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Small Changes in Your Eating Habits That Help You Shed Extra Pounds


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Title: Small Changes in Your Eating Habits That Help You Shed Extra Pounds

Small Changes In Your Eating Habits That Help You
Shed Extra Pounds
About Dietitian Shreya Katyal
I am Dietitian Shreya Katyal as a food and
nutrition expert and the owner of Diets More
have a special interest in the area of weight
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West Delhi nothing satisfies me more than helping
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Small Changes In Your Eating Habits That Help You
Shed Extra Pounds
Weight loss is a topic of debate and sticking to
a diet is hard, especially if you are a foodie.
Dieting is not giving up on your favorite food,
but it is all about eating them in the right
manner. Yes, you can lose your weight while
eating up all your favorite foods and for this,
you dont need to change what you eat, but how to
eat. For the best guidance, you can consult me,
being a Best Dietitian In Rajouri Garden, I am
Shreya Katyal here to guide you the right way of
eating to lose those extra pounds.
Eat Breakfast Every Day Most of the people think
that skipping a meal can help them to lose their
weight, but wait, it is not correct. If you want
to kick-off extra kilos from your body in a
healthy way, make sure you start your day with a
healthy breakfast. Because it will give the
energy to your body and keeps you fit.
Dont Eat Dinner After 9 PM Well, it is true
that late night eaters are more likely to gain
weight than the early birds. Make sure you give
enough time to your food for digest before you go
to the bed. This will help you lose your weight
faster, so, dont be a night owl and eat a few
hours before you go to the bed.
Pay Attention To Your Portion Instead of cut
down the entire meal, you should cut the portion.
One of the easiest tricks that help you with this
is the use of small plates because it makes you
think that your plate is full and you are having
a bigger food portion. Also, you should complete
your meal in six small portions than the three
big ones.
Drink Lots Of Water Water plays a vital role in
weight loss diet plan. Drinking 2 glasses of
water before every meal helps you feel full
sooner, so, you eat less, which helps to lose
your weight. Also, you should replace all your
sweet or soft drinks with water as it never let
you intake extra calories. Drinking enough water
a day not only helps you lose your weight but
keeps you hydrated and refreshed all day long.
These are a few eating habits you need to adopt
for losing your weight faster in a healthy
manner. For a customized Diet For Weight Loss as
per your body, be in touch with me. Book your
appointment to my clinic Diets More or enroll
yourself with online consultation.
Why Go For My Diet Plan?
  • I am ready to share my experience for your better
  • I promote healthy weight loss or weight gain
  • I will recommend you the best diet that never
    harm your health
  • My diet plan will help you to step into a healthy
  • I am available for my patients through online as
    well as offline mode

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