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Geographic Information Systems Courses in India


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Courses in India by NIBT. Learn GIS from the best GIS Training providers. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a growing industry with job opportunities in over 70 fields all over the globe. NIBT is one of the few best providers of GIS Courses in India – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Geographic Information Systems Courses in India

401 Geographic Information Systems
Advanced Geographic Information Systems
  • Learn Advanced Geographic Information Systems
    (GIS) Courses in India by NIBT. Get Precise GIS
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is one of
    the majorly growing industries with opportunities
    in over 70 fields. Get appropriate GIS training
    at NIBT which is one of the primary providers of
    GIS courses in India!

  • GIS is a computer-based data collection, storage,
    and analysis tool. It merges previously unrelated
    information into easily understood maps. But,
    Yes, GIS is much more than plans.
  • GIS systems can perform complicated analytic
    functions and then present the results visually
    as maps or in graphical formats. It allows
    virtual viewing of the issues and selection of
    the best action to take.
  • NIBT is providing an outstanding course
    highlighting GIS training, thus, helping to
    bridge the gap between the employers and
  • By doing this course, there will certainly be
    multiple career opening for you in various
    technological construction sectors.

Who is this course designed for?
  • The GIS training (Geographic Information Systems)
    course design is for the students of various
    fields. Any graduates from Technology,
    Engineering, Science, and Computer
    Science/Application can apply.

Course Features
  • Discover and learn GIS and its applications. The
    GIS training will provide a sound working
    knowledge of GIS. Most noteworthy, you will able
    to apply these systems in various conditions and
    organizational contexts. Also, the GIS training
    will acquaint you with the design and development
    of essential Geographic Information Systems
    technologies. By utilizing this knowledge, you
    will get ready to develop the short and
    large-scale projects.Further, you will
    understand what GIS is and what are its various
    applications. While working with various
    components of GIS, you will learn to create maps,
    explore the data behind the maps. Also, you can
    discover the different application methods to
    interpret your charts.Finally, at the end of GIS
    training course, you will gain a rock-solid
    knowledge of GIS tools.Furthermore, you will
    know how to envision real-world features on GIS
    maps, explore patterns, and communicate that
    information to others.

  • NIBT (National Institute of Building Technology)
    is comprehensively striving towards building
    better career prospects for the future
  • It is one of the pioneering institutes, active in
    providing knowledge of latest construction trends
    within AEC Industry.
  • NIBT is indeed one of the top-most emerging
    institutes which offer GIS courses in India.
  • NIBT is proud of being a trusted partner
    Authorized Training Center (ATC) for Autodesk it
    also collaborates with one of the most top-ranked
    universities- Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, U.S.
  • NIBT was established as an aspiring R D project
    with support from esteemed clients in the United
    States of America.
  • The primary aim of this project was the
    development of Skilled Persons to provide the
    needs and necessities of the evolving modern AEC
    (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction)
  • Now we are in the race of the providers of GIS
    courses in India.
  • Within a short span of time, NIBT successfully
    met the challenge of outsourcing staff for US

Course Objective
  • At the completion of the GIS training, students
  • Have a primary, practical perception of GIS
    concepts, techniques, and real-world demands
  • Have an understanding of the technical language
    of GIS
  • Know GIS utilization in the broader context of
    industry needs and IT strategies.
  • Understand the basic concepts of geography
    necessary to efficiently and accurately use GIS
  • Understand basic GIS data concepts
  • Have an ability to perform fundamental GIS
    analysis of concepts
  • Possess practical experience using essential GIS
  • Possess an understanding of GIS and its
    relationship to mapping software development
  • Have an appreciation of GIS career options and
    how to pursue them

Learning Objective
  • After completing the GIS training, you will be
    able to
  • Get placed in a Reputed MNC in Bangalore by one
    of the best institutes which offer GIS courses in
  • Describe what GIS is? Why is the data in GIS
    called georeferenced? Know the GIS related
  • Understand GIS utilization in decision support
    system and real-world applications also the
    fundamental concepts of geography that are
    required to efficiently and accurately use GIS
  • Understand the data representation and mapping
  • Explore and visualize geo-database
  • Define geographic data, projected coordinate
    system, and their types
  • Define and design the GIS data model such as
    vector, raster, TIN, and attribute
  • Describe application of various data models
  • Define Spatial Data Infrastructure

  • Describe multiple sources for data and data
    acquisition terminologies in GIS
  • Describe the topological relationship of spatial
  • Understand source of error in data acquisition
    and to fix the mistake using GIS software tools
  • Make use of attribute query and spatial query in
    complex analysis contexts
  • Define vector, raster, network and surface
    analysis and their application
  • Understand the concepts of Aerial surveying and
    how it works
  • Know the ideas and working of Remote Sensing
  • Learn the technical language of GIS
  • Understand the GIS career opportunities in
    current marketplace
  • Define the geospatial industrial workflows
  • Understand the open source and compatible GIS
    software vendors worldwide
  • Perform various GIS tasks such as data modeling,
    geo-database creation, visualization,
    digitization, and mapping
  • Know clean up, topology, geo-referencing, data
    linking, symbology, geo-processing, overlay
  • Use technologies like DTM, LPS, and much more
    with lots of Practical Projects
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