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Title: PBN Builder Review - $24,700 BONUS & DISCOUNT

PBN Builder review - What Is PBN Builder? No
matter what anyone tells you, leveraging private
blog networks is still one of the most powerful
ways in order to get your clients sites and
video on page 1 of Google. And today, I will
recommend you a new product that I think it is
the excellent choice for you to break down the
doors to profitable niche marketing. It is proven
to deliver results. PBN Builder is the new
web-app which enables you to put the power of
private blog networks at your fingertips. Also,
you can take advantage of it to easily build,
manage and automatically post to your PBNs
completely hands-free and with zero hassle. It
eliminates the complicated, time-consuming
process of building and leveraging a PBN to rank
on page 1 of Google as well as gives you a
massively unfair advantage even over the most
experienced search engine marketers. If you are
curious about this software, dont hesitate to
read my PBN Builder review and bonus below
How Does PBN Builder Work? Special Features of
PBN Builder You will see this is the brilliant
software due to a lot of features that you can
get including Charge Per Link/ Become A Link
Broker With PBN Builder as well as all the
amazing automation and client management
features, you can quickly become a link broker and
  • charge per link. PBN Builder will do all the work
    for you, and you can earn more profit from that.
  • Rank Your Own Affiliate Sites PBN syndication is
    one of the most powerful methods to rank your
    page 1 fast on Google. So you can simply become a
    niche-site super affiliate once you have the
    power to rank on page 1 as well.
  • Charge Other SEO Agencies To Use Your PBN In
    this feature, you are going straight to the
    source of people who need PBN links and
    understand the power of them. Your customer base
    will be people who understand the power of PBNs
    so the sales will be quite simple.
  • Rank Your Clients Sites Once getting PBN
    syndication, you will have the confidence to
    rank on page 1 for all your clients. Whether you
    currently have an SEO agency or are thinking of
    starting one, having a PBN in your arsenal is one
    of the smartest things you can have.
  • Rank Your E-commerce Stores Imagine that you can
    get thousands of free visitors to your websites
    on a daily or monthly basis can convert higher
    than any other traffic source, that is what FBN
    Builder automated do that for you.
  • And much more!
  • Once you have a PBN in your corner, you can use
    it in multiple different ways to turn Google
    into your own personal ATM Machine. Getting as
    much traffic as youd like from Google is just
    one step away.
  • How It Works
  • This software works within 3 simple steps
  • STEP 1
  • You just simply connect your PBN sites and your
    money sites. Even a 5th grader will be able to
    connect their sites to the app.
  • STEP 2
  • You load up your content and tell PBN Builder
    which of your money sites or videos you want to
    rank on the first page of Google.
  • STEP 3
  • You set up your posting schedule or have PBN
    Builder syndicate your links right away.
  • Who Should Use PBN Builder?

Local marketing Lead Generation CPA Marketing
Video Marketing Niche Site Marketing Facebook
Marketing Selling your products eCommerce

Why Should You Get PBN Builder Now? Here are
several reasons show that why you should choose
this software for your business It Is 100
Cloud-Based PBN Builder is cloud-based which
means you can access it from any computer and
dominate google from anywhere in the world. 100
Set And Forget When you configure your PBNs you
can have PBN builder syndicating links for you
24/7/365. Even while you sleep, you can be
dominating Google for any niche youd
like! Personal AND Client Use You will be given
personal AND client use so you can profit big
with both. 2-minute PBN Site Setup Setting up a
whole new PBN site is pretty time-consuming. You
have to change the titles, permalinks, add
multiple users, change the theme, remove the
default pages and archives, add a contact page,
add an about page, etc etc. Well, PBN Builder
does that for you in just 2 minutes by following
4-step site building wizard. Manage ANY Size
PBN Whether youre NEW to PBN Syndication or a
veteran, you can use PBN Builder to manage the
biggest or smallest of PBNs. And remember, most
search engine marketers today are dominating with
small 5-10 site micro PBNs Easily Group Your
PBNs The PBN can serve different purposes in
your business. Especially if you have clients,
you can manage multiple PBNs through a powerful
grouping and management system which is built
into PBN builder. Mass PBN Syndication You can
have separate PBNs for different niches and or
clients. This software also includes the ability
to syndicate to all your PBN groups in just one
click if youd like to as well. Complete WYSIWYG
PBN Content Editor The easiest PBN content
editor was built- in PBN Builder. So you can set
up ALL your content that youd like syndicated to
PBNs. Youll be able to post to one PBN site,
multiple PBN sites or an entire PBN group with
just one piece of content. Automatic Link Limit
Settings This is yet another powerful automation
feature. If youre charging a particular client
a certain amount per month for a certain amount
of links, youll be able to set up your posting
schedule to automatically stop once the monthly
link limit has been met for that particular
client/campaign. Automatic Outbound Link Limit
Settings This feature allows you to ensure your
PBN sites stay as strong as possible by limiting
a number of sites they link to on a monthly
basis. Automatic Authority Link Placement
Anyone whos ever used a PBN will tell you that
you always want to ensure youre also linking to
other authority sites within your posts so
that everything looks natural. The process with
PBN Builder will be automated and breezed to
implement this technique. Automatic Image and
Video Embedding Ensuring that you also have
images and videos posted within your content is
another powerful way to fly under the radar while
still dominating Google. With PBN Builder, your
posts will always have images and videos posted
automatically. Youll never have to waste time
having to manually find relevant videos and
images to add to your content. Powerful Built-In
CRM This feature will help you simplify that
process as well by allowing you to add your
clients contact information to each of their
campaigns for easy management. Multiple URL And
Keyword Tagging When it comes to managing a PBN
manually, you soon start to lose track of which
URLs youre building links to and with what
anchor text keyword. Well, with PBN Builder, you
will be able to easily assign as many URLs to
as many anchor text keywords as youd like for
each of your campaigns/clients. Powerful Website
Info CRM With this feature, youll never have to
use an excel sheet to manage yours and your
clients website logins ever again! Within PBN
Builder, you can easily add all the important
logins to your sites. And its all fully
encrypted too, so nothing is ever
compromised. Detailed PBN Syndication Stats
Want to get a quick glance at how your PBN sites
are performing? You will be shown when and where
your PBN sites have been posting to. This will
allow you always to know whats going on with
your PBNs in a split second. Furthermore, you
can get a lot of bonuses Exclusive Bonuses From
PBN Builder
BONUS 01 LIVE 90 Minute Training Session and QnA
On this live QnA, you will get some advanced
ranking strategies to help you even further. It
includes some ninja strategies that you wont
hear anywhere else. Plus, the questions will be
answered live! Come and get all your questions
and uncertainties taken care of. BONUS
02 Zamurai Keyword Bootcamp
This is the perfect fit for PBN Builder. In this
boot camp training, youre going to learn Joshs
7 favorite types of keywords that have made him
thousands of dollars in commissions. These are
proven keywords that rank fast and convert
extremely well. Youll be able to use this
perfectly with the PBN Builder to rank
fast! BONUS 03 Over-the-shoulder Gold Digging
In this video, you will figure out the way to
find the perfect keywords for high conversions.
You also see the uncover keywords live. Youll
see what the entire keyword research process
works. Youll gain an amazing confidence in
finding great keywords after watching this
over-the-shoulder video. Conclusion To end with,
you can put this software to work today and start
syndicating your videos or niche sites to your
PBNs on complete autopilot. As long as you have
an Internet connection this software will be
working for you at all times. Thanks so much for
your reading and hope to see you soon in my next
review! https//crownreviews.com/pbn-builder-rev
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