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Teamcity training | Teamcity online course from India – GOT


Teamcity training provides all that is required how to setup a build server for CI. Teamcity online course from India with Flexi time by top best trainers – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Teamcity training | Teamcity online course from India – GOT

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  • Teamcity is programming language agnostic which
    means it doesnt really care about the what
    programming language we are using in our project.
    But teamcity does have a lot of out of the box
    support for dot net, java, and ruby, so if using
    any of those languages or platforms we get a lot
    of configuration for free. Teamcity it can build
    a project executive and so on or multiple
    operating system most importantly Linux windows
    and Mac OS.

Teamcity Continuous integration
  • Continuous integration means continuously and
    frequently merge code changes from a group of
    developers the goal here going to avoid
    integration problems. If we have developers who
    dont integrate frequently their changes will
    probably diverge and will waste a lot of time
    trying to clean it up when they eventually do
  • In a broader sense continuous integration is the
    process where code changes in a project are build
    and checked or verified in various ways
    automatically, when have multiple people working
    on a single project its very important

  • That the code in the central repository always in
    a working state and continuous integration can
    help with that it can also help to ensure that
    the code works in other environments on just
    developers over machines but us when we start to
    include a lot of other stuff in to the
    continuous integration process that it really
    gets exciting for instance measuring hold quality
    in a variety of ways automating tasks like
    deployment application or generation of
    documentation or testing beyond just the normal
    unit testing like security testing acceptance
    testing ,performance testing and a variety of

Teamcity for .NET Developers
  • Teamcity is really a great solution because it
    provides first class support for the how the dot
    net tool chain so MS build MS test visual studio
    as well as other tools team to these plug-in
    understand those tools and make it rally easy to
    integrate those into a build configuration this
    is opposed to some other build systems where we
    need actually to do like command line scripts to
    drive those tools.

  • Teamcity provides with a really good support for
    those and teamcity is a java based product so it
    actually runs on windows or Linux or OSX and can
    actually drive java tools as well and thats one
    of the things like about it has a sort of admix
    java and dot net thats in digital like the fact
    that we can have one set of build infrastructure
    that can provide for all of our build needs for
    both of those two important enterprise
    development platforms the other thing we like
    about teamcity is just the fact that its quite
    straight forward especially whenever starting out
    and the initial build configuration will fairly
    simplistic perhaps but thats the flipside of
    that OS the teamcity doesnt make it too for
    those sort of simple build configurations to get

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