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Achieve Peak Efficiency with the Industrial Internet of Things


1. Understanding The Internet Of Things. 2. How the Internet of Things can transform your home. 3. Great Examples of the Internet of Things. 4. The Industrial Internet Of Things. 5. How the Industrial Internet of Things can transform your workplace. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Achieve Peak Efficiency with the Industrial Internet of Things

Achieve Peak Efficiency with the Industrial
Internet of Things
  1. Understanding The Internet Of Things
  2. How the Internet of Things can transform your
  3. Great Examples of the Internet of Things
  4. The Industrial Internet Of Things
  5. How the Industrial Internet of Things can
    transform your workplace

Understanding The Internet Of Things
  • Digital Rube Goldberg devices
  • IoT can be a somewhat abstract concept to
    comprehend its a huge topic with endless
    applications. One way of understanding IoT is by
    envisioning a primitive Rube Goldberg device. One
    action, such as the release of a lever, causes a
    chain of reactions with an end result every
    action has a subsequent reaction. The IoT is a
    digital chain of events with an end result the
    implementation of software streamlines the
    process of getting from point A to point B the
    end goal is achieved while halving the process.
    The chain of command has been shortened to
    maximize efficiency thanks to digital automation.
    Why does implementing the IoT make the process so
    much more efficient? Removing the possibility of
    human error.
  • IoT and healthcare
  • The Internet of Things has undoubtedly changed
    the world. It is difficult to imagine a
    pre-internet world. In addition to allowing for
    instantaneous information to be available at the
    touch of a button, the IoT has made important,
    life-saving advances possible. For example, the
    IoT has made electronic medical records a
    possibility. A patients medical history can be
    instantly accessed by a physician thanks to
    electronic medical records or, in other words,
    the IoT (in this case, the thing being a
    persons health record). This is sometimes called
    the Internet of Medical Things.

Understanding The Internet Of Things
  • Of course, with respect to healthcare, the IoT is
    not limited to electronic medical records. IoT
    extends to everything from digitally monitored
    pacemakers to emergency notification devices to
    bionic prosthetic limbs. IoT has revolutionized
    healthcare, maximizing technological advances and
    allowing doctors and nurses to devote more time
    to urgent patient care.
  • IoT and daily life
  • IoT has changed virtually every aspect of daily
    life. From remote work to online classrooms, the
    IoT harnesses the power and possibility of the
    internet to make the world a smaller, more
    efficient place. On a basic level, the
    implementation of sensors, monitored and managed
    digitally, has made vast improvements in the
    logistics and handling of toll collection, thus
    reducing traffic accidents and congestion.
    Machine learning has revolutionized
    manufacturing, allowing for huge advances in
    engineering, construction and on-the-job safety.
    The IoT also helps to maintain safety from home
    security systems that can be digitally monitored
    to electronic monitoring devices (i.e. ankle
    bracelets) used to ensure compliance with the law.

How the Internet of Things can transform your home
  • To start with, entertainment systems. Gathering
    information from its surroundings it will take
    information from other appliances and give you
    information. Another way it can transform your
    home is if your alarm goes off in the morning,
    the coffee will start brewing. You can also
    remotely guard your home to keep everything safe.
    You can connect your home to your possessions so
    that everything can always be kept safe.If youre
    on your way home in the sweltering heat and you
    want your air con on before you get there, all
    you have to do is turn it on via your smartphone.
  • Even more data. Companies will have access to a
    huge amount of data that all of the connected
    items create. If the data is analysed well, more
    will be understood about customer trends and
  • Knowing where everything is at all times. In the
    future, location tracking will be made much
    simpler. Internet-connected items will be
    geographically tagged which will save both money
    and time.

