How Amazon Echo Paves The Way For A Screen-Less Future? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Amazon Echo Paves The Way For A Screen-Less Future?


The Amazon Echo device from well-known online retailer company ‘Amazon’ has extraordinarily hit the market. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Amazon Echo Paves The Way For A Screen-Less Future?

How Amazon Echo Paves The Way For A Screen-Less
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  • The Amazon Echo device from well-known online
    retailer company Amazon has unbelievably hit
    the market. There is no doubt that company was
    mainly known for selling hardware like fire phone
    and Rip over the internet but it has gained a
    good market place with this product too.

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  • This device has brought a revolution in terms of
    technology. Just as Siri in the Apple does, you
    dont need to type or scroll down to open any app
    from your phone, you just have to speak with Siri
    and she will automatically redirect you to the
    defined destination.

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  • This voice recognition technology is also seen in
    an Amazon Echo device it performs similarly to
    Siri with lot more features in it. You can easily
    use it and place it anywhere in your living room.
    For any Amazon Echo Help you can go to Echosetup link available online.

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  • Though it has not been communicated by the
    company it is estimated that since its Launch 2
    years back, Amazon has sold approx. three million
    this cylinder shaped device. Theres an Alexa
    software for all Amazon and Echo devices which is
    used as an assistant for your voice recognition.

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  • With advancement in its skill and apps, the echo
    will definitely overtake the other hands-free
    devices in the market. But, make sure to Amazon
    Echo setup in the right way to access all the
    latest features.

  • Nowadays all big tech companies are concentrating
    on making such types of product and services for
    the customers in the market. Alike Alexa, there
    is a messenger for Facebook, Siri for apple and
    Allo for Google. Each company has been developing
    the apps and version for their earlier made
    hardware as well as software.

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What it actually is
  • This Amazon echo works on the code. There is wake
    up code Alexa after which it will respond to
    your questions within a short period of time. You
    just have to ask a question or order Alexa for
    anything, the Alexa will respond it
    uses voice recognition technology which
    distinguishes your voice from 3rd person voice.
    Once your voice gets recorded in Alexa software
    you will able to ask anything from her.

  • Alexa just processes your speech into text by
    using language processing system. Alexa always
    tries to provide you with best answer or info
    after searching it from most suitable Database
    available online. Alexa takes help from Wikipedia
    and from jukebox for various plays or questions.
    All this will happen in a fraction of seconds.
    Its very easy to setup Amazon Alexa Setup on
    your mobile phone, you just have to download the
    app from the app store and install it.

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  • Alexa skill in Amazon feels us like screen less
    future. Like in smartphones you have to first
    find the app you wish to have then download it
    and install it manually and at last launch it.
    But with Amazon echo this whole process is done
    in the cloud, you just have to command to Alexa
    for this. This will save the memory of your Smart
    Phone. You dont need to remember anything for
    the next couple of days if you having Amazon Echo
    at home, everything will be done by Alexa.

Advantages of these internet services in future
  • With a regular update in technology and internet
    services everything has become hands and screen
    free. There is no need of a physical device for
    interaction in your hand .you just have to speak
    from your room and Alexa will listen to it.
    Activities like finding movies, ticket
    reservations, and general information can be
    retrieved quickly. Moreover shopping and adding
    products to cart is also possible hands-free.

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  • Though these products have been selling at a very
    high rate there are some disadvantages also which
    are going to be amended soon. www Amazon com
    Echosetup helps a lot in setting up a device but
    there are some bugs which are required to be
    fixed at their developer end only.

  • Every voice recognized device can answer to your
    simple query very well but if you ask some
    complicated question then sometimes AI may not
    able to get it and respond it properly. The
    response for Echo can be very well judged by the
    five-star rating given by thousands of its users.

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