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Best Weight Loss Program in Mississauga


In our Mississauga Weight Loss program our focus is on transforming the body by changing your body composition. This mean we create a plan to burn fat and increase muscle tone and overall strength. This is the best way to achieve weight loss as it makes it extremely hard to put the weight back on. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Weight Loss Program in Mississauga

Weight Gain in the Gym
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  • You head to the gym because you know that
    exercise burns calories and helps you to shed
    extra pounds.
  • Knowing this, you may think that losing weight
    should be easy with enough exercise. However the
    truth is that if you arent accustomed to
    exercising and are out of shape, beginning an
    exercise program may actually lead to an initial
    weight gain.

  • This fact, however, shouldnt stop you from
    exercising, as youll eventually turn the weight
    corner and start losing.
  • What is it about exercise that may cause some
    people to gain instead of lose weight?

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  • Muscle One of the main reasons exercising can
    lead to initial weight gain is that it promotes
    the growth of muscle.
  • If you are not used to working out and havent
    used certain muscles regularly, after exercising
    your muscles will be sore and will increase in
    size. While you may burn off fat, muscle is
    denser than fat. Therefore, the weight you gain
    is in your muscles.

  • Dont sweat it. Since muscles take up less space
    than fat, your extra weight doesnt necessarily
    translate to larger size. In fact, once you start
    working out, youll become thinner, even if you
    maintain your previous weight. Instead of using a
    scale to determine if you are slimming down, have
    your body fat tested regularly or measure your
    body at certain areas.

  • If you see that youre losing inches, then you
    know youre on the right track.
  • Cardiovascular activities like walking, running,
    or swimming will encourage the growth of lean,
    toned muscles. Other activities such as weight
    lifting promote the growth of larger, stronger

  • But there is good news in this. If you stick with
    the exercise program, your muscles will soon
    stabilize in size and after a time, become toned.
    After your muscles are strong and able to handle
    more strenuous workouts, you will be able to burn
    calories faster.

  • While it may be frustrating and disappointing to
    see the scale go up after starting an exercise
    routine, it shouldnt stop you from exercising.
    You may just be building muscle faster than
    losing body fat. This can be especially true if
    youre genetically prone to building muscle fast.
    The key is to incorporate bouts of cardio
    exercise in addition to strength training. That
    way you will burn plenty of calories during your
    routine and be more able to shed pounds.

  • Eating Habits When you work out and burn
    calories, your body will feel the need to replace
    those burned calories.
  • This may make you feel hungrier than usual, which
    can cause you to eat more than normalsometimes
    without knowing it. A good idea is to keep a food
    journal to track of the actual number of calories
    you are consuming.

  • You may also end up eating more calories and
    justifying their consumption since youre
    exercising. After a good workout, you may see an
    ice cream sundae as a reward for the calories you
    burned. Just be careful. If youre interested in
    losing pounds, you cant simply break even with
    your caloric intake and the amount of calories
    you burn.

  • At the same time, eating too few calories can be
    counterproductive and slow your weight loss.
    Without enough calories, your body may slow its
    metabolism. So eat plenty to keep your body well
    fueled, but choose healthy calories that will
    help your body recover after a workout and grow

  • Hydration Depending on the time of day you weigh
    yourself, the scale may read differently. Your
    weight can fluctuate as much as five pounds
    depending on the amount of water or food you have
    recently consumed or the amount of water you have
    shed in sweat. It is therefore important to weigh
    yourself at the same time each day.

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