How To Retrieve Old Mails In SBCGlobal Webmail That Were Sent Using Thunderbird? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Retrieve Old Mails In SBCGlobal Webmail That Were Sent Using Thunderbird?


Thunderbird is a client of SBCGlobal email. Many people are not able to find their old emails, which is making them hate the platform. The solution to the problem is given in this blog post, so those users should read it carefully. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Retrieve Old Mails In SBCGlobal Webmail That Were Sent Using Thunderbird?

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About Us
  • SBCGlobal webmail is among the most popular
    webmail services that are currently being used in
    the world. Using this webmail service gives you
    an access to compose, read and delete your emails
    anywhere. You dont have to rush to your home or
    office in order to access your emails on your
    home or office PC.

What is Sbcglobal ?
  • SBC stands for Southwestern Bell Company. It is a
    free webmail service given to SBC or ATT
    customers. When you try to search SBC global, you
    are directed to yahoo mail.
  • It seems hard to understand the connection
    between SBC global, ATT and Yahoo, but it is
    very simple. SBC purchased ATT for 16 million
    in 2005 and adopted its name and brand. ATT and
    yahoo merged in 2003.
  • They provide ATT internet services and all Yahoo
    services to its users including Yahoo mail, chat
    or messenger. is a product of Yahoo
    and ATT. SBC global has access to all services
    of Yahoo. It has SBC internet which is a famous
    service provider. You can log on to www sbcglobal
    net for more information about the company.

Sbcglobal webmail
  • Here are the steps that you can follow for SBC
    email login and more.
  • The first thing that you have to do is go to www
    SBCGlobal net and log into the SBCGlobal account.
    If you dont have an account, then you can create
    one easily.
  • Enter your special SBCGlobal member name followed
    by _at_ in the email address column.
  • After that, you need to click on the drop-down
    menu that is right next to the name, which you
    have entered. You need to check the list in order
    to find and then, finally click it.
  • Now, you have to add the password for your
    SBCGlobal email login account in the box that is
    placed right next to where Password is written.

How To Retrieve Old Mails In SBCGlobal Webmail
That Were Sent Using Thunderbird?
  • SBCGlobal email platform is one of the most
    versatile platforms that you will ever see. It
    has a lot of new things to offer to the people in
    terms of email receiving and sending, and email
  • Thunderbird and ATT mail work extremely well
    together, but in the recent times, people have
    started facing certain problems. Today, we are
    going to discuss one such problem, which many
    SBCGlobal email login users face today.

sbcglobal net email settings
  • Problem I am not able to get my old email using
    Thunderbird. It is possible for me to send an
    email successfully to my own email address, but
    there is nothing known about the whereabouts of
    the old emails.
  • Solution Those who are facing this problem need
    to check whether their email address is like or something else. If it
    is the same that Ive mentioned in the
    above-line, then they are using and
    om as servers. In the SBCGlobal email settings
    option, these settings will have to be

SBCGlobal mail
  • People need to check whether the POP access
    option is selected on their SBCGlobal mail or
    not. If they are not able to enable it, then the
    emails can only be access through a web browser.
  • Another thing that people can try is configuring
    MS Outlook Express. If it works, then import the
    settings into the Thunderbird using Tools,
    followed by import.
  • There is one significant benefit of doing so,
    i.e., the user can call the help desk of his/her
    Internet Service Provider if he/she gets stuck
    anywhere in the process. The support is provided
    for MS Outlook Express, so there is nothing to be
    worried about.

Common Issues
  • Sometimes, what people do is, they dont type
    their entire email address in the desired box.
  • Moreover, they are not aware of the fact that the
    data was already downloaded and deleted from the
  • When they get to know about it, then they realize
    that there isnt any problem, but things have
    already moved from their respective places.

www SBCGlobal net
  • For more information on the issue, it is better
    to log onto www SBCGlobal net. It is bad that the
    user loses his/her emails, but with proper help,
    those emails can be brought back to the inbox.
    SBCGlobal is a professional webmail platform
    where nothing happens without notifying users.
    Moreover, if a user is facing any problem, then
    things can be sorted out in a systematic way

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