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Tips to prevent Medical Laboratory Accidents


A presentation to prevent medical laboratory accidents .Follow these simple guidelines and prevent medical accidents. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tips to prevent Medical Laboratory Accidents

  • A medical laboratory is place where a number of
    accidents can take place if one is not cautious.
  • These accidents can cause a great damage to life
    and property and in some worst cases life also.
  • If all the individuals within a laboratory follow
    a set of rules and guidelines, accidents can be
  • We now explore a few rules and regulations that
    if implemented, can help in avoiding accidents in
    medical laboratories.

I. Always be in proper attire
  • The first and foremost rule individuals have to
    follow is to be in the appropriate attire while
    in the premises of the laboratory.
  • Always wear your mask, gloves, eyewear, covered
    footwear and your lab coat at all times.
  • The general rule of thumb about lab coat length
    is that it should be knee length.
  • The laboratory coat is used to prevent dust,
    chemicals, and other harmful substances from
    coming into contact with a persons clothes.

a. Gloves
  • Most medical laboratories in Dubai handle a lot
    of harmful chemicals and this requires people to
    be extra careful.
  • Gloves play a very important part here since they
    protect the skin while handling harmful
    substances. For example, most bacteria samples
    are infectious and if people dont use gloves
    while handling them, it can spread.

b. Gas Masks and eye gear
  • Many medical diagnostic laboratories have a
    number of volatile gases or fumigants. Inhaling
    these gases can be extremely dangerous for the
    human body.
  • Most chemicals that are present in these
    laboratories emit dangerous fumes that can
    destroy a number of internal organs in just a few
  • Wearing gas masks ensures that your lungs are
    protected and no dangerous chemicals are inhaled.
    If the gas masks dont cover your entire face, it
    is crucial that you use separate eye gear since
    these fumes can cause blindness as well.

c. Flat shoes
  • Experts recommend wearing flat shoes within
    laboratories as they ease in walking and
  • Many people also suggest wearing closed shoes as
    they protect your feet incase of any spillage of
    any kind of chemical or gas onto your feet.
  • Experts also ask you to avoid wearing rubber or
    plastic shoes as they can melt onto your feet in
    contact with heat.

II. Avoid eating inside the lab
  • As laboratories and mostly medical laboratories
    contain a large amount of bacteria in the air,
    food that is going to be consumed should not be
    consumed within the premises as it can get
  • Many chemicals also release fumes. Food left in
    the labs can absorb these fumes and consuming
    these foods is equivalent to consuming those

III. Provide optimum training
  • Most chemicals and substances present in medical
    laboratories in Dubai have to be handled with the
    proper techniques and methods.
  • Laboratory equipment also requires qualified
    technicians or technologists.
  • It is important to remember that improper
    handling of such equipment can cause a loss of
    life and property.
  • All those operating such machinery should be
    certified and if not, they must be provided
    optimum training to handle such machinery.

IV. Always have a fire extinguisher
  • Most fires can be put out with a fire
    extinguisher if used at the right time.
  • Fire extinguishers must be placed at noticable
    points such as by the main door so that people
    can easily locate it in times of an emergency.
  • The staff should also be taught to the fire
    escape routes and procedures.

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  • Thank You