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How to Create Perfect Career Change Resumes


If you are going to change career, you need to create perfect career change resume, because your resume need to be adapted to the field you are going to. So check this presentation and find out how to do this, and where to find help. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to Create Perfect Career Change Resumes

How to Create Perfect Career Change Resumes
What is a resume?
  • A resume is a 1-2-page document that summarizes
    education background, work experience,
    professional abilities and accomplishments and is
    needed when a person is applying for a job.

Career change
  • Changing a career can be caused by financial
    reasons (opportunity to earn more money in
    another field), a huge competition, changes in
    the industry and because of that lack of
    working places, a desire to follow your dream or
    a need for bigger challenges.

Career change
  • Actually, it doesnt matter what reasons for
    changing your career path do you have it is more
    crucial to understand that all your skills and
    experience should be relevant to the new field.
    You need to translate what you have done
    professionally in the past in a way that a
    recruiter will see its relevancy to the new

Tips on how to create a successful Career Change
  • A fresh start
  • Dont submit a resume from your previous job. It
    can be effective but doesnt consider specific
    features of a new field. So, write from a scratch
    and make sure that all information is adapted to
    the new industry.

  • Review job descriptions in order to catch the
    skills employers are seeking for, terminology and
    jargon they use. Adapt your resume to these

summary paragraph
  • Also, write a summary paragraph at the top of
    your resume where you should tell who you are,
    what can you propose and connect all your
    accomplishments with everything in the job

Transferable Skills
  • Your skills must be valuable and relevant to the
    new position. Skills like problem-solving,
    excellent communication skills, strong written,
    innovation, proactivity, creative thinking are
    easily transferable but pay a close attention to
    those which are very specific industrial. Focus
    on your strongest abilities and strengths. Show
    how enthusiastic and brave you are in switching
    career paths.

Write only about relevant experience
  • Do not include in your resume everything that you
    have done in your professional life. Do not write
    about each position held, each task completed or
    reward earned.

  • Involve in career change resumes the highlights
    which are relevant to the new field. Your task is
    to show how easy you can move into absolutely new
    position and how your qualifications will help
    you with that.

Highlight professional development
  • Mention in career change resume examples all
    relevant activities you took part in to increase
    your professional growth and built transferable
    skills seminars, volunteering, membership of a
    professional association, related education,
    training, etc.

Jargon and Terminology
  • Each industry has its own terminology. You need
    to express your abilities, work experience and
    previous successes in terms which are used and
    understandable in the new field. For that, you
    can communicate with those who are working in
    this industry and learn which skills are the most

Extracurricular Activities
  • Boost your resume with extracurricular activities
    and show how active you are volunteer work,
    foreign language programs, studying abroad,
    internships, arts and so on.

Present Achievements with Numbers
  • Numbers (especially in dollars) will clearly show
    a hiring manager your contributions on previous
    positions, even if they are not relevant to the
    new field (according to best resume formats 2017).

Use Names to Demonstrate Previous Accomplishments
  • It is a winning strategy if youre applying for a
    different job and dont have relevant experience
    to present youve got a huge support of top-level
    managers and leaders. Show that youve made a
    difference on your prior job.

Include the keywords
  • How to put military experience on resume? Ensure
    that your previous experience match with the
    keywords that are relevant to the new industry.
    Re-brand yourself with the right keywords that
    will show how prepared and serious you are about
    a new role.

Be confident
  • If you are applying for a job in the new
    industry, it is hard to avoid the feeling that
    you cant offer as much to offer as other
    candidates with work experience in such position.
    However, dont be afraid and sell yourself in
    your resume if you want HR managers to notice
    you. Present yourself as a person with fresh
    ideas and new prospects.

More tips on what your resume should look like in
  • Length of a resume - maximum of two pages
  • Use bullets to make it more readable
  • Show your interest in the company, convince
    potential employers that you know how it works,
    about its products, services and news

and some more
  • Delete all unnecessary information
  • Express your passion
  • Keep your resume short and simple and at the same
    time informative and eye-catching.
  • Look through some tips in this Google book!

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