How Midbrain Activation changes your life? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Midbrain Activation changes your life?


know how you can improve your life by activating your midbrain – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Midbrain Activation changes your life?

How Midbrain Activation changes your life?
Table of contents
  • Helps you work with both left and right brain.
  • Gain skills to do things blind-folded.
  • Increase your learning abilities.
  • Increases your performance extensively.
  • Emotional stability.
  • Helps you to get sound sleep.
  • Stress buster.

Helps you work with both left and right brain
  • Human brain is divided into 3 parts namely left,
    right, mid brains.
  • Generally left brain is responsible for logic and
    right brain is responsible for intuition, but for
    everyone one of the former will dominate the
    other. Genetics, childhood preference, and
    nurturing plays major role in determining brain
    dominance. During different stages of life people
    have to face different kind of challenges in
    which they have to manage according to the
    pattern of usage of left and right brains.
  • The art of using of left and right brains in a
    pattern is the work of one and only midbrain and
    if this midbrain is activated people can create
    wonders in their life.

Helps you gain skills to do things blind folded
  • By activating their midbrain, people can achieve
    the ability to perform anything blind folded. For
    instance, if you keep a few colours in front,
    they can differentiate between those also they
    can read with the blindfold.
  • All this can be achieved by activating midbrain
    through various workshops and counselling.

Increase your abilities
  • By activating your midbrain, your left and right
    brains work efficiently which helps sharpen your
    abilities like
  • Concentration
  • Memory power
  • Creativity
  • Imagination, etc.
  • By increasing them people can achieve anything in
    life from scoring high marks in exams to getting
    high position in job.

Increases your performance extensively
  • One of the important feature you experience by
    activating midbrain is, it makes you think in all
    possible ways comprehensively increasing your
  • This helps you in many ways like analysing your
    mistakes and learning from them.
  • All round performance makes you think in all
    possible ways to solve a problem which makes you
    a pro in your field and helps you achieve greater
    heights in your life.

Emotional stability
  • People come across many kinds of situations in
    life like happy, sad, and many other moments, the
    way we behave in these situations makes us the
    most successful person.
  • We have to know how to balance all the emotions
    in life like when people around you are boasting
    or discouraging you, you should never lose your
    hope. If you balance these kind of emotional
    situations you can achieve your goals.
  • Midbrain activation helps you to achieve this
    ability and makes you think wise and balance your
    emotions which makes you take right decisions in

Helps you to get sound sleep
  • To be precise, sound sleep is the sign for being
    free of tensions and worries.
  • By activating your midbrain you will achieve the
    ability to solve things faced in your life and
    hence you will not have any tensions. Hence you
    can have a sound sleep which gives good rest to
    your brain and helps you focus more.

Stress Buster!!!
  • By activating your midbrain, you can tackle your
    problems with ease, hence you can live your life
    without any pressure.
  • Midbrain activation helps you to live a peaceful
    life by keeping brain tranquil.

  • Thank You
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