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The original purpose of designing the CATIA cad models program was to create models of industrial objects. However, developers soon realized that this CAD program could be used for modeling many other products and/or parts. Compared to other similar programs, CATIA provides a higher level of precision, which is the reason CAD/CAM services use it for CAD modeling. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: CATIA Cad Models

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Mold Tooling Design in CATIA
  • CAD/CAM services specifically respond to the
    needs of the businesses requiring mold tooling
    injection designs. CAD/CAM services use a
    predefined layout to insert and manage several
    inserts in a positioned mold base, which greatly
    enhances productivity. Additionally, they use a
    dedicated live command to fit the dimensions of
    the tool to the prints.

Mold Design in CATIA V5
  • CAD/CAM services can also help create the best
    plastic mold for a product, getting the optimum
    mold the first time without any need to rework.
    CAD/CAM services can ensure intelligent/standard
    user-defined component management with associated
    drillings and NC information and can allow you to
    check the validity of the imported shape in CATIA
    V5 and improve its quality.

A Piston Design in CATIA
  • A piston design on catia is a moving component
    contained by a cylinder and made gas-tight by a
    piston rings. In an engine, the purpose of a
    piston is to transfer from expanding gas in the
    cylinder to the craft shaft via a piston rod
    and/or connecting rod. As it is an important
    engine part, a piston bears the cyclic gas
    pressure and inertia forces at work and this
    working condition may cause the fatigue damage of
    a piston.

What is Hybrid Design in CATIA
  • The hybrid design is a clean design because all
    geometry (solids, points, lines, planes,
    surfaces, etc.) is the PartBody. When to use the
    hybrid design in CATIA? It is recommended when a
    designer requires a combination of solid and
    surface-based modeling under a single body.

Part Design in CATIA
  • A leading CAD/CAM design tool, CATIA offers a
    broad range of integrated solutions. From concept
    to detailed design and onto drawing production,
    CATIA design solutions accelerate the core
    activities of product development. One such
    solution is part design in CATIA. Here is why you
    should CAD/CAM services for it.

CATIA Design Services
  • A Catia design service has experts who can use
    Catia products to develop solid, hybrid, and
    sheet metal model part and assembly design.
    Additionally, they can perform integrated
    drafting. They can integrate manufacturing
    tolerances, material call-outs, and
    Bill-of-Materials (BOM).

Hybrid Design in CATIA
  • Most companies prefer Non- hybrid design in
    Catia because that is how Catia was originally
    written. However, there is a benefit in making
    the switch to hybrid design. The hybrid design is
    the default option set in Catia.

Part Modeling In CATIA
  • In CATIA part modeling, CAD/CAM services design
    specific components of the machine you are
    manufacturing. For example, if you are
    manufacturing an engine, then the piston,
    connecting rod, screws etc. will be the
    individual parts that CAD/CAM services will
    design separately in CATIA part modeling for you
    to assemble later.

Aircraft 3d Model CATIA
  • CAD/CAM services can create both simple, and
    complex 3D parts in CATIA. Not only this, CAD/CAM
    services can also empower all functions within
    your company to find, share, annotate, and
    improve products using the richest format of

Wing Design in CATIA V5
  • CAD/CAM services are experts when it comes to
    designing aircraft wing using CATIA V5. CAD/CAM
    services employ various methods, techniques and
    modules to design the wing in CATIA. The most
    important part of the aircraft, wing produces the
    lift due to the pressure difference generated on
    the upper and the lower surface.

CATIA Car Model
  • We are experts in Catia design services including
    CATIA car model. For more information and to get
    feedback on your project, please contact us. Our
    friendly experts will be more than happy to help
    you and provide you with a project quote.

CATIA Surface Modeling
  • CATIA Surface Modeling services have an extensive
    group of advanced surfacing professionals who can
    be outsourced for quick, short-term work or
    complex, long-term projects. Professionals of
    CAD/CAM service can perform modeling in CATIA
    using surfacing techniques to allow you to create
    complex geometry and shapes. Additionally, they
    will come in handy when you want to make edits
    and fixes to existing solid models, and repair
    broken imported parts.

CATIA Airplane Models
  • The most commonly used CAD software, CATIA covers
    the entire process lifecycle from design through
    construction, simulation, analysis to maintenance
    and production. This is great news for all
    involved. If you want to design airplane models,
    then using CAD/CAM services would help you get
    best CATIA airplane models.

CATIA Best Modeling Practices
  • catia best modeling practices for creating CAD
    models in CATIA. CAD/CAM services ensure a
    unified industrial design workflow solution that
    makes it easy to conceptualize, create, share,
    and experience designs. When you work with
    CAD/CAM services, you will discover the added
    value that CATIA can bring to your design
    process, from early ideation to product
    development and even beyond.

Airplane Models Structure
  • Airplane models structure service services to
    generate great CATIA airplane models structure.
    Additionally, CAD/CAM services apply parametric
    construction strategies, which have been used in
    the past, to model the primary aircraft parts,
    such as the wing, fuselage, nacelle, and
    secondary parts such as, the belly fairing, wings
    tips, and pylon using CATIA CAD system.

CAD and 3D Modeling
  • Using the most powerful and versatile CAD
    modeling tools, CAD/CAM services provide you with
    a modeling approach that fits your design
    challenge and gets innovative products to market
    faster. CAD/CAM services provide you with the
    best CAD and 3D modeling by combining surface,
    solid, parametric and direct modeling.

Sheet Metal Design
  • It is often seen that engineers designing sheet
    metal enclosures end up redesigning the
    enclosures so they can be manufactured, which
    wastes both time and money. In fact, research
    shows that companies spend almost half of their
    time fixing those errors and almost a quarter of
    those errors are related to manufacturability.

3D Construction Drawings
  • CAD/CAM services are one of the leading companies
    when it comes to 3D designs and drafting. Part of
    this 3D drafting and design service are 3D
    construction drawings. The trained experts in
    CAD/CAM services work with architects as a
    trusted extended arm for many construction
    businesses around the world.

CATIA Cad Model Library
  • CATIA CAD Model Library is the reduced cost to
    the user. Using the CAD model library, CAD/CAM
    services make it easy to read and write CAD
    files, without the cost of ownership typically
    associated with the CAD system. In addition to
    the above, CAD/CAM services can use the library
    to configure and download parts with a single
    click and cater to project needs using their
    ability to specify different terminals, circuits,
    and other components. Additionally, they allow
    part number-specific models to be located within
    each Product Series listing.

CATIA Cad Models
  • The original purpose of designing the CATIA cad
    models program was to create models of industrial
    objects. However, developers soon realized that
    this CAD program could be used for modeling many
    other products and/or parts. Compared to other
    similar programs, CATIA provides a higher level
    of precision, which is the reason CAD/CAM
    services use it for CAD modeling.

CATIA Modeling Techniques
  • There are four ways to make your model using
    CATIA parametric solid modeling, parametric
    surface modeling, Nonparametric Freeform surface
    modeling, and Nonparametric Freeform volume. The
    CATIA modeling techniques CAD/CAM services use
    for your project will vary based on your business
    and the product or part being designed.

CATIA Cad Cam Drafting
  • CATIA is increasingly being utilized today due to
    its great utility features for the CAD/CAM field.
    CATIA CAD AND CAM have changed how drafting is
    done and designs are created today. The stand out
    CATIA CAD CAM drafting eliminates the need for
    creating designs manually or with paper/pencil to
    ensure accurate designs.

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