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Title: AIWIS review and (SECRET) $13600 bonus

AIWIS review - What Is AIWIS? Have you ever
thought about the fact is that you can have great
content, incredible offer and even a ton of
traffic and your website can still fail? You
might struggle to find out the reason why
right? This is simply because when having all of
these things, there is one thing you can never
have. This is Control. You can give your
visitors billion blog posts you can give them
amazing special deals and incredibly engaging
videos. You can create an amazing website. But
you cannot control how they interact with your
website. Maybe you know if someone is visiting
your site from time to time that they should read
your top 3 blog posts. Maybe you know if they
read those posts they should check out your
special and even discount. But you cant do
that. Because you just have to hope that they
interact with your site the way you want them
to, or you just hope they know your optin or want
to make someone to buy your products. Its not
great, is it? The thing you have to do is to
guide them, give them a completely personalized
experience that makes them feel special. And to
help you do it, I will present you a brand new
product named AIWIS. AIWIS is the worlds most
advanced artificial intelligence website
interaction system that enables you to give
visitors a personalized experience as well as a
huge amount of engagement in your content. This
system is just like a guideman of your website so
that visitors will be able to do what you want
them to do. Moreover, it is really friendly you
can even use it without installing any software.
How Does AIWIS Work? Special Features of
AIWIS Lets take a look inside AIWIS at his
powerful engagement features AIWIS-HQ - As the
admin, you get to decide on the flow of the
messages and offers your visitors see and hear
based on their activities on your
website. AIWIS-DO - Control what AIWIS does with
simple short codes and copy and paste
ease. AIWIS Repeat - AIWIS has a lot of vital
information to pass on and offers to sell, so he
makes it easy for your website visitors to repeat
anything they might have missed. AIWIS Mobile -
AIWIS works on mobile and tablet just as well as
he does on the desktop. So wherever your
traffics coming from, AIWIS is ready to
engage. AIWIS Collects - Set AIWIS to ask for
the name and email of your audience, and hell
add them directly to your autoresponder and keep
a copy in your AIWIS program. AIWIS Shhh - Maybe
AIWIS is NSFW or maybe your visitor has a
migraine. If thats the case, then they have a
simple control for muting AIWIS
AIWIS Speak - Choose from a selection of
childlike voices, and adult voices in both Male
and Female to give AIWIS real character. AIWIS
Fashionista - Set AIWISs color scheme to match
your branded in just a couple of clicks. AIWIS
Goes Native - Choose from an extensive language
database and make sure AIWIS charms your
audience in their native tongue. AIWIS Sells -
Set up 1-click special offers for AIWIS to sell
for you, and then let him get to work! AIWIS
Knows Best - AIWIS never forgets a face so he
always knows who has visited, from where, and
what pages they last visited, and you can harness
this information to make your customers viewing
experience personal, memorable, and we hope very
profitable. AIWIS Interactive - AIWIS might not
be much in the body department, but youve got a
selection of male and female faces to choose from
to capture the attention of your market and make
AIWIS your own. Why Should You Get AIWIS
Now? There is no doubt that you can gain massive
benefits when obtaining AIWIS Software. With
this, you can do a lot of things to bring in a
satisfying experience for visitors and get the
results. Here are some of what you can do Build
More Engagement AIWIS will greet your new
visitor by name the moment they arrive, and then
proceeds to carry out your instructions for
them. Get Better Results The attention AIWIS
brings websites is everything, but its just the
beginning because once AIWIS has your prospects
attention, he goes to work on making more sales,
capturing more leads, and even getting more
shares for your content. Multiple Marketing
Messages AIWIS is super-intelligent, he knows
your visitors dont all want to see the same
content. Hes not pop up that will annoy the hell
out of people by doing the same thing every time
they visit. Instead, depending on who they are
and what they need to know, you can make AIWIS
change up his marketing message to impress,
entertain, and drive action. Enhance Your Brand
With AIWISs Visitor Support Its easy for AIWIS
to direct visitors to your support channels if
thats what you want him to do and its all the
small personalized touches like this that will
create a massive wow factor and build your brand
and reputation overnight.
Deep Funnel Content Exploration AIWIS
remembers! He remembers the last time your
customer visited, or if theyve never visited at
all. And he can direct them to the best content,
and offers available for them, including one-time
offers, and special offers that are time-limited
depending on their personal location and time
zone! Besides, with this software, you can also
gain more engagement and turn visitors into your
prospects. Furthermore, this system also gets you
more leads you even dont need to rely on your
visitors noticing your opt-in form anymore. AIWIS
can ask them to sign up personally. And when
your site is already referring to them by name
well, what do they have to lose? Heres what
people told about AIWIS I just wanted to write
and thank you for the opportunity to take a
closer look at AIWIS - your Alexa for my
websites! People love to hear their name spoken
and I can't think of a better way to greet site
visitors than by using their name. What a clever
application - one everyone can use and adapt to
almost every country or language spoken - not to
mention affordable to the masses. Thanks to you
and your team for this awesome marketing tool.
The future really is here! - Kathe, et al. Aiwis is my best
friend!I t's the best interactive tool that I've
EVER had the pleasure of having. Aiwis works
almost like an autoresponderfor my website! It's
incredible. The members area/user interface is
so so simple to use. I'm in love! Great work you
Aiwis Interactive guys. - Amilie LarsonSales
Page Designer Exclusive Bonuses From AIWIS MEGA
Information Acquisition Update The producer is
going to integrate AIWIS with Facebook for even
more long-term, high-value benefits. In
addition, the producer will also obtain
information from Facebook to give your visitors
an amazing experience. Imagine coming to a
webpage and AIWIS being able to speak with them
show their interests, name other cool
User Information Acquisition Update Into
emailing? Affiliate Marketing? Solo Ads? Customer
  • Imagine you send an email to your email list
    They click the link
  • AIWIS can welcome them by name to any page, post
    website you desire...
  • Conclusion
  • Lets recap what you will get inside AIWIS -
    Unlimited Sites Developer Rights
  • 25 languages 45 accents
  • Heroic support
  • Male and female interfaces
  • Access to facebook group
  • Aiwis language and accent updates
  • Aiwis interface updates
  • Pre written engagement messages
  • Engagement tested updates
  • Aiwis tips, tricks, and techniques manual
  • Unlimited site integration!
  • Developer rights!
  • Thanks for reading?! https//
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