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Title: Local Lead Drop 2.0 review and (SECRET) $13600 bonus

Local Lead Drop 2.0 review - What Is Local Lead
Drop 2.0? Any marketer will tell you referrals
are the most effective way to land business over
time. A lead that is a trusted source and has a
budget ready to go is the best type of lead you
need. But how do you get those referrals in the
first place? Imagine what if you could land
clients like clockwork by just checking your
email and follow a simple available
system? Then what if you could combine that with
a referral system that lets you consistently
turn new clients into more and more clients to
expand your reach exponentially? That is what
the following method is all about. Two seasoned
marketers Neil Macpherson and Robert Dickson
together developed a smart system that can close
hot leads at 40 like clockwork and get more
clients. The Local Lead Drop is a comprehensive
training to getting red hot leads dropping into
your inbox. The training will show you how to
convert these leads like clockwork and turn them
into long-time paying clients. Also, they even
show you how to expand your business rapidly
using provided systematic referral
strategies. When they released Version 1.0
earlier this year they showed you their core
system and the main lead source they use. Now
the Local Lead Drop 2.0 is upgraded to another
level with new untapped lead sources along with
all new training to account for updates and V1
customer feedback.
  • How Does Local Lead Drop 2.0 Work?
  • Special Features of Local Lead Drop 2.0
  • Take a look at what you will learn inside this
  • The accurate source Neil and Robert use to get
    leads as well as how to tap into them. You now
    no more waiting to get leads because they will
    pour in within hours.
  • How to set up your success from the beginning
    even if you just start and do not have any
  • The way to find best projects to bid on and be
    close at a high rate. Moreover, you will know
    the trick to get away from tire competitors and
    hence not spend too much time and money.
  • The 4-step Bidding process which wins projects
    more than 40 of the time included. You will be
    amongst five providers that can bid on a given
    project with a 2o chance and their system will
    double that.
  • You will be using the Secret Weapon that helps
    them stand out from the crowd for years to close
    deals, and it flat out works.

  • The straightforward but effective system they use
    for closing these deals without doing any hard
  • How and When to Upsell these prospects into
    monthly marketing services. Not only will you be
    able to make great money up front but you can
    also leverage this lead source into a monthly
    income source.
  • You will know when and how to upsell your
    prospects into marketing services each month.
    You will not only earn big revenue but leverage
    this lead sources into monthly income sources.
  • Especially, they also include a killer training
    that breaks down how to offer one of the hottest
    high-end services. It is Video Advertising.
  • Once you walk through the training and apply what
    you learned you would be able to receive high
    ticket leads dropping into your inbox every day.
    And you will be able to close all of them at 40
    for high ticket services easily.
  • Once you buy this training course, you will get
  • Quick Start Guide helps you get started
    immediately the producers put an easy to follow
    guide that will help you manage the system
    quickly. The PDF file will allow you to be off
    and run it in minutes.
  • 17 Video Training Modules have no any hard things
    to understand because the creators set up the
    entire system step-by-step in over should
    training videos which is hosted in a 24/7 access
    private member area.
  • Rapid Fire Templates contains one of the keys to
    respond these leads quickly and professionally
    in an approach that stands out from the crowd.
  • New Multiple Lead Sources You will get all of
    latest new lead sources they found and learn how
    to apply their 4-step system to close customers
    from these leads.
  • And how about what is included in the new

these videos, they add some new modules that can
account for the new lead sources they
discovered. Client Communication Getting hot
lead daily is quite difficult and losing a deal
by saying the wrong thing when going back and
forth with prospects is easy. They will show you
how to win the communication process easily in
this module. Exponential Growth In this new
section, they will show you how to leverage these
leads grow exponentially. Tips for Scaling Up
show you advanced training on scaling up this
system to maximize profits. Why Should You Get
Local Lead Drop 2.0 Now? Local Lead Drop 2.0
enables you to get a proven system for landing
high-ticket clients like clockwork. Does the
Local Lead Drop 2 deliver big results? This
system brought in more than 50,000 dollars worked
effectively for their students. These marketers
are not much difference from you. They simply
took the original offer, went through the
training course, applied this proven system and
got serious results. When you get access to LLD
2.0, you will have the same success easily. You
will be able to get high ticket leads pouring
into your inbox, and you can literally get
started in no more than one hour. You will know
how to get leads instead of chasing them and also
get the proven 4-step system for closing these
leads at 40 like clockwork. Plus they include
some killer bonuses to provide you with a great
advantage. Exclusive Bonuses From Local Lead
Drop 2.0 They not only send hand you their
training, but they are going to work with you on
a live call and in their mastermind
group. Bonus 1 - Live Group Coaching You will
join in a live group coaching where they will
cover the key aspects of the course and take any
questions you might want to ask. Also, they can
give you specific advice on how to make this
system operate and discuss referral strategies
to develop your business further.
Bonus 2 - Like Minded Mastermind Group
are also going to access to their
Besides the training, tools, and support, you
Mastermind Group.
You will find like-minded marketers that are also
taking on clients just like you. Get feedback,
listen to others success stories or connect with
others in the group! On top of helping you find
and close high ticket leads, they want to give
you the guarantee to make sure you have
everything you need to close deals like clockwork
and get the most out of their system. These
bonuses are designed to help you do just
that... Bonus 3 - Method for Finding
Contacting Unlimited Leads Finally they are
going to hold a live webinar to show you an
additional killer method for getting unlimited
leads worldwide. This is different than their
main system but equally as powerful. Not only
can you use this system to find unlimited leads
but you can also contact and close them without
ever meeting face to face or leaving your
computer! Bonus 4 - Proposal Template and
One of the hardest parts of closing the deal is
putting together a high-quality proposal that
you can send over to "soft close" your
prospects. With this exclusive bonus, they have
got you covered! You will get the exact proposal
template that they use to close deals in their
business. Plus you get exclusive training on how
to use this template to create winning proposals
every time! Bonus 5 - Referral Explosion
PDF One of the major keys to getting the most of
out this or any other lead gen system is
expanding your efforts through referrals. With
this PDF you will get their best tips, tricks,
and strategies for blowing up your client base
rapidly through the referrals. These tactics
have taken them years to fine tune, and you get
them handed to you on a silver platter in an
easy to digest PDF. Conclusion With everything
Neil and Robert included in the training, you
will be ready to land high- ticket clients
immediately. No matter what your goal is to quit
your day job or just boost your business, Local
Lead Drop will assist to you do that. With the
awesome bonus package, you will be ahead of the
curve by being able to create effective
proposals and explode your referral base. You
will even learn a whole other method you can use
to rocket unlimited lead. The methods in the
training have brought in thousands and thousands
in business over the last year for many students.
There is no better time than right now to try it
because these successful persons do not much
differ from you and you certainly can do it like
them. That is all of my useful things about the
new version of the Local Lead Drop training I
want to share with you. I hope this information
and explanation would be of some help for your
wise decision. Thanks for reading!!! CLICK HERE
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