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Weight Control


Low-fat, high-fiber diet with foods high in water content to 'wash out the body from the inside' ... Clients are told that the fat will 'melt away' and they ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Weight Control

Weight Control
  • Alissa Lean

  • Facts about Diet and Weight Loss
  • Questionable Diets
  • Prescription Drugs and Non Prescription Products
  • Questionable Products and Procedures

Facts about Weight Control
  • Estimated that over-weight adults in the US is
    between 25-64.
  • Estimated 50 million Americans will go on diets
    this year, but perhaps only 5 will manage to
    keep all of it off in the long run

Price of Weight Loss
  • In 1999, sales of weight loss products and
    services totaled 32.22 billion.
  • Leading categories are
  • Diet Soft drinks (13.57 billion)
  • Health Clubs (10.65 billion)
  • Artificial Sweeteners (1.61 billion)
  • OVC appetite suppressants and meal-replacement
    products (1.49)

Questionable Diets
  • Some individuals are sufficiently desperate
    and/or gullible to try one questionable diet
    after another
  • Are warned against trying any method promised to
    induce weight loss of more than two pounds a week

Complete Fasting
  • Fasting has been used for weight reduction since
    ancient times
  • Few days of fasting is not likely to be
    dangerous, but prolonged fasting leads to
    dangerous metabolic imbalances
  • Prolonged fast can also lead to anemia, liver
    impairment, kidney stones, postural hypotension
    (low blood pressure), mineral imbalances and
    other adverse effects

Supplemented Fasting
  • Medical researchers have discovered that if
    fasting individuals eat small amounts of protein,
    it will provide glucose for the brain
  • Protein-sparing modified fast
  • Diet is recommended only for people who are at
    least 30 overweight and used under medical

Low Carbohydrate Diets
  • Most low carb diets do not limit the intake of
    proteins, fats or total calories
  • A diet that is low in both carbohydrates and
    calories will produce ketosis and rapid initial
    weight loss
  • Promoters of low-carb diets regard carbohydrates
    as the dieters number one enemy!

Beverly Hills Diet
  • Based on Bizarre notions about digestion and
    metabolism, including the idea that undigested
    food is what winds up as fat
  • Food to be digested properly, only one type of
    food should be eaten each day
  • Diet calls for just Fruit the first 10 days, than
    other types of foods were added in various

Fit for Life Diet
  • Based on theories of Natural Hygiene that
    eating foods in the wrong combination can cause
    health problems
  • When certain foods are eaten together, they rot
    and decay creating digestive cesspools that
    somehow poison ones system and make one tired
    and fat.
  • Low-fat, high-fiber diet with foods high in water
    content to wash out the body from the inside

  • Diet plan based on four products
  • A powdered protein meal substitute
  • An herbal blend with ingredients that include
    small amounts of laxatives
  • A multivitamin/multi-mineral/herb formula
  • A linseed oil formula

Other Questionable Diets
  • The Adkins Diet
  • Bio-Diet
  • Bloomingdales Eat Healthy Diet
  • Carb Addicts Diet
  • Dr. Abravenels Body-Type Diet
  • Eat Right 4 Your Type
  • Fat-Destroyer Foods Diet
  • Grapefruit Diet
  • I Love New York Diet
  • Mayo Diet
  • Mono-food Diet
  • Rice Diet
  • Southampton Diet

Prescription Drugs
  • No drug or drug product can ensure permanent
    weight loss.
  • Some products may suppress appetite temporarily,
    but the side effects limit their usefulness.

Prescription Drugs
  • Amphetamines (speed)
  • Once most widely prescribed appetite suppressant
  • Cause nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and
    fatigue. High dosages can cause abnormal heart
    rhythms, fainting and psychotic reactions

  • Thyroid hormone
  • Helps to control metabolism
  • Not recommended unless you have a thyroid problem
  • Large dosage will cause weight reduction but they
    will also raise blood pressure and strain the
  • Diuretics
  • Substances that cause water loss from the body by
    increasing the output of urine
  • Inappropriate for use in weight reduction

Prescription Drug HCG
  • Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)
  • Idea came from a British Physician, Dr. Albert T.
  • Hormone that is found in the urine of pregnant
  • HCG would mobilize stored fat suppress appetite
    and redistribute fat from the waist, hips and
  • Combine the HCG with 500 calorie a day diet

Nonprescription Drugs
  • During the 1970s an advisory panel evaluated more
    than 100 substances that had been used in
    weight-loss formulas
  • The panel found only two ingredients safe and
  • Phenylpropanolamine and benzocaine
  • FDA does not back this study

