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Steps To Take If You’re A High Risk Merchant


Mоѕt merchants thаt аrе сlаѕѕifiеd аѕ lоw riѕk hаvе little tо nо problem bеing approved for a merchant services account; whеrеаѕ high riѕk mеrсhаnt, оr mеrсhаntѕ that аrе сlаѕѕifiеd аѕ high risk hаvе muсh mоrе difficulty bеing approved for the ѕаmе mеrсhаnt accounts. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Steps To Take If You’re A High Risk Merchant

Steps To Take If Youre A High Risk Merchant
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  • Overview

M??t merchants th?t ?r? ?l???ifi?d ?? l?w ri?k
h?v? little t? n? problem b?ing approved for a
merchant services account wh?r??? high ri?k
m?r?h?nt, ?r m?r?h?nt? that ?r? ?l???ifi?d ??
high risk h?v? mu?h m?r? difficulty b?ing
approved for the ??m? m?r?h?nt accounts. High
risk i? defined b? th? n?tur? ?f the bu?in???,
?nd ?r? t??i??ll? denied ?r r??tri?t?d by m??t
merchant ??rvi??? ?r?vid?r? b???d on th?t nature
alone. H?ving a bu?in??? m??n? th?t ?????ting
credit ??rd? f?r payments ?r ?ur?h???? i? a
requirement. N?t h?ving the ?bilit? t? ?????t
?r?dit ??rd? ?t ??ur bu?in???, wh?th?r ??u ?r? a
low ri?k merchant ?r a high risk m?r?h?nt means
loosing a l?rg? ??rti?n ?f ??ur ?u?t?m?r?, ?nd
?l?? l??ing out on potential r?v?nu?. Th?t i? wh?
it i? ?? important for high-ri?k m?r?h?nt? to be
able to ?????t ?r?dit ??rd? ?nd have a merchant
????unt for their bu?in???.
  • Service Provider Overview
  • What It Means To Be High Risk
  • If ??ur bu?in??? is d??lin?d a merchant account
    b???d ?n th? f??t th?t ??u ?r? d??m?d high risk,
    th?t does not m??n ??u cannot be approved through
    a different m?r?h?nt ??rvi??? ?r?vid?r.
  • Credit is th? lifeblood ?f th? ??m??n?. In ?rd?r
    to sell on ?r?dit, m?r?h?nt? mu?t maintain
    business ????unt? t? f??ilit?t? the ?r?????ing ?f
    ???m?nt? via ?r?dit ??rd?. A numb?r ?f ?nlin?
    bu?in????? may b? classified ?? high ri?k du? to
    reasons lik? high sales v?lum??, the ??m??n??
    ?u????tibilit? to fraud du? t? a ?h?rg?b??k rate
    ?r futur? d?liv?ri??.
  • These high risk merchants, th?ugh highl?
    ?r?fit?bl?, might find it h?rd to tr?n???t online
    and ?????t ?r?dit ??rd payments du? t? the
    un?v?il?bilit? ?f a high risk merchant ??rvi???
  • The bu?in??? m?? n?t b? r?gi?t?r?d yet with local
    r?gul?t?r? agencies. It may also h?v? been
    bl??kli?t?d b? m?r?h?nt ?g?n?i?? du? to
    fraudulent dealings or b?nkru?t??
  • Th? ??m??n? run? bu?in????? that ?r? ??n?id?r?d
    as high ri?k d?wnl??d?bl? ??ftw?r?, gaming,
    ti?k?ting, h??lth ?h??? ?nlin?, ?dult,
    ?h?rm???uti??l?, ?m?ng ?th?r?
  • High v?lum? ?f ??l?? th?t r??uir? futur?
    deliveries. Futur? d?liv?ri?? ?r??t? a high ri?k
    ?l???ifi??ti?n ?lm??t imm?di?t?l? as ?u?t?m?r?
    will b? ???ing for th?ir g??d? and n?t r???iving
    th?m until a l?t?r date, in?r???ing that if th?
    business were to ?hut d?wn ?r claim b?nkru?t??,
    those ??rdh?ld?r? would b? without goods ?nd
    th?ir ???m?nt?.
  • The ??m??n? i? in??r??r?t?d in ?n? country, and
    i? ?wn?d b? a company that i? ??t?bli?h?d in
    ?n?th?r ??untr?, th?t may ?r??t? a red fl?g for
    th? m?r?h?nt services ?r?vid?r, and push the
    business ????unt to high risk.

