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3 Tips to Improve Your Trading Mindset


In this PPT, we will cover things that you can do to step up the mental game and boost the trading performance. Below are 3 Tips To Improve Your Trading Mindset. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 3 Tips to Improve Your Trading Mindset

3 Tips To Improve Your Trading Mindset
  • Improve Your Trading
  • 3 Tips To Improve Your Trading Mindset
  • 1. Be Present
  • 2. Cool Your Mind
  • 3. Know Your Limitations

Improve Your Trading
  • In trading, the mentality is one of the essential
    elements for success.
  • Without the right mindset and enough emotional
    capital, it just becomes impossible to succeed at
    this game.

  • Its a good reason that you often see former top
    professionals, special forces soldiers, and other
    the high performers becoming some the most
    successful traders and fund managers in the
  • In this PPT, we will cover three particular
    things that you can do to step up the mental game
    and boost the trading performance.

3 Tips To Improve Your Trading Mindset
1. Be Present
  • Being present and having our minds on what we are
    doing at the moment is becoming increasingly
    difficult in these insane times we are living in.
  • Most of us are probably struggling with the
    information overload.

  • Bombarded with good advice and analysis, it
    becomes challenging to filter out the good stuff
    from all the nonsense out there.
  • As professionals, we must make an effort to stay
    focused on what we are doing.

  • When you are not placing trades, review your past
    trades in a systematic way and with a critical
    view, and write trading plans for new set-ups
    that are unfolding.
  • Avoid killing time by randomly looking through
    charts on the computer.

  • It quickly leads to overtrading and losses and is
    the amateurs approach to forex trading.

2. Cool Your Mind
  • The most importantly they have an amazing ability
    to quickly revert to a calm state of mind after
    having intense experiences.
  • As a trader, the same is also very important for
  • Although we are not risking our life in the way a
    soldier doing, we are risking our own earned
    money, which also matters.

  • Professional traders have many different
    techniques for regaining their focus after
    intense experiences like for example a huge loss.
  • What most of them have in common, however, is
    that they get away from screens for a while.

  • Some of them choose to take the rest of the day
    off after having a bad experience.
  • These experienced traders know that the cost of
    them going away, even for a week-long holiday, is
    lower than the risk of making more mistakes in
    the markets.

3. Know Your Limitations
  • A high degree of self-awareness is another
    essential trait that many professional traders
    have in common.
  • It is often said in the markets that trading is
    one of the best ways to learn more about our
    personality, although it might become an
    expensive lesson for those not suited for trading.

  • However, knowing the strengths and weaknesses
    applies as much to a traders methodology and
    strategy as it does to his personality.
  • You need to know what situations your trading
    strategy performs well, and when it does not play

  • By knowing strengths and weaknesses, you can
    learn to take advantage of it to the level where
    you become the expert trader you can be!

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