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UI Developer Online Training with Placement Assistance


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Title: UI Developer Online Training with Placement Assistance

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PA 1
DA 86
UI Developer Training With Live Projects
Certi?cation - FREE DEMO!!! tekslate.com (https/
tekslate.com/ui-developer-training) by
Learning Objectives This module puts key
emphasis on the overall concept of HTML in UI
Developer. Topics Include User Interface
Development, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap. Practicals
Covered Candidates can pursue the complete
knowledge on HTML along with its
functioning. Learning Objectives This section
will cover the fundamentals of HTML and various
sections involved within. Topics Include HTML
documents, Demo using doctype, The head element,
Demo using ltheadgt, The body element, Using id
and class attributes.
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Practicals Covered The goal of the course for
the students is to learn how to
PA 1 DA 86 evaluate HTML fundamentals of the
Learning Objectives This module explains way
towards handling HTML Text while designing a
Web. Topics Include Headings, Demo Headings,
Block vs. Inline Elements, Demo Block and
Inline Elements, Whitespace, Demo Whitespace,
Additional Text Elements, Demo Additional
Elements. Practicals Covered Here students
learn way to look good and adapt the content of
formatting the HTML Text. Learning Objectives
This section lays focus on HTML Lists and their
corresponding Lists. Topics Include List
Types, Demo Creating Lists, Demo List
Rendering. Practicals Covered Students get to
learn the various HTML List types and their
speci?ed list items Learning Objectives This
section teaches you everything about steps
involved in creating HTML Links. Topics Include
Link concepts, Demo Linking Documents,
Understanding Targets, Demo Linking to Targets,
Additional Link Attributes. Practicals Covered
Students here gain the knowledge on overall
concept of HTML links and their
application. Table Elements, Demo Structuring a
Table, Table Data, Spanning Columns and Rows,
Formatting Tables, Demo Table Formatting.
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PA 1
DA 86
Introduction, HTTP (http/ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H
ypertext_Transfer_Protocol) Get Request, HTTP
POST Request, Form Input Elements. Form Basics,
Demo Form Basics, Form Settings, Demo Form
Settings. Text inputs, Demo Text inputs,
Selections, Demo Selections, Input attributes,
Demo Input attributes. Image and Object
Concepts, Demo Adding Images, Demo Adding
Objects. Limitations of HTML4, Introduction and
Advantages of HTML5, First HTML5 Document,
Overview of New Features of HTML5. Header,
Navigation, Section Articles, Footer, Aside and
more. New Input Types, New Elements in Form, New
Attributes in Form Tag, New Attributes in
ltinputgt Tag. Coordinates, Path and Curves,
Drawing Lines, Rectangles and Circles, Text and
Font, Color Gradiations, Drawing
Images. Understanding SVG, Bene?ts of SVG, Using
SVG Tag, Comparing with Canvas Audio and Source
tags, Video and Source tags, Track tag, Mime
types supported, Browser Compatibility,
Programming using Javascript. Drag and Drop
Events, Programming using JavaScript. Overview,
Local Storage, Session Storage, Browser
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Introduction to CSS, Understanding Document
Object Model, Introduction to
PA 1 DA 86 style sheets, CSS Syntax, CSS
Ways to work with CSS, External style sheet,
Internal style sheet, Inline style. The element
Selector, The id Selector, The class Selector,
Grouping Selectors Background Color, Background
Image, Background Image Repeat Horizontally or
Vertically, Background Image Set position and
no-repeat. CSS Font Families, Font Style, Font
Size, Text Color, Text Alignment, Text
Decoration, Text Transformation. Styling Links,
Common Link Styles, List Item Markers, Image as
The List Item Marker. Table Borders, Collapse
Borders, Table Width and Height, Text Alignment,
Table Padding, Table Color. Web colors, hex
colors, Color tools. Working with Content,
Working with Padding, Working with Border,
Working with Margin. CSS Display and
Visibility, How Elements Float, Turning o? Float
Using Clear, Static Positioning, Fixed
Positioning, Relative Positioning, Absolute
Positioning. Introduction to CSS3, Selectors,
Box Model. Working with border-radius, Working
with box-shadow, Working with border-
image. background-size, background-origin.
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Linear Gradients, Radial Gradients.
PA 1
DA 86
text-shadow, word-wrap. Creating custom fonts,
Font Descriptors. Working with translate,
Working with rotate, Working with scale, Working
with skew, Working with matrix. Working with
rotateX, Working with rotateY. Working with
Animations, Working with Transitions. Variables,
Arrays, Strings, Loops, If/else and equivalence,
Object Literals, JSON, Functions, Scope and
Hoisting. JQuery Library, First JQuery Example,
The Document Ready Function, How to escape a
special character. Basic Selectors, Precise
Selectors, Combination of Selectors, Hierarchy
Selectors, Selection Index Filters, Visibility
Filters, Forms Selectors, Forms
Filters. Getting a speci?c DOM element. Events
Helpers, Attach Event, Detaching Events, Events
Triggering, Live Events. Working with UI frame
work, Live examples. Introduction to Bootstrap
3, Bootstrap History, Why Bootstrap, Embedding
Bootstrap in to page.
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Importance of Grid System, Grid Classes,
Bootstrap Stacked/Horizontal,
PA 1 DA 86
Bootstrap Grid Small, Bootstrap Grid Medium,
Bootstrap Grid Large, Bootstrap Grid Examples.
Working with Text, Working with Contextual Colors
and Backgrounds. Rounded Corners, Circle,
Thumbnail. Inside Container, Outside
Container. Button Styles btn-default
btn-primary btn-success btn-info btn-warning
btn-danger btn-link Button Sizes btn-lg btn-md
Spam Score
PA 1
DA 86
Active/Disabled Buttons. Vertical Button Groups,
Nesting Button Groups Drop Down Menus.
Glyphicon Syntax, Badges, Progress Bars. Basic
Pagination, Active State, Disabled State,
Pagination Sizing. Overview ,Transition Plugin,
Collapsible Plugin, Modal Dialog Plugin, Dropdown
Plugin, Scrollspy Plugin, Tab Plugin, Tooltip
Plugin, Popover Plugin, Alert Plugin, Button
Plugin, Carousel Plugin, A?x Plugin. Angular
Architecture, Working with Angular, Angular
Version and Tools, Angular Seed. Introduction
to AngularJS Controllers, Controllers and Scope,
Creating Controllers, Working with
border-image. Displaying Repeating Information,
Demo with ng-repeat. Handling Events, Event
Scope, Event Directives. Working with built in
directives, Other Directives. Expressions. Under
standing Filters, Built-in Filters. Impotence of
two way binding, Two Way Binding Demo.
Importance of validation, Working example.
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Introduction of services in AngularJS,
Understanding importance of Services,
PA 1 Working with and Example.
DA 86
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