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Wedding & Engagement Photography - Choosing The Right Professional


1. Reasons Why It Is Best To Take Wedding Photos Before The Start Of The Ceremony. 2. Wedding Pictures. 3. Wedding Pictures. 4. Engagement Photography. 5. Engagement Photography. 6. Top 5 Tips To Know About Engagement Photography. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Wedding & Engagement Photography - Choosing The Right Professional

Wedding Engagement Photography - Choosing The
Right Professional
  1. Reasons Why It Is Best To Take Wedding Photos
    Before The Start Of The Ceremony
  2. Wedding Pictures
  3. Wedding Pictures
  4. Engagement Photography
  5. Engagement Photography
  6. Top 5 Tips To Know About Engagement Photography

Reasons Why It Is Best To Take Wedding Photos
Before The Start Of The Ceremony
  • When you take photos before the start of the
    wedding ceremony, you are likely to look fresh.
  • Wedding pictures that are taken before the
    adjourning of the ceremony are said to be fresh
    since the couple is neat by that time. After the
    wedding ceremony, the couple is likely to be
    spilled by something dirty on their dresses that
    is likely to affect the outlook of their photos.
  • Taking Photos At This Time Will Enable You To
    Avoid Kids While Still Earlier
  • Wedding pictures will always be the best if they
    are taken earlier. It is wise to take photos at
    this time if chances that your ring bearer or
    your flower girl is not available during the post

Reasons Why It Is Best To Take Wedding Photos
Before The Start Of The Ceremony
  • There Is A Quality Time Of Taking Pictures Of The
    People Who Are Close To You
  • Wedding pictures will include everyone if they
    are taken before the ceremony. However, any
    attempt at taking them after the ceremony will
    leave other closest friends outside.
  • The Pictures Are Awesome
  • Wedding pictures that are mostly taken before the
    adjournment of the ceremony are awesome. This
    arises from the feeling of the couple meeting for
    the first time.

Wedding Pictures
  • Wedding pictures showcase the bride and groom
    during the ceremony and at the reception, along
    with all of their friends and family in
    attendance. Some of the photos that are necessary
    to snap on the big day include
  • The bride with all of her bridesmaids
  • The groom with his groomsmen
  • Exchanging vows
  • The ceremonial kiss
  • The first dance
  • Group family pictures
  • And all of the other wonderful moments

Wedding Pictures
  • Wedding pictures include a lot of touching
    moments throughout the night, but it is also
    important to get photos of the entire setup,
  • The bouquet
  • The brides hairdo
  • Both the brides and the grooms rings together
  • The ceremony venue setup
  • Centerpieces
  • The cake
  • The decorated reception area
  • Any small, beautiful decorative details

Wedding Pictures
  • New technology has allowed pictures to be taken
    candidly in the flash of an eye. The overall
    expression of photography has similarly changed.
    These capabilities have allowed more artistic and
    personal expression to shine through.
  • Traditional style would replicate the old days,
    with rigid poses and individuals in their most
    expensive clothing.
  • Photojournalism style developed with the ease of
    taking pictures in the 1990s. This style aims to
    be invisible to the couple to catch them candidly
    in their most meaningful interactions.
  • Fashion-based approach is a progression of those
    two styles combined, where the natural happenings
    will be tweaked by suggestion of the photographer
    to create the best resulting photo out of a
    candid action.
  • Studio photography is more of a throwback to
    classic style, but is more inclusive. The couple
    will be assisted with their clothing and photos
    remain on-site, rather than taking classic poses
    outdoors or to a church.

Engagement Photography
  • Studio photography is the closest to classic
    methods, but is all inclusive. This method is
    popular in China, where the couple is assisted by
    hair and makeup artists in house prior to taking
    posed photos at the studio.
  • Traditional wedding methods will have classically
    posed images that can take place in a studio or
    other setting, but the focus is the positioning
    of the couple.
  • Photojournalism attempts to mimic the idea of a
    journalist following the event of the couples
    engagement. This may begin with candid photos of
    the proposal and more candid that catch intimate
    moments between the couple as they go about their
  • Fashion-based approach brings the idea of poses
    to photojournalism. The photographer might cut in
    on candid action to perfect something the couple
    is doing for the best resulting photo.

Engagement Photography
  • The goal of the photographer is to help the
    couple be best represented visually and
    personality wise in the end result.
  • The kiss - obviously a mainstay of these photos,
    the photographer will pay close attention to hand
    placement and the contours of the couples
  • Touching foreheads - a very intimate position in
    itself, but can be accentuated by the male
    carrying his future wife or by their eye contact.
  • Hug from behind - quickly becoming one of the
    most common poses in this field, the photographer
    can do things like help highlight the couples
    engagement rings.

Top 5 Tips To Know About Engagement Photography
  • Previewing Of The Couple
  • Engagement photography does not mean that you
    have to screen the respectful couple before
    coming up with a decision of working with them.
    However, there are occasions that this idea will
    fit very well.
  • Always Ensure That They Are Connected
  • Engagement photography always ensures that the
    couple is in connection with each other. It is
    quite obvious that a nervous feeling will emerge
    amongst themselves, but as the best photographer
    ensure that they are kept together.
  • Ensure That The PDA Is Quite Okay And Essential
  • Engagement photography is taken to be a session
    that is quite different when compared to the
    family shoot, normal shoot, or the model shoot.
    Therefore, as a photographer, you should ensure
    that the final theme that is generated in this
    session is love.

Top 5 Tips To Know About Engagement Photography
  • You should always aim to ensure that the couple
    is kept in a comfortable atmosphere. Let kissing,
    hugging, holding hands, being playful, and
    conducting of silly jokes prevail the session.
  • A Burst Mode
  • Engagement photography will be the successful
    process if burst mode is included. This will be
    a nervous session for the couple but always
    target these moments as they will produce the
    best engagement pictures. Therefore, as the best
    photographer, you should not avoid this step.
  • A Crucial Location
  • Engagement photography is supposed to be
    conducted in a location that is crucial. Those
    who have been involved in photography for a long
    period of time are always conversant with the
    places that can produce the best engagement
    pictures. Thus, as a photographer, you must
    always be ready to give a suggestion of the best
    places that the couple can take their engagement

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