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Trendymami - 26 Moving Tips To Make Your Life Easier


We wanted to find ways to make packing as efficient, organized, and easy as possible. And of course, we didn’t want anything damaged! So after some searching, We found some moving tips, tricks, and products that made our 30-mile move a million times easier. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Trendymami - 26 Moving Tips To Make Your Life Easier

26 Moving Tips To Make Your Life Easier
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  • Moving tips are much needed during this stressful
    time. Just last year, my husband and I decided to
    make the big move from our tiny apartment in San
    Francisco to our brand new home in the Napa
    Valley after finding out that we were expecting a
    beautiful now 5-month-old.
  • Now imagine me trying to get everything together
    while pregnant. So many boxes, labels, fragile
    china, and lots of furniture to be lifted into a
    moving truck, and only so many hands to do it.
  • Since my husband and I are pretty meticulous when
    it comes to our stuff, we wanted to find ways to
    make packing as efficient, organized, and easy as
    possible. And of course, we didnt want anything
    damaged! So after some searching, I found some
    moving tips, tricks, and products that made our
    30-mile move a million times easier.

Lifting, shifting, moving, and carryin
1. Slide everything you want
  • Furniture like sofas and tables are heavy, so
    its easier to slide them across. We tried using
    some DIY sliders made from foam mats, but they
    just werent doing the trick. Luckily, we found
    these great furniture sliders these great
    furniture sliders from Super Sliders with pretty
    durable rubber foam to help us move the dresser
    and couch to the truck.

2. Lifting made easy
  • Wanting to keep labor costs as small as
    possible,  I found this ingenious lifting and
    moving system from Shoulder Dolly (which kind of
    looks like something a bodybuilder would use!).
    All we did was take the straps over our shoulders
    and buckled the belt in front of us. There was
    then another strap attachment that went under the
    thing we were lifting. That way, wed get extra
    help from the strap to help us move all of our
    heavy things. No movers needed!

3. Move the heaviest items into the truck first
  • This is one of the most useful moving tips I can
    give you. Items will be less likely to shift the
    closer they are to the cab, since theyre
    sandwiched by other items. Make sure these first
    items are the heaviest, such as sofas and tables.
    Packing bigger items first will also ensure you
    know how much space realistically have in your
    moving truck (and if you need to rent something
  • If youre moving across the country,
    internationally, or for whatever reason would
    rather replace large furniture items than take
    them with you, check out HSN which offers amazing
    deals on home essentials (and flexible payment

4. Pack items from the same room together
  • We save a ton of time by packing all our kitchen
    stuff next to each other. When we needed to cook
    our first breakfast, we knew exactly which boxes
    needed to be pulled out. Our friends and family
    who helped us pack benefited too They knew
    exactly where everything needed to go.
  • 5. Place heavier items in smaller boxes
  • Whats harder than lifting a box full of heavy
    things? Lifting a big box of heavy things. Trust
    us, we learned this one the hard way. Once we
    realized what we were doing wrong, we placed
    heavy items such as books, decorative
    centerpieces, and heavier electronics into
    smaller boxes so the box would be easier to

Padding and storage - 6. Learn to love labeling
  • The key to not wasting a few hours searching for
    stuff is labeling the stuff in the first place.
    Buy at least five rolls of different colored
    electrical tape or these pre-printed label tapes
    that make your life SO MUCH EASIER.
  • Once youve labeled by room, you can even get a
    bit more specific. Write the boxs contents in
    marker on the box. For example, after youve
    labeled the yellow tape kitchen and slapped it
    on the box, write dishes and utensils below the
    label for your fork and knife box.

7. Use shrink wrap instead of duct tape
  • We realized how much duct tape we were wasting
    when we went through two rolls in a heartbeat. I
    got some shrink wrap from Ultra that had a huge
    stretch factor perfect for wrapping boxes with
    fragile things inside. We werent wasting tons of
    tape, we used less wrap then we thought we would,
    and it was pretty strong as it wrapped around all
    our boxes.  
  • 8. In fact, just say no to duct tape
  • Theres a reason why its called duct tape and
    not packing tape! Packing tape is the stuff that
    comes in rolls with a special handle to make
    application to boxes much easier than peeling
    duct tape. Plus, its super sticky and you can
    reasonably write on it (perfect for labeling). If
    its good enough for UPS or the post office, then
    its good enough for your fragile belongings.

9. The hanger trick
  • Taking off hangers from your clothes and then
    putting them back is one of those annoying tasks
    you never think of when moving. Instead, take
    your clothes down from your closet hangers
    included and place them in a large garbage bag.
    Make sure the tie part of the bag is facing
    downward. Then, poke a hole through the top of
    the bag with the hanger.

10. Fill that fridge
  • If youre taking larger items with you like the
    fridge or the washing machine, you can place
    smaller items inside.
  • 11. Protect your mattress with a mattress bag
  • The bed however was very tricky. We really
    couldnt figure out a way to lift and move the
    mattress and tie it to the top of my car without
    risking damage to the mattress. We found
    this mattress bag online to protect the bed. Who
    even knew there was such a thing? The mattress
    bag made moving the bed downstairs and to my car
    a lot easier.

