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Structural BIM Services New Zealand


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Title: Structural BIM Services New Zealand

BIM Helps Structural Engineers To Construct
Earthquake Resilient Buildings
Created By
Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited Wellington
  • It would be the only half-witted decision of
    general contractors to put profits on priority
    during infrastructure development and civilians
    safety, secondary, against natural calamities
    such as earthquakes, floods, blizzards etc. To
    construct disaster-resilient buildings and
    infrastructure structural engineers, civil
    engineers, steel and rebar detailers keep
    themselves updated with constantly evolving
    earthquake engineering and sciences of seismic
    natural occurrences.
  • Researchers have designed fibre-reinforced
    concrete beams, base isolated buildings and what

  • BIM technology holds all the four aces to turn
    the game of infrastructure development in favour
    of structural and civil engineers.
  • By leveraging BIM technology, proportionately,
    structural engineers can reach the zenith of
    building and infrastructure development. BIM
    along with a finessed 3D model of infrastructure
    and/or custom API programming have the capability
    to conduct fortification analysis and seismic
    analysis of the structure. Seismic retrofitting,
    design coordination and building codes are some
    of the sectors where BIM plays protagonist with
    its imperative virtual design and construction

  • With continuous population explosion, the lateral
    expansion of buildings has in fact shifted to
    vertical rise. Skyscrapers and high-rises have
    become an increasing necessity of urban
    infrastructure development along with flyovers,
    bridges and underground tubes.
  • Building Information Modeling incorporates early
    seismic needs, to eliminate design modification
    once the construction starts. Information rich
    intelligent BIM ready 3D models of infrastructure
    designs are critical when complying with the
    seismic specification.

Compliance to designs and building codes in BIM
environment minimizes seismic effect damages
  • Regulations call for a two-inch space between
    ducts to prevent damages in the earthquake and
    its inclusion in 3D models is an example of how
    neatly BIM ensures correctness of designs and
    compliance to codes.
  • Fundamentally, with BIM, any hanger, brace etc.
    can be modelled designs of sleeves, decks,
    roofs, beams, columns etc. can also be validated
    using BIM. Alongside, by developing more custom
    plugins and tools that offer access to their
    APIs, tasks are automated and code compliance
    checking is streamlined.

Retrofitting of Earthquake Affected Infrastructure
  • Having said this, BIM plays a significant role
    while working on retrofitting of earthquake
    affected infrastructure and buildings. It
    captures the reality of the as built condition of
    any structure with help of point cloud
    information and converting it to 3D BIM models or
  • Upon modelling and analysis of this captured
    information in BIM structural software such as
    Autodesk Revit Structure, it shows the
    displacement under seismic load when virtually

Fiber and Steel Columns and Base Isolation
Methods for Sustaining Seismic Vibration
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