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Tips and Tricks For Writing AMA Bibliography


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Title: Tips and Tricks For Writing AMA Bibliography

Tips and Tricks for Writing AMA Bibliography
What is a Bibliography?
  • A bibliography is a list of publications, books,
    interviews, speeches, memoirs, web sites, and
    other original sources a person uses composing a
    paper. Its included at the end of work.

AMA Format
  • The American Medical Association format (AMA) is
    used for citing publications in medical research
    to give a credit to another authors work which
    has been used to inform or support the content
    (ideas, arguments, research findings, etc).

An annotated bibliography is accompanied by a
comprehensive evaluation of each source.
  • It includes
  • The original authors qualification.
  • The main goal of the work.
  • Authors main points about the subject.
  • Your evaluation whether this source is helpful
    for your research.
  • Its uniqueness comparing to other works on the

Why do you need a bibliography?
  • To show the reader that youve used relevant
  • To list publications which give helpful
    background information to your research

  • To give the reader an idea of what particular
    publication is about.
  • To analyze the subject for future research.

AMA bibliography writing rules
  • All references must be at the end of a work in
    the section Reference list. Each publication
    should be listed in numerical order (Arabic
    numerals), not in alphabetical.

  • In AMA format, numerals are put outside commas
    and periods, and inside semicolons and colons
  • The UN maintains international order15.
  • Based on the data we can make the following

  • If you have multiple citations, put a comma
    between the number of cited publications
  • The findings have the following issues12,13
  • If cited works are closed, use a hyphen
  • As previously claimed,15-17,25

  • In the reference list write the first name and
    initials without punctuation. But when a
    publication is written by more than one author,
    list all of them separating with commas.

Sample Reference
  • Author Last name, First name Initial. Title in
    sentence case. Journal Title in Title Case. Year
    Issue PP-PP.
  • Sentence case means when you capitalize only the
    first letter like you do writing usual sentences.
  • Title case you capitalize each word in your

Other useful tips on how to write ALA bibliography
  • Keep an eye on each article, handbook,
    encyclopedia or whatever you use while reading
    and taking notes. Write a draft by listing these
    sources. Write down an authors full name,
    publications title, where, when and by whom it
    was publicized.

  • You can look through college or university
    databases. Some of them offer helpful citation
    tools. With them, you have to make one click and
    a proper citation will appear. Make sure youre
    citing according to the required format.

  • Be accurate
  • The reader should find a publication from your
    reference list easily and immediately. So make
    sure youve written everything right

  • Citing a paper in a scientific journal, ensure
    that youve included the year, volume and issue
    numbers in your bibliography. Use an annotation
    maker to make your life easier.

  • If you cite the same author but his/her different
    publication, ensure that you provide the name in
    the same format. Make your bibliography writing

  • Page numbers are essential. Some books can be
    more than 500 pages long so it will be more
    convenient for the reader to know what page
    he/she should open to read more. The reader will
    appreciate for sure!

  • Be consistent
  • Citing multiple works from the same conference,
    ensure they have the same typesetting (identical
    conference name, etc). As an alternative, try
    bibliography helper!

  • Be judicious
  • When youre using the Internet, be wise and
    meticulous. Things there are not always true and
    correct. You can download here bibliographic
    references but read it carefully. If you have a
    doubt, look at the paper version.
  • More useful information you can find in this
    Google book.

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