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We manufacture tents as per client requirement. You can see few of our latest work here. Contact us to know more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Tent supplier in Dubai | Artisan

Aluminum and Steel Tents -
Contemporary pavilions in a modern setting
inspired by Western predilection. Often referred
to as European tents, aluminum and steel tents
are ideal solutions for all your temporary
accommodation requirements.
But why choose aluminum and steel tents from
Artisan Tents? Because theyre ideal for
inclement weather! These sturdy structures are
superb for withstanding harsh climates without
compromising the comfort of your guests. In
Dubai, we often have to deal with hot and windy
conditions. Aluminum and steel tents are perfect
for the job!
Aluminum and steel tents are also exceedingly
versatile. They can be used for parties, large
celebrations, and even storage. Protect your
guests from the harsh Dubai weather with Artisan
Tents aluminum and steel tents.
Our in-house facilities make it possible for us
to convert aluminum and steel tents into A-shape
tents, storage tents, and even restaurant
accommodations. They are easily customizable and
can be designed and decorated with numerous
interior decor solutions.
Artisan Tents provides a wide range of aluminum
and steel tents for clients in Dubai and across
the region. Choose
from a variety of design options from open walls
to clear, transparent roofing to let in natural
light. Our goal is to make your event a success.
We work closely with our clients and event
organizers to set up the right aluminum and steel
tent for your occasion.
Artisan Tents is a leading aluminum and steel
tent solution provider. Our team of tent
engineers will ensure the safety and security of
your aluminum and steel tent in Dubai. Give your
guests an outdoor experience like no other with
Artisan Tents aluminum and steel tents!
Exhibition Tents -
From trade fairs to corporate events, a
professional presence attracts prospects like a
magnet. It gives your brand a sense of command
and helps you stand out among the competition. So
how exactly do you stand out in a large fair?
With a high-quality branded exhibition tent, of
Exhibition tents are ideal for promotional events
for its lightweight yet durability qualities.
They are simple to set up and dismantle without
the need for a specialist. Artisan Tents has a
wide range of exhibition tents in Dubai, UAE that
will surely meet your needs.
Another reason to choose our exhibition tents in
Dubai is that you can fully customize it! Get a
professional platform for your brand and
organization at trade fairs and exhibitions in
Dubai, UAE.
Our wide array of exhibition tents has made
innumerable appearances in UAE. This has made us
one of the leading exhibition tent providers in
the region. Today, we are empowered to continue
to innovate and develop the highest quality
exhibition tents possible for your needs.
Artisan Tents provides top-notch exhibition tents
in Dubai and throughout UAE. We endeavor to
build, provide, and create some of the most
unique, eye-catching and stand out tents for our
clients. We go the extra mile to advise our
clients on the best exhibition tent solution for
their events.
Arabian Tents - The UAE is rich with culture,
history, and life. In fact, its modern culture is
greatly influenced not only by global trends but
also religion and age-old culture, practices, and
beliefs. Its no wonder that many people have
fallen in love with exotic Arabian tents in
UAE. Though a metropolitan, it is not uncommon
for people to encounter Arabian tents in Dubai.
Theyre used in special events around the region
and can even be seen in some malls! For decades,
people have used Arabian tents in UAE for various
occasions in just about every location
possible. So why do people love Arabian tents in
Dubai so much? The quintessential canvas
encompasses all the richness and beauty of the
Arabic culture. For expats living in a
Muslim-dense country like the UAE, the Arabic
culture is engrossing, intricate, and beautiful.