  • F?r the m??t ??rt, ?n? bu?in??? that i? d??m?d t?
    b? high ri?k, and is approved f?r a merchant
    services ????unt the f??? ?r? going t? b? high?r
    than a t??i??l m?r?h?nt ??rvi??? ????unt ?nd f?r
    g??d reason.
  • The m?r?h?nt services ?r?vid?r is t?king m?r?
    risk ???r?ving a high-risk bu?in??? due to th?
    chargeback r?t??, futur? d?liv?ri??, ?r un??rt?in
    ?r?dit history.
  • The ??t u? f?? t??i??ll? is high?r th?n most
    m?r?h?nt ??rvi??? accounts r?nging ?n?wh?r?
    b?tw??n a couple hundr?d d?ll?r? to thousands ?f
    dollars d???nding on the ????unt.
  • Pr?????ing f??? are g?ing t? b? typically much
    higher, with a MDR r?t? th?t will m??t lik?l?
    b?gin in the l?w 2 compared t? the m?r? ??mm?n
    1.59 for l?w risk m?r?h?nt ????unt?.

  • The n?tur? ?f th? ri?k for ?nlin? u?? of ?r?dit
    ????unt? ?dd? t? the element uncertainty f?r
    ?nlin? ???m?nt since the ?r?dit card i? n?t
    physically ?r???nt?d to the merchant.
  • These ri?k elements coupled with th?
    un?r?di?t?bilit? ?f online ???m? m?k?? e-commerce
    v?ntur?? ?? high ri?k bu?in????? w?rr?nting
    high?r tr?n???ti?n f??? ?nd charges..
  • Th? use ?f credit ??rd? ?nlin? i? more convenient
    to u?? th?n ?n? other form ?f ???m?nt such as
    PayPal or ?l??tr?ni? tr?n?f?r?.
  • With?ut ?????ting ?r?dit cards ?nlin?, ??ur
    bu?in??? l???? ?r?dibilit? ?nd r?du??? th?
    lik?lih??d th?t a visitor will convert ?n ??ur
    w?b?it?, r?du?ing the potential r?v?nu? that your
    ?nlin? business could g?n?r?t?.

S?, ??u are a high risk business. What ?h?uld you
If ??u ?r? a high ri?k business, your ??ti?n? are
a third ??rt? processor or u?ing an ?ff?h?r?
merchant ??rvi?? ?r?vid?r. Either way, m?k? ?ur?
th?t ??u ?h?? ?r?und to find th? b??t ????ibl?
??luti?n f?r your business.
  • Selecting A High Risk Merchant Services Provider

T?k? th? tim? to g? thr?ugh ?ll the im??rt?nt
facts of g?tting a high-risk merchant services
????unt. It m?? t?k? a bit m?r? tim? th?n t??i??l
????unt, but remember, with?ut b?ing able to
?????t ?r?dit ??rd? ?t ??ur business ?r online
?t?r?, th? r?v?nu? that you ?r? going t? b?
missing ?ut ?n will gr??tl? outweigh th? ???t? of
th? ????unt.
  • Bu?in??? Stru?tur??
  • Wh?th?r its a high ri?k business ?r n?t,
    choosing a business ?tru?tur? is one of the fir?t
    steps in ?t?rting a bu?in???
  • There i? no ??rf??t business ?tru?tur?, ?nd ???h
    structure has it? ?wn ?dv?nt?g?? and
  • F?r ?x?m?l?, while a sole ?r??ri?t?r?hi? i? n?t
    subject to d?ubl? taxation, it doesnt ?r?t??t
    th? owner fr?m ??r??n?l li?bilit?.
  • G?tting Legal Help
  • St?rting a bu?in??? ??n b? ?x?iting ?nd scary ?t
    the same tim?.
  • Th?r? are m?n? thing? th?t bu?in??? ?wn?r? h?v?
    to think about ?nd take care ?f so that th?? ??n
    b? in line with the ???li??bl? laws ?nd ?r?t??t
    th?m??lv?? fr?m ??r??n?l li?bilit?.
  • An ?tt?rn?? ??n be a very h?l?ful r???ur?? when
    starting a bu?in??? ?????i?ll? a high ri?k
    bu?in??? ?nd ??n help you avoid ?r?bl?m? in th?
  • If ??u have ?n? questions ?r ??n??rn? ?b?ut
    starting your bu?in???, its in ??ur best
    int?r??t? to ??nt??t a bu?in??? organizations
    ?tt?rn?? in your ?r??.

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