  • If youre thinking of getting a new mattress, you
    might want to check out Purple, Nectar, Tuft
    Needle, Beautyrest, Serta, Saatva,
    and Molecule for great deals on super high
    quality mattresses! Plus they can ship it right
    to your new place!

12. Heavy duty totes for everything
  • With so much stuff, we didnt have time to unpack
    all the things we put in the van. Since our
    rolling bags already had silverware and China in
    them, I found these nifty, heavy-duty totes from
    Earthware where we packed up pretty much
    everything we needed for the first night
    clothes, shoes, toiletries, laptops, books, and a
    sleeping bag for each of us.

13. Ziploc bags
  • My husband and I were surprised at all the little
    things we had. As in really little things, like
    screws, nails, and little trinkets. Pack a lot of
    Ziplocs so that you have enough to spare when
    these unexpected little things pop out, or you
    need to reassemble your shelf when you move
    in.14. Use Cushion Sheets
  • Heres one of the many moving tips to protect
    your items during the move. For Fragile objects
    such as photoframes, glass wear, and dishes these
    cushion sheets make you feel sure that no crack
    is ever gonna happen to them,  if you tend to get
    paranoid, place 2 sheets between the items
    instead of one.

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15. Bubble Wrap Never Gets Old
  • A must for wrapping furniture corners, TVs,
    electronics, Fragile objects.
  • 16. Use Massive Plastic Bags to Prevent Scratches
    and Avoid Dust
  • For keeping Sofas, loveseat, and all your other
    big furniture's clean during transportation and
    prevent scratches and dings, use big plastic bags
    all around them.

17. Use Blankets for the Big Items
  • A easy and fast alternative to Bubble
    Wrap, Moving Blankets are perfect to cover
    tables, TVs, Mirrors and other bigger objects.
    Theyre easy to put on and take off and they will
    prevent scratches and hits.
  • 18. Use a Dolly  if youre doing things yourself
  • If you decided that you can do things yourself
    without a moving company, a dolly will be
    definitely helpful to move the big bulky items.

19. Protect the corners
  • Protects photos, diploma, all sorts of frame
    corners from getting scratched and dinged up with
    this Frame Corners Protectors.

The (not so little) detailS - 20. Donate
  • This is one of those moving tips that will make
    your life easier and many other lives better.
    Places like Goodwill will take your gently-used
    stuff, and youll get a tax write-off after you
    drop them off. Alternatively, you can also call
    up a donation company to pick them up from your
    soon-to-be-former home. We donated some of the
    board games we had and got some great tax
    write-offs in return. The best of both worlds!

21. Change your address
  • This is one of the moving tips that might seem
    obvious, but youd be surprised how easy it is to
    forget to do this when you have a million things
    going on. We noticed the err of our ways when our
    Amazon Prime shipment didnt come in after a
    week! Turns out Amazon still thought we lived at
    our apartment. If you dont want your fancy new
    drone to be shipped to the wrong address, then
    plan ahead!
  • 22. Cancel all your subscriptions
  • This one might also seem like a no-brainer, but
    its also something you can easily forget. Make
    sure your TV, internet, electricity, utilities,
    and online shipping subscriptions to your old
    address have been canceled and youve asked for
    your records to be transferred to your new
    address. Pay particular attention to local and
    federal government services, as many of them
    (such as the DMV) require you to register your
    new address within a certain time period (e.g.,
    within the next 10 days). Many online services
    make this service easy on their website or their
    mobile app.

23. Stop buying food
  • My husband and I are foodies, so the worst thing
    you can say to our faces is no food! Its one
    of the moving tips that everybody tends to
    forget. But all that food is going to waste if
    you dont stop buying it before your move. Plan
    to stop buying food at least a week before you
    move to ensure you finish everything. My husband
    and I lived on ramen noodles more times than wed
    like to admit, but it was worth it! Ramen gets a
    bad rap anyway. Its delicious!
  • 24. Make copies of your important papers
  • I know this is one of the moving tips that might
    sound like making your move even more tedious
    than it should be. But you cant risk losing the
    only copies of your familys birth certificates,
    passports, social security cards, pay stubs, tax
    returns, mortgages, car payments, and the like.
    If it can get lost or damaged, then its best to
    make copies of it. If youre not willing to waste
    that much paper, you can turn your documents into
    PDFs and place them on a flash drive or a cloud
    service. Alternatively, take advantage of
    services that will offer paperless, digital
    versions of your important documents.

25. Give favors in return
  • Whats the best way to anyones heart? Pizza!
    Theres really no reason why you cant thank all
    the people who helped you move with a few pizzas
    and some drinks on your dime. The day of the move
    my husband stepped out for a bit to call some
    pizza and soda in, and we had a makeshift lunch
    in our front lawn while we sat on boxes. Hows
    that for a first meal at the new place?! Its a
    story well always remember, and the least we
    could do for our family and friends who decided
    to help us with the move.
  • In just a little over a day, my husband and I
    were able to move everything into our new humble
    abode. And I did it with a baby on the way! Just
    goes to show you anyone can move efficiently and
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