How the Internet of Things can transform your home
  • The interconnectivity of devices will help reduce
    your travel time to and from work, enabling you
    to get to and from work faster and to do
    activities in speedy time. In the future,
    interconnectivity will exist between all things
    making everything you do quick and efficient.
  • Remote mobile device management. All things can
    be controlled by your smartphone, remotely. Your
    house will lock itself with the help of your
    smartphone, your air con will switch on thanks to
    your smartphone. All is done remotely, managed
    outside the home.
  • Saves time. Your device will allow you to get
    things done quicker, get in and out of places
    faster, thus saving time and meaning you can do
    more with your day. Wireless sensors can detect
    when you walk into your local coffee shop, which
    tells the barista what it is you usually order,
    based on your order history. You can then
    purchase the item using your phone. Your phone
    will do everything for you.
  • Complex technology made simple. Think of all the
    devices you have connected to your smartphone and
    how complex each individual item is. Built
    together, as in interconnectivity, makes the
    whole complex world of technology simple. It all
    comes down to one device your smartphone.

Great Examples of the Internet of Things
  • The Nest. This is a smart thermostat that is
    connected to the internet, of course. It helps
    make your house more efficient by monitoring when
    you are asleep or awake, hot or cold, in the
    house or out of the house. It changes the
    temperature accordingly. This helps you save
    tremendously on energy bills. It helps learn your
  • The smart plug and insight switch. The smart plug
    is connected to your smartphone and turns on and
    off when you hit the button on your smartphone.
    It can also be given a schedule of when it should
    be turned on or off. The insight switch records
    how much energy your devices are using.
  • Phillips Hue smart bulbs. This bulb is much more
    intelligent than an ordinary bulb. It can be
    turned on and off to fit schedule, connected to
    your smartphone. These bulbs can also be joined
    with your music to create a fun music and light
  • The Apple Smart Watch. This watch allows you to
    leave your phone behind and still make calls,
    text, listen to music and many more things that
    you would usually need your phone for. You can
    even ask Siri to send a message. Stay connected
    when your phone is not by your side.
  • QueueHop. This is where smart tags are attached
    to the items on sale. After the payment is done,
    they are unclipped automatically.
  • Multiple wearables. They monitor and track heart
    rate, sleep, caloric intake, and many other
    metrics to help keep our overall health and
    fitness in check.

Great Examples of the Internet of Things
  • Cobra Code. This is remote control and monitoring
    of your vehicle. This enables you to control
    functions of your car such as opening and closing
    of doors, the alarm system and detecting the
    routes and traffic.
  • Piper. This serves as a security system and home
    monitoring device which lets you see what is
    going on in your home. It also acts as a speaker,
    allowing you to speak to people in your house,
    even if you are on holiday. This function is a
    really good way of controlling your home when you
    are not there.
  • Logitechs harmony. Lights, locks, plugs and
    thermostats can all be controlled using your
    smartphone. As well as a wide range of sensors
    that is used to create a well-rounded security
    system, joined with all the other devices in your
  • Kolibree smart toothbrush. This is a great one
    for the kids as it makes brushing into a game
    making sure that they brush for long enough, at
    the right speed and frequency. It also saves data
    onto your phone about your brushing habits.
  • Petnet smart ped feeder. This means animals can
    benefit from the internet of things. It helps you
    organise which sort of food is best for your pet
    and how much they should be consuming. You can
    control all of this via your smartphone. You can
    even schedule the delivery of the next food for
    when it runs out.

The Industrial Internet Of Things
  • Communication
  • The IIoT is a somewhat abstract concept as its
    applications are practically infinite. Imagine
    the way a flight path is monitored from the
    ground the plane is able to send vital
    communications and information via digital
    communication, even without the intervention of
    the flight crew. These same measures have been
    applied to the way the manufacturing industry
    works, revolutionizing the world of engineering
    and manufacturing through digital communication.
  • Machine learning and machine to machine
    communication allow the IIoT to be possible.
    These processes enhance the industrial world,
    reducing human error and maximizing efficiency.
    While the IIoT has existed for years, a recent
    technological explosion of progress has occurred,
    allowing for the IIoT to be one of the most
    exciting fields of study for scholars around the
    world, on the cutting edge of technology. Think
    of the way 3D printing has changed the world.
    Now, imagine the processes that took 3D printing
    from an idea to a working possibility.