For your next Arab-inspired event in Dubai, get
your Arabian tent from us! Artisan Tents is a
high-class provider of the best Arabian tents in
Dubai and around the UAE. Our clients come from
all around the region for our inspiring Arabian
At Artisan Tents, we have a wide selection of
Arabian tents to choose from. Whether you want to
go the traditional way or all out fabulous with
your Arabian tent in Dubai, weve got everything
in store for you. Sturdy, high-quality,
and built for UAE climate, our Arabian tents in
Dubai are perfect for weddings, Ramadan
celebrations, Iftar buffets, and Arabic themed
events. At the end of the day, Arabian tents are
the best fit for cultural representation with its
manifestation of the richness of elegant
Car Park Shades -
Weather, by nature, is temperamental. It can
change and swing dramatically within a couple of
hours. Thankfully in the UAE, we dont have to
deal with inclement weather. We do, however, have
to deal with extreme heat, humidity, and strong
gusts of wind.
Summer in the UAE is the hottest and most
uncomfortable season that both residents and
tourists experience. Temperature can rise as high
as 50 degrees Celsius with high humidity levels
making it unbearable for many. While the majority
of the population use air conditioned public
transportation to get from point A to point B,
drivers who take their vehicles to get around the
city have to deal with hot parking lots
without shades for their cars.
To remedy this issue, Artisan Tents offers
clients a wide selection of car park shades.
Designed to protect your car from direct sunlight
and heat, our car park shades in Dubai are some
of the most recognizable structures
around. Artisan Tents car park shades in Dubai
come in a variety of design and materials. We use
high-quality materials that are not only sturdy
but guaranteed to withstand the harsh climate of
Dubai. With our years of experience, we are able
to accommodate all sorts of requirements from
residential car park shades to vast parking lot
areas. The entire manufacturing process is
conducted in-house by our highly-specialized
team. We are in a position to customize parking
shades to suit all your technical specifications
and needs while preserving the visual splendor of
your premises.
Sun and Pool Shades -
Fun in the sun is great but too much exposure can
be harmful to the skin. Harsh heat and extended
exposure to the sun can cause heat stroke and
even skin cancer. Though sunblock is one way to
prevent sun damage, nothing beats having a shade
to protect you from the sun.
Get your dose of fun in the sun with Artisan
Tents sun and pool shades in Dubai. They are
perfect for poolside relaxation. But why limit
yourself to poolside and wait for the sun to set
before jumping in the water? We can also
accommodate shading the swimming pool itself!
Artisan Tents has a gallery of sun shade options
to choose from in Dubai. Our sun
shades in Dubai are adaptable for various
locations and uses from bench shades to outdoor
dining accommodations. They are designed to
withstand inclement weather and are built to last
for years to come.
Unequivocal requirements during the sweltering
months, our sun and pool shades in Dubai are
designed to provide maximum protection and shade.
Our sun and pool shades in Dubai are perfectly
suited for both hotels and corporations as well
as for personal villa use.
Artisan Tents is one of the most recognized tent
solutions providers in Dubai. Our years of
experience have given us unparalleled expertise
and knowledge in tents. From residential use to
commercial establishments, Artisan Tents is ready
to meet your needs!
Sadu Tents for Majlis VIP -
Also known as Bedouin tents or Arabic majlis,
sadu tents are ideal for Arab-centric events.
Like our Arabian tents, sadu tents come in a
variety of sizes, styles, interior designs, and
are customizable to the needs of a customer.
Give your guests an authentic Arabian experience
and celebrate special occasions with sadu tents.
Design the interior with lush fabrics, plush
furniture, and stellar lighting. Reach new
celebratory heights with our sadu tents in Dubai!
Artisan Tents sadu tents are available in
different sizes and customizable shapes. Portable
yet durable,
our sadu tents can be installed in any location!
We offer customers the most elegant and
comfortable sadu tents in Dubai that fit their
Sadu tents in Dubai are designed to match the
design and purpose of traditional Arabian tents.
However, our engineers ensure that our sadu tents
in Dubai are enduring and long-lasting against
the hottest climates of Dubai. Artisan Tents
employs only the best and highest quality
materials for our tents to ensure not only the
success of our customers events but also their
Other tent solutions providers break your bank
without exceeding your expectations. On the
contrary, Artisan Tents is committed to meeting
your requirements and going the extra mile to
give you and your guests an outdoor experience
unlike any other before!
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