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SBCGlobal Email Login Setting


We are experts in troubleshooting email related issues. We have been getting a lot of calls from customers using www SBCGlobal net email. They call us to get the right solution, and we never disappoint them. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: SBCGlobal Email Login Setting

Block The Entry Of Threads And Sun-Threads On The
Path Of Your Email Account.
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There are people, who are desirous to know the
process of ignoring threads and sub-threads from
their Email account. We are going to provide
information to them regarding same. In this blog
post, we will provide the solution to your
Ignore Thread Feature In Email
  • There are quite common features in email
    services, which many of us dont know. One of
    them is ignore thread feature. It is mandatory
    for all of us to understand about this feature as
    it is going to become useful for you. Are you
    familiar with this feature? If yes, then its ok
    otherwise concentrate on this blog post seriously
    and try to understand the most important feature
    of your Email. When you enable the ignore thread
    feature, then you can bounce unwanted or
    unnecessary mails from your email conversation.
    All the other conversation in your email remain
    unaffected and present in the inbox as well. You
    can read other mails easily without any hassle.

SBC Global
How To Avoid The Threads In Your Email
  • The process for ignoring the thread is discussed
    as follows tap on the particular message and
    click on the menu flagged with ignore thread.
    If you want to know the shortcut for this
    feature, then it is available on the keyboard
    itself. Just press the K button on your
    keyboard, this will activate the ignore thread
    feature. One thing important to note here is that
    when you select the messages, then all the
    messages in your inbox gets selected. Now its up
    to you whether you want to apply the ignore tag
    on all conversations or on particular ones only.
    After enabling this feature, you wont receive
    messages from the ignored list and the un-ignored
    messages stay within the inbox. If you want to
    view the messages, then you will have to open the
    settings from the email and change them according
    to your need and requirement. Go back to the
    inbox folder after closing the settings and check
    whether the messages are now displayed in the
    list or not. The notification alarm from such
    blocked mails remain in-active and you will not
    get frustrated with irrelevant chats. The
    messages remain barred from inbox conversation.

www SBCGlobal net
Process To Overlook The Sub-Thread
  • The process to overlook the sub-thread is
    somewhat similar to the thread. When you activate
    this feature, then all the messages with
    sub-thread onset will remain ignored and you will
    not receive any type of conversation including
    those interesting ones from the particular
    conversation. Sub-thread feature is almost
    available in all email services irrespective of
    company and country.

SBC Mail
How To See The Ignored Threads?
  • Yes, if you are willing to see the ignored
    threads, then you can easily check them but there
    is constraint in this that is limitation of time
    period. Just move to view from settings pursue
    by threads and finally ignored threads. After
    witnessing the threads, again go to same view
    function and uncheck the view ignored thread
    box. If you want to abort one of the thread from
    ignore list, then you can do so by clicking on
    the check box available in the front of that
    particular thread.

SBCGlobal Email Login
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