The Industrial Internet Of Things
  • Efficiency
  • The IIoT has made the world a more efficient
    place. From a simple perspective, it greatly
    reduces the risk of human error. Without the
    IIoT, the automation that has made daily life so
    much simpler and more convenient would be
    impossible. Prescriptions are filled
    automatically text message reminders allow
    critical deadlines to be met heart rates are
    monitored through wearable devices and the
    manufacturing world has been completely and
    utterly transformed. While technology has its
    inherent vulnerabilities and pitfalls, the
    science, safety and security of the IIoT are ever
    improving with time. Security vulnerabilities are
    easily identified and corrected, offering
    opportunities for learning and improvement. IIoT
    has also been proven to save on cost, energy and
    efficiency, resulting in greener, more
    environmentally manufacturing processes.
  • Robotics, machine learning and logistics
  • Without IIoT, advances in robotics would be
    virtually impossible. From military applications
    to machine learning, robotics would be utterly
    impossible without the communication facilitated
    by the IIoT. Other fields would grind to a halt
    without the IIoT. Everything from fleet
    management and logistics to shopping online would
    grind to a halt if simple messages were unable to
    pass from one device to another. From managing a
    supply chain to maintaining the security of an
    office, the IIoT changes everything it touches,
    allowing for information and analytics to be
    processed instantly, this allowing for
    information to be readily available at any given

How the Industrial Internet of Things can
transform your workplace
  • Increased productivity. If youre a business
    owner, you will be able to record every aspect of
    the business from operations right down to office
    management. When all devices in the workplace are
    connected to one centralised system, it becomes
    much easier to control them. It also helps reduce
    the number of potential problems related to
    customers, everything is recorded through one
  • Increased efficiency. Again, everything is
    connected through one centralised system, so
    efficiency will go up. There will be fewer
    mistakes in your work and you will get it done in
    half the time.
  • Cheaper and greener. The centralised system can
    make devices switch to standby mode when the
    employees are not at work, and all unnecessary
    devices are deactivated. In addition to this, the
    room temperature controller ensures that daylight
    is let into the room when employees are there and
    when the business is closed, temperature and
    daylight is decreased.
  • Improves interactions among employees. A real
    presence can be created anywhere in the world as
    employees are remote. Also, video conferencing
    can take place from anywhere in the world,
    without the use of a fixed device. An app called
    the Comfy App enables employees to stay better
    connected and to manage and observe their
    workplace environment.

How the Industrial Internet of Things can
transform your workplace
  • Travel. Business trips can be made more efficient
    by the use of internet-connected cars. Vehicle
    diagnostics can be made sense of and real-time
    traffic conditions can be recorded. The internet
    of things can be really helpful at airports to
    reduce travel waiting time by placing digital
    beacons around the place. These beacons show real
    time updates for everything from table
    reservations to airport shuttle schedules.
  • Smarter analytics. More data is available from
    every avenue. This makes strategy and customer
    experience more successful. Those industries in
    healthcare, industrial, retail and automotive
    areas will generate actionable information.
  • Energy costs. As interconnectivity between
    devices in the workplace increases, energy costs
    decrease. Devices turn on and off automatically
    as people leave and enter the workplace.
  • Security. Surveillance systems are activated
    which tell you who is at the door at all times.
    There are also smart doorbells and locks
  • Smart lighting. Lights have turned wireless,
    enabling you to observe lighting that changes as
    employees leave and enter the building. It also
    helps you manage the amount of lighting around
    the workplace.
  • Digital Assistants. Take Alexa for Business for
    example. She can set room temperatures, attend
    virtual meetings, manage the workplace calendar
    and so much more. She is equipped with over
    10,000 business skills that help you run your day
    smoothly and efficiently.

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