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Sam Solakyan - The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs


You don’t have to be a business owner in the conventional sense to grow wealthy with insights from the following list of shows. They touch on themes such as creativity, happiness and discipline, and anyone pursuing their ambitions can apply their lessons. Chock-full of surprising strategies -- from tech tools to mindset shifts -- these podcasts are simultaneously ultra-informative and digestible, giving listeners an active role and inspiring them to hold themselves accountable for their success. Sam Solakyan is a self-made entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of a highly successful, multifaceted company, Global Holdings, Inc. In achieving his business goals throughout several sectors of the health care industry, Solakyan has applied a self-determination he learned at an early age. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sam Solakyan - The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

The Best Podcasts which are Accountable for
Entrepreneurs Success
We Study Billionaires -- The Investors Podcast
  • What exactly makes billionaires billionaires? Do
    they have some special trait? Do they do the same
    thing every morning? Thats what the podcast, We
    Study Billionaires -- The Investors Podcast,
    seeks to find out. Hosts Preston Pysh and Stig
    Broderson take a lighthearted approach to
    discussing money, investing, habits and more from
    the billionaires around the world. More
    specifically, Pysh and Broderson read and discuss
    the books that have influenced billionaires the
    most. Some of the most popular names on their
    podcast are Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Ray
    Dalio and other financial successes.

I Hate My Boss
  • Whether you have a micromanager boss or an
    absentee one, everyone has their own set of
    workplace issues. (Dont worry, youre not
    alone!) In I Hate My Boss, Liz Dolan, former CMO
    of Fox, the Oprah Winfrey Network, Nike and more,
    and executive coach Larry Seal bring these issues
    to light to provide advice and guidance towards a
    better and more fulfilled career. They ask people
    to call into their podcast and go on-air with the
    drama their experiencing at work, using the
    fictional company Penn Pencil when discussing
    their business in order to keep callers anonymous.

Dreams In Drive
  • Perfect for lifestyle and creative entrepreneurs,
    Dreams In Drive will show you how to turn your
    entrepreneurial dreams into fruition, and share
    stories of how others have successfully done so.
    Hosted by Chief Dream Driver and marketing and
    communications specialist Rana Campbell, in each
    episode, Campbell sits down with a successful
    entrepreneur to hear her story, how she
    successfully launched a business and her tips for
    entrepreneurial success. She meets with a
    diversity of small-business owners -- some
    well-known and others just starting out -- who
    specialize in lifestyle and creative industries.

  • Geared towards young professionals, Joblogues is
    a fun, bi-weekly podcast that takes a light
    approach towards career conversations. Hosted by
    childhood best friends Joymarie Parker and
    Cortney Cleveland, the pair have conversations on
    difficult topics, including how to improve your
    job situation and prepare yourself for future

Start Up
  • The name pretty much says it all, but StartUp is
    a podcast that examines what its really like to
    start a business. Perfect for every entrepreneur,
    hosts Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow dissect how to
    successfully launch a business by bringing in
    real-world examples. In the first two seasons of
    the podcast, Blumberg and Chow used the entire
    season to discuss how one business successfully
    started. However, now in its third season, they
    look at different businesses every episode.

Revision Path
  • Are you into web design? Heres the perfect
    podcast for you. Revision Path is a weekly
    podcast that interviews and showcases some of
    todays best African-American graphic designers,
    web designers and developers from around the
    world. Hosted by entrepreneur and web designer
    Maurice Cherry, each episode is filled with
    stories, insights and inspiration from todays
    top creatives. Some previous guests have included
    Facebook product engineer Karla Cole, Cleveland
    State University graphic design Professor Anne H.
    Berry and MailChimps software engineer Raven

Oprahs SuperSoul Conversations
  • If youre looking for some help in the land of
    business and well-being, youve come to the right
    place. Who better to turn to for advice than
    Oprah Winfrey? Oprahs SuperSoul Conversations
    pulls from a selection of her favorite interviews
    with leaders, authors, entrepreneurs and wellness
    experts, designed to help you find meaning and
    create your best self.

How I Built This With Guy Raz
  • NPRs How I Built This With Guy Raz is all about
    dreams, innovators, idealists and entrepreneurs,
    of course. In each episode, Raz discusses
    well-known founders and their brands, and
    dissects the stories behind the movements theyve
    created. Some guests include Instagrams Kevin
    Systrom and Mike Krieger and Airbnbs Joe Gebbia.

StarTalk Radio
  • Everyones favorite astrophysicist Neil deGrasse
    Tysons StarTalk Radio is a comedic podcast where
    deGrasse Tyson discusses science, pop culture and
    more with some of todays hottest names in tech,
    such as Elon Musk and Alexis Ohanian. While some
    of the episodes are geared towards science, many
    focus on tech and the future -- a great source of
    inspiration for any aspiring tech entrepreneurs.
    For three years in a row, the podcast has been
    Emmy-nominated for outstanding informational
    series or special.