Phenylpropanolamine (PPA)
  • A nasal decongestant, active ingredient in many
    diet products
  • The advisory panel judged that 150 mg of PPA
    daily was safe, but the FDA set the standard
    dosage at 75 mg
  • Doses high enough to suppress appetite may
    produce side effects such as headaches, blurred
    vision, excessive sweating, rapid pulse,
    nervousness, insomnia, dizziness and elevations
    in blood pressure

Ma Huang (Ephedra)
  • Herb that contains ephedrine, a decongestant and
    nervous system stimulant that can raise blood
  • Marketed as weight loss aids, even though they
    have not been proven safe and effective for this
  • Complications blood pressure elevation, fast
    heartbeat, stroke, seizures and even death.

  • Local anesthetic, used in chewing gum, lozenges
    and before-meal mints
  • Used to dull nerve endings in the mouth which can
    decrease a persons sense of taste and therefore
    decrease the interest in eating.

Other so Called Weight Loss Wonders
  • Diet Patches
  • Worn on the skin
  • Fat Blockers
  • Purport to physically absorb fat and mechanically
    interfere with the fat a person eats
  • Starch Blockers
  • Promise to block or impede starch digestion

  • Magnet
  • Diet pills that say they flush fat out of the
  • Diet Teas
  • No such tea has been proven effective for the
    purpose of weight loss. Some teas contain
    laxatives that can be dangerous
  • Bulk Producers and Fillers
  • Fiber-based products that are indigestible,
    noncaloric substances that absorb water during
    digestion and supposedly trick the stomach to
    think it is full

Questionable Products and Procedures
  • Cellulite and Cellulite Removers
  • Europeans came up with the word Cellulite to
    describe deposits of dimpled fat found on the
    thighs and butt of women
  • Cellulite is claimed to be a special type of fat
    gone wrong combination of fat, water and toxic
    wastes the body has failed to eliminate.

Cellasene Cellulite Remedy?
  • Developed by an Italian chemist, Gianfranco
  • Claims to increase blood circulation, reduce
    fluid buildup, stimulate metabolism and reduce
    localized fats.
  • Was taken twice daily for two months and then
    once daily for maintenance.
  • Claims product works without a change in the
    users diet and exercise routine
  • Cost 1.50 to 2.00 per capsule

Electrical Muscle Stimulators
  • Have legitimate use in physical therapy treatment
    but not for cellulite and weight loss
  • The FDA has removed a number of them off the
    market because they were promoted for weight loss
    and body toning.
  • Can cause electrical shock and burns

Body Wrapping
  • Claim you can trim inches off the waist, hips,
    thighs and other problem areas of the body.
  • Clients are told that the fat will melt away
    and they can lose inches in just 1 hour.
  • Wrapping may cause temporary water loss, any
    fluid lost will soon be replaced by drinking or

Gadgets and Gimmicks
  • Appetite suppressing eyeglasses glasses with a
    colored lenses to project and image to the
    retina, to lessen the desire to eat.
  • Magic weight loss earrings devices custom fit
    to the purchasers ear to stimulate acupuncture
    points controlling hunger.

  • Slim Skin plastic suit with an attached hose, to
    slim the body if connected to a vacuum cleaner
    during exercise.
  • Walk on Air shoes plastic and lined with
    springs, to make people move faster, feel better
    and burn more calories.
  • Blue Velour Blanket melt fat during sleep if
    wrapped around your body after taking a shower
    and drinking lemon water.
  • Rubber pellets to resemble maggots were to be
    wet and sprinkled over forbidden food
  • Crossbar hang upside down so the calories would
    rush up be absorbed by the brain and not by the

Truth about Cellulite
  • No equipment, exercise or non-surgical treatment
    can remove fat exclusively from a single are of
    the body.
  • Amount of fat in the body is determined by the
    individuals eating and exercise habits, but the
    distribution of fat in the body is determined by

FTC advises to use caution towards products and
procedures that use these words
  • Easy
  • Effortless
  • Guaranteed
  • Miraculous
  • Magical
  • Breakthrough
  • New Discovery
  • Mysterious
  • Exotic
  • Secret
  • Exclusive
  • Ancient

Consumer Tips
  • Any claims that you can lose weight effortlessly
    are false.
  • Very low calorie diets are not without risk and
    should be pursued only under medical supervision.
  • Fad diets rarely have any permanent effect. Crash
    diets will send dieters into a cycle of quick
    weight loss, followed by a rebound weight gain
    when normal eating begins.
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