Binoy Nazareth goes on a culinary tour across india - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Binoy Nazareth goes on a culinary tour across india


Binoy Nazareth goes on a culinary tour across india – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Binoy Nazareth goes on a culinary tour across india

Binoy Nazareth travels to India and devours
the local Cuisine.
Are you ready to discover an ethnic and
culturally diverse iconic destination? Explore a
concrete jungle with Hollywood as a glittering
backdrop showcasing bridges, bays and beaches.
Binoy Nazareth takes you into a wonder world of
wanderlust to sample incredible and
mouth-watering passionate forays into tempting
cuisines and capture the spirit of a cultural
adventure in San Francisco. Shrouded with a misty
all-year-round fog, San Francisco displays
stunning and picturesque backdrops through a haze
of sunlight which is breathtaking, colorful and
which makes a lasting impression on the mind.
  • As a lover of the finer things in life, Binoy
    Nazareth lines up his adventures which take the
    mind and body to rest, rejuvenate and revive in
    wild and wonderful destinations and to travel on
    a divinely pulsating road with the spirit of
    wanderlust. Here I was skimming through one of
    the most-talked and the most visited places The
    sultry and seductive San Francisco.  Taking the
    intrepid traveler through a hilly city, San
    Francisco stands shrouded by a mysterious mist
    which covers the famous Golden Gate Bridge,
    colorful sensational Victorian houses and the
    fabled cable cars. Binoy Nazareth leads the way
    to experience the financial, commercial and
    cultural center of San Francsico as it evolves
    over the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay on
    the west coast of the United States.

  • Bringing back memories of adolescent days, I
    escaped in to the landscape of Mumbaiah cuisine
    and re-experienced delicious culinary delights.
    Taste bud tickling spicy Chaat snacks such as
    Vada Pav, Bhelpuri, Dahipuri, Panipuri, 
    Sevpuri,  Ragda Pattis, Kebabs, popular Mumbai
    Sandwiches including other local favorites were a
    source of authentic  gastronomic pleasures which
    recalled memorable times.  The Mumbai culinary
    scenario has constantly filled my soul with
    scrumptious and robust fare as I took off on a
    repertoire of Konkani coastal meals, South Indian
    meals and snacks, seafood, Bori Mohalla cuisine,
    Mangalore meals, North Indian dishes, Parsi food
    trails and other regional bests. My all-time
    favorite desserts were Kulfi, ice golas and
    incredible mouth-watering sweet concoctions.

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ess https// Who
is Binoy? Binoy Nazareth is a database
operations specialist and handles fast pace
projects efficiently in high pressure with his
innovative approach focused vision.
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