Reasons for Early Discharge of Sperm to Cure Premature Ejaculation Naturally - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reasons for Early Discharge of Sperm to Cure Premature Ejaculation Naturally


This power point presentation describes about reasons for early discharge of sperm to cure premature ejaculation naturally – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Reasons for Early Discharge of Sperm to Cure Premature Ejaculation Naturally

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At least one-third men globally suffer from
premature ejaculation PE where the response to
stimulation and loss of neuro excitation is
sudden and uninhibited. Research state penile
sensitivity is not the only cause for such
condition. This was interpreted by a vibrator
test where vibrator was used on men suffering
from PE and the results were compared with those
without PE.
Scientific evidence states the intake of SSRI -
helps in managing PE and pudendal nerve has a
role in it. The process is a reflex with no point
of return and is governed by somatic nerves
through the pudendal nerve (S2-S4). Disorders
arise when the nerves are damaged. This is tested
by checking blood samples for testosterone, and
bladder urine for the presence of sperm, where
low pH indicates an obstruction in the flow of
seminal fluids.
This is one of the reasons for early discharge of
sperm. Other reasons for early discharge of sperm
is nerve hypersensitivity, which is a kind of
fragility where the person is unable to get
control over erection and emissions, and cure to
regulate oversensitivity has a role in preventing
such conditions of PE.
Similar nerve weakness is seen in Parkinson where
a link of nutrient deficiencies to poor brain
functions has already been established, whilst,
rigid involuntary movement, shaking, loss of
automatic movement and muscle stiffness are also
related to stress and can cause involuntary semen
outflow in men.
Dhat syndrome is believed to be one of the
reasons for early discharge of sperm, a common
phenomenon in many young people who suffer from
weakness, palpitation, chronic fatigue and
performance anxiety due to such release. The herb
such as Withania somnifera in NF Cure and Vital
M-40 capsules can cure hypertension - one of the
causes of PE.
It works in non-specific ways to reduce the
impact of stress. It protects arteries, lowers
lipid levels, works as an adaptogen and reduces
blood clotting to promote cardio protection, and
if taken with Guggulu, can raise blood pressure.
It reduces the transformation speed of undigested
carbohydrates to triglycerides and protects the
body from coronary heart conditions.
Natural remedies for early discharge of semen -
NF Cure and Vital M-40 capsules contains
Terminalia Chebula that prevents neuronal death
or cell death due to mitochondrial dysfunction,
oxidative stress, excite-toxicity, low mental
stamina and poor metabolism to cure premature
ejaculation naturally.
It has anti-inflammatory properties due to the
presence of Gallic and Chebulagic acids.
Terminalia has membrane stabilizing antioxidants,
anti-lipid per oxidative properties, phenolic
compounds (that have neuroprotective activities)
and anti-aging properties. The ingredient
Asphaltum punjabinum is prepared at freezing low
temperature and contains about 10 percent Fulvic
Fulvic acid in Asphaltum enhances energy,
immunity, stamina and it provides a way to treat
anemia, diabetes, renal calculi, genitor-urinary
disorders, debility, hemorrhoids etc. It contains
chemicals such as albuminoids, chemo proteins,
Dibenzo alpha pyrones and minerals such as
calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, zinc,
manganese etc., to alleviate deficiencies and
cure PE naturally.
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