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CAD Design Services


Since CAD designs cannot be created without a software, the CAD design services you choose must have a level of software expertise. This includes expertise in CAD software such as SolidWorks, CATIA, and Unigraphics NX. We are a high-end CAD conversion and 3D scanning company experienced in CAD modeling, 3D scanning, SolidWorks, UG NX and CATIA drafting. For more information and to get feedback on your project, please contact us. Our friendly experts will be more than happy to help you and provide you with a project quote. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: CAD Design Services

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Mold Tooling Design in CATIA
  • CAD/CAM services specifically respond to the
    needs of the businesses requiring mold tooling
    designs in catia. CAD/CAM services use a
    predefined layout to insert and manage several
    inserts in a positioned mold base, which greatly
    enhances productivity. Additionally, they use a
    dedicated live command to fit the dimensions of
    the tool to the prints.

Mold Design in CATIA V5
  • mold design in catia v5 can also help create the
    best plastic mold for a product, getting the
    optimum mold the first time without any need to
    rework. CAD/CAM services can ensure
    intelligent/standard user-defined component
    management with associated drillings and NC
    information and can allow you to check the
    validity of the imported shape in CATIA V5 and
    improve its quality.

A Piston Design in CATIA
  • The above are just a few of the many benefits of
    hiring CAD/CAM services to model a piston using
    CATIA software. CAD/CAM services know the best
    practices to design a piston using CATIA and thus
    can provide manufacturers seeking a piston
    production with many benefits. Some of them are
    stated above. If you want to get the most out of
    a piston design in CATIA, then get in touch with
    us today. We are experts in CATIA design
    services. For more information and to get
    feedback on your project, please contact us. Our
    friendly experts will be more than happy to help
    you and provide you with a project quote.

What is Hybrid Design in CATIA
  • CAD/CAM services have all the necessary tools to
    perform advanced 3D CAD the hybrid design in
    catia modeling. Additionally, you can benefit
    from a high-productivity solution which is
    natively interoperable with all CATIA versions
    and which offers integration tools for
    compatibility with all CATIA versions and data
    interfaces to most frequently used industry

Part Design in CATIA
  • Part design in catia creation is often based on
    3D wireframe elements like lines or planes or on
    surfaces. CAD/CAM services are well-versed in
    this as they know how to create 3D wireframe
    elements and the local axis used to position
    geometries. With CAD/CAM services, you will get
    comprehensive part and assembly design features,
    as well as associative drawing extraction

CATIA Design Services
  • Another reason to use a Catia design service is
    utilizing the Catia Knowledge Ware solution to
    extract explicit knowledge from implicit design
    methods, which allows you to achieve optimum
    design. By leveraging the built-in tools of
    Catia, Catia design services incorporate design
    constraints to streamline the design process and
    reduce risk. Additionally, they can rapidly
    determine the best design choices by considering
    multidisciplinary specifications.

Hybrid Design in CATIA
  • Hybrid design in catia modeling is the mixture of
    solid modeling and surface modeling. For product
    design, a CAD/CAM service would use surface
    modeling to build the whole outlook because this
    allows them to build face by face and control all
    surface curvatures, continuities, and draft
    directions. After they outlook is complete, they
    use solid modeling to build the internal
    mechanical features, like ribs and screw bosses.

Part Modeling In CATIA
  • Some of the areas CAD/CAM services will cater
    when performing part modeling in CATIA include
    solid modeling intentions, parametric modeling,
    creating pads, creating pockets, and basic
    sketch-based features. We are experts in Catia
    design services including part modeling in CATIA.
    For more information and to get feedback on your
    project, please contact us. Our friendly experts
    will be more than happy to help you and provide
    you with a project quote.

Aircraft 3d Model CATIA
  • Despite the broad adoption of 3D modeling, many
    companies are hesitant to use CATIA for aircraft
    3D modeling. The major reason for this is that
    companies fear that the model will not be up to
    scratch, which will affect the reliability of
    manufactured aircraft. Companies are not willing
    to take this risk. The good news is that CAD/CAM
    services can help to reduce.

Wing Design in CATIA V5
  • The main function of these structural components
    is to distribute the payload and the forces which
    act on the aircraft wing such as shear forces,
    tensile forces, and direct forces. CAD/CAM
    services can perform modeling of the wing in
    CATIA V5 to ensure this. CAD/CAM services can
    make wing design in CATIA an extremely simple
    procedure. When designing aircraft wing in CATIA
    V5, CAD/CAM services build the simulation of the
    composite manufacturing process of this wing in
    CATIA. Additionally, they calculate the
    simulation and optimization of the wing using an
    analysis software to determine whether the
    Aluminum surface on aircraft wing should be
    replaced by the Composite material.

