet Plan to Increase Weight


This powerpoint presentation describes about weight gain tips, natural supplements, diet plan to increase weight. You can find more detail about Fit O Fat and Super Health Capsules at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Weight Gain Tips, Natural Supplements, Diet Plan to Increase Weight

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Diet Plan To Increase Weight
Being underweight looks unappealing to the eyes
and it also has some health hazards. We shall
discuss, in the following article, what risks it
poses to our health and also, a diet plan to
increase weight. Being overweight has itll
effects on the body, and so does being
underweight. The BMI (Body Mass Index), which is
the estimate of your body fat with reference to
your height and weight, determines if you are
underweight or overweight. If your BMI is less
than 18.5, you are underweight.
Sign Of Being Underweight
  • Being underweight means that your body is not
    getting the amount of nutrients that its
    supposed to get. Hence, you need a diet plan to
    increase weight, along with some exercises.
  • Following are the signs of being underweight
  • Feeling tired and fatigued most of the time.
  • Falling sick often and having trouble fighting
  • Having teeth problems, hair thinning, hair loss
    and dry skin.
  • Irregular periods in women.

Underweight Health Risk
  • People, who are underweight, may be at health
    risks, such as
  • Malnutrition, Anaemia or Vitamin deficiency
  • Lower immunity.
  • Irregular periods which may cause fertility
  • Increased risk of complications during surgeries.
  • Osteoporosis due to vitamin D and calcium
  • Growth and developmental problems in children and
  • Greater risk of dementia.

Some Weight Gain Tips
  • Sarcopenia or age related muscle wasting.
  • Early death.
  • To maintain a healthy weight and avoid these
    health issues, there are some weight gain tips
    you can follow
  • Increase intake of calories. It should be more
    than you burn
  • Increase protein intake
  • Eat at least thrice a day and consume lots of
    carbs and fats
  • Consume energy-rich foods and have them with
    sauces, spices and other condiments.

Diet Plan To Increase Weight
  • Energy-rich foods include nuts, dried fruits,
    high fat dairy and dairy products, fats and oils,
    peanut butter, avocados, meats, grains, potatoes,
    dark chocolate and many more
  • Following this diet plan to increase weight will
    surely help increase body weight. Some more
    weight gain tips to follow are
  • Lift heavy weights to increase muscle mass.
  • Avoid drinking water before meals.
  • Consume weight gainer protein shakes.

Diet Plan To Increase Weight
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Sleep well.
  • A low BMI could be due to several reasons, such
    as diabetes, thyroid problems, cancer, eating
    disorders, celiac disease or infections. Whatever
    the cause, natural supplements to increase weight
    can help increase BMI.

Fit O Fat Capsules
  • One such natural supplement is Fit O Fat
    capsule. This herbal remedy
  • Helps increase muscle mass and body weight.
  • Maintains hormonal balance and improves blood
  • Increases stamina and vitality.
  • Eradicates fatigue and muscle weakness.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Increases appetite.

Fit O Fat Capsules Herbs
Fit OFat capsules are made up of powerful herbs
such as Jaiphal, Pipal, Laung, Amla, Arlu, Kesar,
Nagkesar, Safedmusli, Ashwagandha, Makoy,
Punarnva, Jarool, Swarna Bhang, Chilkamakoy,
Chitrak, Kavachbeej, Vidarikand, Talmakhana,
Barahikand, Shatavari, Sonth, Bhringraj,
Malkangani, Sarpunkha and Aarndakakdi which is
the best muscle mass gainer pills.
Fit O Fat And Super Health Capsules
Fit O Fat capsules should be taken twice a day,
after meals. It can be taken with either, water
or milk. It is recommended to combine these pills
with Super Health capsules, for 3-4 months, for
better results.
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