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Top 5 Factors to Consider for the Best Purchase in Winter Tents


For those keen in an exciting outdoor adventure in the cooler weather, our winter tents can serve their purpose the best. Our high quality winter tents are made to withstand the elements that winter can throw at you. You are allowed to use it, not just in extremely cold winter but they are also quite effective during scorching hot summer. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 5 Factors to Consider for the Best Purchase in Winter Tents

Top 5 Factors to Consider for the Best Purchase
in Winter Tents
Camping in winter is a unique experience full of
rewards and challenges. Coldness and wind come
together to create harsh conditions that standard
camping tents are not meant for. Whether you are
interested in mountaineering, hunting, fishing,
backwoods camping, or simply require a winter
tent that can survive variable weather
conditions, all season tents can be the best
choice for enjoying the outdoors throughout the
Top 5 Factors to Consider In All Season Tents for
Winter Camping If you are a first time winter
camper, it is better to follow some fundamental
safety rules for your ultimate protection and
comfort before going on to purchase your gear. Be
mindful that you wont be able to manage extreme
cold wind or snow fall with standard warm weather
tents which are differently designed than winter
tents. While taking a plunge on all season tents
for winter camping, the top 5 factors to be
considered are the vestibule, structure and
stability, ventilation, double layered design and
the weight of course. 1.Vestibule- A vestibule
is not included in all winter tents but they have
become a more popular feature in warm weather
tents. The vestibule is an area found to be
enclosed beyond the tent inner wall to offer a
dry place for keeping gear, muddy shoes, and also
to light up the stove and cook if climate
conditions are very harsh. The size of the
vestibule always depends on the winter tent
design of the tent, and some are larger than an
extra rain fly flap around to save the entrance
of the tent.
2.Structure and Stability- The need for lighter
and larger winter tents to accommodate more
occupants and bear heavy snow loads as well as
the high wind flow has led to an evolutionary
design in the make and many winter tent companies
have shifted from the conventional two-pole tent
design with a rectangular structure. Bivvy,
Domes and ultra low-profile trapezoidal tent
designs are on offer to lower wind resistance and
the number of poles needed for setup, maximizing
interior space. Though more number of poles offer
greater stability but also increase the set up
time and tent weight. So go for winter designs
that are built with a perfect balance between
simplicity and stability. 3.Ventilation- All
season tents for winter camping may have a long
rain fly flap extending to the ground and
mosquito nets to keep bugs out while helping
retain maximum heat inside. It would be the best
approach to choose a winter tent with minimal air
flow as it may help the warm air to escape and
allow the strong winds to come in. Thats why
double layered tent designs are mostly preferred.
4. Double Layered Design- There are ultra
light, easy to set and inexpensive single wall
winter tents but your safe bet is to buy a winter
tent with double layered wall.The combination of
a breathable inner wall and wind water
resistant fabric on the outer wall of the tent
enables the moist air to escape easily while
keeping the occupants protected from snow, wind
and rain.
4.Weight- Many manufacturers are now using
lightweight fabrics and carbon fiber tent poles
to lower the weight, but it may add to the tents
cost and this is the reason why high quality
winter camping tents may cost a few hundred
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