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Those Food Allergies May Be More Important Than You Think


According to the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), a food allergy is a medical condition where exposure to a food triggers a harmful immune response. The immune response is referred to as an allergic reaction, ”because the immune system attacks proteins in the foods that are normally harmless.” – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Those Food Allergies May Be More Important Than You Think

Being Proactive About Food Allergies
Food Allergy Types
IgE type allergies occur when the immune system
produces antibodies that cause an immediate
reaction to a foreign substance that comes from
food or inhalation. Other delayed type allergies
(non-IgE or IgGs) are considered to be food
sensitivities. These are much more subtle, and
many people live with them for a long time
sometimes many years. It may take hours to
several days for the effects of these allergies
to show up.
Food Allergies Symptoms
Examples of immediate reaction include itching,
flushes, rashes, throat swelling, watery eyes,
runny nose, hoarse voice, abdominal pains,
nausea, and vomiting. Sometimes this type of
allergy can lead to acute life-threatening
situations such as anaphylaxis or severe
breathing problems. Also, food allergies can
cause chronic inflammation in the gut.
How To Be Proactive
1. Lower or avoid intake of food allergens 2. Pay
attention to how your body feels after eating
food. Food cravings are frequently desired and
sometimes fulfilled in a hurry. But how many
times do you actually observe how these foods
make you feel after you eat them? Some of your
food cravings can be very treacherous to your
health. 3. Blood Test for Food Allergies.
Allergies can be checked with simple blood tests
measuring specific food antibodies such as IgE
and IgM (acute reactions) as well as IgG and
blocking immunoglobulins IgG4 (which can
alleviate allergic reactions). 4. Skin testing.
This is another frequently used procedure. Small
amounts of allergens are pricked into the
superficial skin, and these sites are monitored
for local reactions such as itching, redness or a
bump (wheal).
Proactive Health Labs is a national public
non-profit organization focused on raising
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