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Leadership In Public Health


Leadership In Public Health – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Leadership In Public Health

University Of Luzon Graduate School Philosophy
Of Public Health PracticeLeadership in Public
  • By Ahmed, Habib Ahmed Dawoud

  • Definition of Leadership
  • Comparison between Leadership and Management
  • Leadership tools
  • Public health Leadership Principles
  • Leadership practices
  • Core government public health functions
  • A system approach to public health leadership and
    application of the core functions
  • Real world leadership

  • Leadership is the ability to handle people to
    inspire or influence the actions of others, to
    make decisions, and to move a group to action.
    Leaders arent born they are
    developedLeadership is not a group of
    personality traits. L Learn
    R Responsibility E
    Enthusiasm S
    Self-confidence A Attitude
    H Honesty D Direction
    I Initiative E
    Effectiveness P

Comparison between Leadership and Management
Leadership tools
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Active listening
  • Computer skills
  • Meeting skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision making
  • Reinvention

Public Health Leadership Principles
  • Improve the health of each person in the
  • Build coalition for public health
  • Work with leaders from diverse backgrounds
  • Collaborate with boards for rationale planning
  • Committed to lifelong learning
  • Health protection for all
  • Think globally and act locally

Leadership practices
  • Knowledge synthesizer
  • Creativity
  • Create and inspire a shared vision
  • Foster and facilitate collaboration
  • Develop a learning organization
  • Put innovation into practice
  • Act as a colleague, A friend and humanitarian

Core Government Public Health functions
  • The responsibility of local health departments is
    to protect and promote health, and prevent
    disease and injury. Public health services are
    population based that is, services which are
    focused on improving the health status of the
    population, as opposed primary care providers who
    respond to the treatment of individuals.
  • To accomplish this mission, public health
    departments balance three core government public
    health functions. These functions are essential
    to the maintenance of population-based services.

A system approach to public health leadership and
application of the core function
Real world leadership
  • Not all leaders are the same
  • Some people should not be in leadership position
  • Just because you go to a leadership institute
    doesnt mean your work place will be different
    next Monday
  • Not all team members do the work
  • Leaders know who they are. They live their lives
    with a leadership mindset.

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  • Introduction Problems of leadership
    contribute to the difficulty of making and
    implementing policy to improve the health of the
    public. By leadership we mean the capacity of
    professionals to work effectively during long
    careers in a variety of organizations that
    command resources and favorable attention from
    elected officials and the general public.
    Effective leadership would improve the
    translation of existing knowledge about the
    prevention and control of disease into policies
    that lead to longer and healthier lives.

  • DiscussionLeadership and management are
    two sides at the same point, both are equally
    important cell sets to rank an organization to
    lead a vision and accomplish public health
    mission. Both a leader and a manager needs a plan
    and its like a map thats details and process of
    the activities the road map and a goal to
    accomplish the mission. The vision communicates
    what your organization believes are the ideal
    conditions for the community, how do you want to
    achieve your mission.

  • The vision statement encompasses the belief,
    the principles, the philosophy that governs your
    overall arching goals, activities and daily day
    task. The mission statement is the what and why.
    Developing mission statements are the next step
    in the action planning process. The mission
    statement describes what the organization is
    going to do and why is going to do that. Mission
    statements are very similar to vision statement
    however, mission statement are more concrete and
    their action oriented than vision statement. The
    vision statement is brought philosophical idea
    that covers the mission statement.

  • Once the vision statements and mission
    statements are accomplished the next step is to
    have a list of goals which are the desire outcome
    of the organization to achieving the mission
    statement. Leadership involves leading people
    to understand and to see the same vision of the
    leader and also to influence, motivate, and able
    others to contribute toward organization goals
    and mission. Management consist of controlling
    a group or set a task to accomplish a goal and is
    managing a work in a daily bases.

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