CATIA Car Model
  • CAD/CAM services have a team of skilled
    professionals who been building their competency
    levels and expertise in CATIA for a long time.
    This gives CAD/CAM services a distinct advantage
    over other CAD drafting services that can build
    CATIA car model. Additionally, the experience of
    CAD/CAM services in handling projects from
    different business sectors will help them cater
    to your unique requirements.

CATIA Surface Modeling
  • If you lack the expertise for advanced surface
    modeling in-house or dont have the necessary
    skills to take your concepts to the next level,
    then use CAD/CAM services for CATIA surface
    modeling as they can quickly and accurately
    evolve your ideas into designs that are
    manufactural and meet the highest standards.

CATIA Airplane Models
  • CATIA is an extremely powerful design tool and it
    can be used to model a variety of products and
    parts including an airplane model. We are experts
    in Catia design services including CATIA airplane
    models. For more information and to get feedback
    on your project, please contact us. Our friendly
    experts will be more than happy to help you and
    provide you with a project quote.

CATIA Best Modeling Practices
  • The simple answer to this would be that CAD/CAM
    services are well-aware of the CATIA best
    modeling practices. CAD/CAM services know the
    best practices in CATIA model that can help you
    to significantly reduce the risk of design or
    product/part failure. CAD/CAM services can offer
    these improvements with just a click of the
    mouse. This is their level of expertise when it
    comes to creating CAD models in CATIA.

Airplane Models Structure
  • To construct curves which are used to create
    surface lots, CAD/CAM services utilize primarily
    B-splines, where the coordinates of Airplane
    Models Structure can later be used as the design
    parameters. Moreover, CAD/CAM services
    demonstrate the capabilities of parametric CAD
    through design variations performed for
    conventional configurations and through design
    studies with non-conventional aircraft
    configurations, which are in the focus of current

CAD and 3D Modeling
  • Why should you choose CAD/CAM services for 3D and
    CAD modeling? Because they have vast experience
    and expertise to create 3D modeling of floor
    plans, convert the 2D floor plans into 3D floor
    plans and create a 3D model of products/parts/
    building structures. CAD/CAM services deliver a
    final product that is dimensionally accurate and
    layered in a true 3D model. Fast, experienced,
    and competitively priced, CAD/CAM services are
    committed to meeting your deadlines and offering
    an affordable modeling service.

Sheet Metal Design
  • The design team at CAD/CAM services has intensive
    experience with sheet metal components for
    aesthetics as well as functional sheet metal
    design. CAD/CAM services can help shorten lead
    times with reduced scrap and material costs.
    Moreover, the design experts at CAD/CAM services
    use state-of-the-art CAD tools and a systematic
    approach to design sheet metal parts. This
    ensures a great sheet metal design service.

3D Construction Drawings
  • CAD/CAM services have tools that can generate
    presentation documents for architects and
    builders. 3D Construction Drawings have
    incredibly powerful tools with features for page
    layout, drafting, vector illustrations, and slide
    presentations. CAD/CAM services can turn your 3D
    models into animated walkthroughs and flyovers
    that explain every detail of the design.

CATIA Cad Model Library
  • The CATIA design, engineering, and system
    engineering applications are at the heart of
    CAD/CAM services solutions that address specific
    industry needs. The CATIA CAD model library is
    extremely robust and it is being used by CAD/CAM
    services to implement and follow software
    releases via continuous updates.

CATIA Cad Models
  • These are some of the reasons CAD/CAM services
    prefer CATIA over many other CAD modeling
    programs. It wouldnt be wrong to say that CATIA
    CAD models provide a level of detail that it is
    now possible with any other CAD models. CAD/CAM
    services are experts at making scale dimensioned
    engineering and architectural drawings with all
    release of CATIA, including CATIA V5.

CATIA Modeling Techniques
  • CAD/CAM perform CATIA modeling techniques by
    using a system of spline or spline modeling,
    which allows for extreme precision. Spline
    modeling is combined with CATIAs body
    Valorization system to allow CAD/CAM services to
    create a system in which traditional constraints
    are automatically treated, which increases the
    level of precision further.

CATIA Cad Cam Drafting
  • Put simply, the CAD AND CAM features of CATIA
    have transformed how drafting is done and designs
    are created today. To make the most out of this
    incredibly resourceful software, you should
    utilize the drafting services of CATIA CADCAM.
    With the help of the stand out CATIA CADCAM
    drafting services, you can eliminate the need for
    creating designs manually or with paper/pencil to
    ensure accurate designs. Following are some of
    the reasons to utilize CADCAM drafting.

CATIA Draft Analysis
  • CAD/CAM services use various methods to perform
    catia draft analysis including the axis direction
    method. In this method, they place the main axis
    on the draft direction line with Z being parallel
    to it. This is followed by the selection of the
    part body. At times, CAD/CAM services reposition
    the axis again at this stage. The results show up
    next in three color variants. As specified above,
    the color variants indicate the different draft

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