How To Cure Semen Leakage During Sleep And Night Discharge Naturally? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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How To Cure Semen Leakage During Sleep And Night Discharge Naturally?


This powerpoint presentation describes about how to cure semen leakage during sleep and night discharge naturally? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How To Cure Semen Leakage During Sleep And Night Discharge Naturally?

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Cure Semen Leakage During Sleep
Semen leakage during sleep is a common
embarrassment in teenage. Curious about life,
girls and teaming with energy, every young
healthy male tries to make the best out this
time. Night discharges are an unavoidable part of
every young mans life. Every young mind is
shrouded with several doubts regarding this
topic. A healthy male body consists of millions
of sperms solely intending to reproduce by
impregnating women.
Cure Semen Leakage During Sleep
These sperms are at the height of development
during the teenage years. Any erotic incident,
thought or unconscious stimulation of the private
male parts, cause them to spurt out
automatically. Semen leakage during sleep occurs
due to subconscious dream of sexual activity or
the accidental rubbing or genital area by the
night sheets. Night discharge means you have been
dreaming about sex and your body is craving the
Cure Semen Leakage During Sleep
It is perfectly normal for a young man to be
curious about the still unexplored area in his
life. Semen leakage doesnt occur because you
have too much sperms. It isnt sperm overflow,
but it is sperm discharge. Frequent night
discharges dont mean you have more sperm count
than your friends. It means you have been
fantasizing too much about the next door girl or
a glamorous model.
Cure Semen Leakage During Sleep
Semen leakage during sleep isnt harmful until it
occurs in three weeks gap. Even once in a
fortnight is acceptable. But weekly nocturnal
emission or more is definitely harmful and it
indicates need to cure night discharge
immediately. One loses the ability to control
pelvic muscles consciously if this becomes a
habit. The flexibility of your muscles and the
ability to hold your semen for a certain period
time are the key to great lovemaking.
Cure Semen Leakage During Sleep
The very basics will start quaking if you lose
control of both the practices right from teenage.
Most of the young boys and a vast majority of
grown men do. Semen leakage during sleep is an
involuntary action. The sexy girl who stimulated
your unconscious mind will have similar effects
on many other males. So yes, all men soil their
sheets through night discharge at some point in
their life.
Cure Semen Leakage During Sleep
The frequency is higher in teenage boys. It gets
lower and lower once you grow up and start
indulging in regular lovemaking. No matter, how
pious, innocent or ignorant a boy is bought up,
the body starts reacting to the hormonal changes
automatically. The trigger can be beautiful
classmate or accidental rubbing. So you arent
bad. In fact night discharge is a symbol that
your body and mind are maturing as expected.
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leakage during sleep.
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