The Pitch
  • A crucial component of launching a business is
    pitching. Rather than reading books, surfing the
    web and looking for step-by-step guides, one of
    the best ways to learn is by observing others.
    The Pitch, hosted by Josh Muccio, takes you
    behind the scenes by playing real events of
    aspiring entrepreneurs pitching to investors.
    With an inside take on the before, during and
    after of a pitch, this podcast will show you what
    to do -- and what not to do -- during a pitch.

Better Than Success
  • What could be better than success? On the weekly
    show Better Than Success, host and serial
    entrepreneur Nicole Purvy shares more than
    success stories. She and her guests aim to teach
    professionals, business owners and aspiring
    entrepreneurs about the habits that that success
    requires. The series spans industries -- from
    retail to banking to real estate -- telling
    stories of those who have made it big. Some
    episodes are more thematic, giving listeners
    mantras and toolkits to guide them to greatness.

So Money
  • On the daily podcast So Money, host Farnoosh
    Torabi chats with business thought leaders about
    how they manage their finances. High-profile
    guests such as Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Arianna
    Huffington and Seth Godin have shared raw,
    personal money stories, as well as
    money-management tips and tricks. They even cop
    to their guilty pleasures -- and the indulgences
    that make them work and feel better. Plus, on
    Fridays, Torabi, who spent her early career as a
    financial correspondent and author, answers
    listeners questions about money, careers, her
    guests and other miscellany.

The Quote of the Day Show
  • Sometimes, a simple quote is all the inspiration
    you need to get through the day. But Quote of the
    Day host, entrepreneur and money expert Sean
    Croxton and his guests take it a step further. A
    brief audio clip follows the quote for maximum
    motivation, followed by anecdotes and advice for
    life coaches. Guests have included Jack Canfield,
    Zig Ziglar and James Altucher. With new daily
    episodes airing Monday through Friday, the
    infectious energy and positive attitude of
    Croxton and his guests empowers listeners in a
    way that is reassuring and thought-provoking.

Smart Passive Income
  • A side gig doesnt have to eat up all of your
    free time. Every Wednesday, Smart Passive Income
    host Pat Flynn shares tips for hustling digital
    entrepreneurs to help them boost the income from
    their online businesses. Strategies include
    affiliate marketing, crowdfunding, live video,
    SEO, social media and yes, even podcasting. Flynn
    stays relatable through his admission that he
    himself is not a millionaire, but he does earn
    six figures while only working a few hours each
    week. Flynns goal is to encourage listeners to
    cash in via online tools, then spend their time
    on more enjoyable, perhaps less lucrative

  • An eight-episode series about the world of
    shipping containers and global trade may seem
    like a niche subject, but it doesnt take long
    for host Alexis Madrigal to convince listeners
    why the development of this worldwide network has
    shaped every aspect of life on Earth. From
    historical background into the development of
    major hubs to personality profiles of workers and
    artists who call the sea home, Containers is a
    deeply humanizing look at an often overlooked
    system on which human life depends. You dont
    have to be directly involved with manufacturing
    to enjoy this anthology, which will shape how you
    perceive both production and consumption going

Confessions of Successful Asian Women
  • Guests on Aliya Janjuas monthly podcast,
    Confessions of Successful Asian Women, tell
    stories of how they have defied marginalization
    and worked their way up to success, pioneered in
    their fields and sought to change paradigms or
    fight injustice through their work. They share
    details of how theyve built and grown brands,
    developed creative means of self-expression,
    found and followed their passions and cared for
    themselves in the process. The discussion is raw
    and unrehearsed, and listeners walk away with
    proof of the power women have to take control of
    their lives and careers.

Making Oprah
  • This three-episode podcast series from Chicagos
    WBEZ chronicles Oprah Winfreys rise, from local
    news anchor to daytime talk-show host to
    household name and media mogul. And it goes deep
    Long-time viewers of the show will learn about
    the team that helped launch Winfrey to stardom
    and become one of the most successful female
    entrepreneurs of all time. The first episode
    follows Winfrey in her early years as a Chicago
    talk-show host, the second focuses on the shows
    foray into spirituality and the final
    installment, named after the famous you get a
    car! episode, examines the show at a turning

Song Exploder
  • Inspiration can come from anywhere, as the artist
    guests on Hrishikesh Hirways series Song
    Exploder prove each week. Hirway interviews
    musicians, from Lorde to The National, about the
    creative influences and processes that went into
    making a particular track. Sometimes, the series
    even delves into film scores. Their surprising
    answers should make all types of creators aspire
    to be a bit more resourceful. Indeed, Hirways
    guests have had to deal with low funds, tight
    deadlines and more to get their art out into the

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