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Top Medical Innovations At Healthcare 2016


Top Medical Innovations At Healthcare 2016 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Medical Innovations At Healthcare 2016

Amazing Science Top 10 Medical Innovations for
2016 Monday, August 1,2016 Amazing Science Top
10 Medical Innovations for 2016 In the field of
health care, a lot of amazing as well as
far-reaching technological innovations are made
every year. In the Medical Innovation Summit
conducted every year by the Cleveland Clinic, the
numerous innovations that are made in the
medical field during the year are considered and
finally they publish a list of the Top 10 Medical
Innovations for the year under
consideration. The innovative technologies in
the field of health care that are nominated by
hundreds of health care professionals and medical
researchers are considered and out of them a
list of more than 100 state-of-the-art medical
technologies are prepared and submitted to two
independent panels of physicians of Cleveland
Clinic. The two panels discuss and debate
separately and finally prepare the combined list
of the Top 10 Medical Innovations of the
year. The opinions of Cleveland medical
professionals from different fields of medicine
and health care are considered while preparing
the list. Only those innovations are considered
that can create significant impact among human
beings and also they must be available in the
market during the year ahead.
  • The innovations that are recommended must be
    successful commercially and must have
    significant advantages over the existing
  • The Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit of
    the current year identified the following
    technologies as the Top 10 Medical Innovations
    for 2016.
  • Preventive Vaccines for epidemics
  • In the year 2014, more than 10000 people died in
    Africa due to the outbreak of Ebola. This
    disease spreads very fast and it affects apart
    from the relatives of the deceased even health
    care personnel and those who attend the burial.
    The Ebola vaccine was developed within a year and
    during the Phase III trial it was proved that it
    ensures 100 protection to those who are directly
    exposed to Ebola. Apart from this vaccine, five
    other vaccines are also under trial. The
    Cleveland Clinic experts panel expects that a
    safe and effective vaccine for Ebola will be
    licensed and made available in the year 2016.
  • Similarly, so far there had been no effective
    vaccine for Meningococcal B. Now, two effective
    vaccines for this dreaded disease are under
  • Clinical trials based on Genomics
  • Clinical trials can be made faster by way of
    Genetic profiling. This will increase the
    chances of survival for cancer patients.
  • CRISPR for Gene Editing
  • By way of Gene editing using CRISPR, genetic
    diseases such as HIV/AIDS can be eliminated
  • New sewage processor for purification of water

  • Protein marker analysis to detect prostate cancer
  • The newly developed protein marker analysis
    ensures early detection of various types of
    cancer including prostate cancer with more
  • Artificial limbs controlled by brain
  • Sensors are implanted in the brain so that the
    patient is able to regain sensation and move the
    artificial limbs naturally.
  • Treatment for HSDD
  • This treatment increases the levels of dopamine
    as well as norepinephrine in women and decreases
    the levels of serotonin. This will help
    pre-menopausal women to regain their sexual
  • Frictionless device for remote monitoring of
  • When patients wear the monitoring device, the
    doctors receive alerts when there are any
    dangerous developments or changes in the
    patients body.
  • Neurovascular stent retriever for removal of
  • This newly developed device ensures effective
    stroke care by safely removing the blood clot
    and enabling the patient to recover fast

Naturally Controlled Artificial Limbs The
Biggest Innovation in 2016 Sunday, August
7,2016 Touch and movement are parts of daily
life. Unfortunately, a lot of people usually
take them for granted. But everything changes
when a terrible accident happens and there is a
need to amputate a limb. The prosthetic limbs
that are currently used replicate a real limbs
functions to some extent. However, the wearer
lacks the ability to coordinate the limb with the
least effort and he cannot also feel various
textures. If there are any sensations relayed,
they dont feel natural and can last for not over
a month following the surgery. To address this
concern, more and more researchers are looking
for ways to combat these issues. They have
started to develop prosthetics that can be
controlled by the mind. The primary difference
between the traditional prosthetics and the
currently developed prosthetics is their
biotechnology has been more directly integrated
with the persons nervous system through
implanted electrodes. The latest prosthetics can
allow more accurate movement whatever the
position of the limb might be, together with a
properly refined manipulation of objects as well
as the experience of various sensations for
various textures.
According to the developers, the main goal here
is no just to restore the normal functions of
the limb but also to establish a reconnection to
the physical world for those patients who go
through amputations. These prosthetics also give
patients the chance to feel not only the texture
but also the hands location on the object that
comes in contact with the prosthetic limb. The
secret behind the consistency and precision of
these new prosthetics lies in technological
concepts behind the development of the
mind-controlled prosthetic. The artificial arm
makes use of a technology known as
osseointegration, or the prosthetics direct
attachment to the skeleton, that then provides
mechanical stability. The neuromuscular cuff
electrodes are being implanted for them to
enclose the primary nerve bundles found in the
arm whereas, before, electrodes were being
placed on the skin surface. The mind-controlled
prosthetics can also interface with the bodys
natural neuromuscular system. This way, the
latest prosthetics become more integrated with
the wearers body in a way that was completely
different from before. This technology has also
incorporated patterned stimulation intensity that
approximates various kinds of tactile stimuli by
way of algorithms. Due to this, wearers no
longer experience paresthesia, or the tingling
usually associated with traditional
prosthetics. Implanted cuff electrodes can
create 16-19 sensory points on these prosthetic
hands that relay more stable responses to their
wearer, while the computer algorithms
approximate the neural responses to every
distinct texture. The mind-controlled technology
underwent several development stages before it
was able to reach its present level of
sophistication. Needless to say, there are a lot
of things to celebrate because these
mind-controlled artificial limbs open brand new
doors in the biomedical engineering
field. Researchers are now looking forward to
how their development of sensitive prosthetic
arms will be translated to prosthetic legs that
will benefit a
lot from a feedback system which will let the
wearer adjust naturally to the uneven
ground. Published on Sunday, August
7,2016-185747London URL http//www.healthyev 2016/
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Latest Anti-Aging Research News New Era Of
Science Thursday, August 11,2016 Could See
Humans Live To 120? The very first anti-aging
drug in the world is said to be tested on human
beings next year in the trials that could see
diseases including Parkinsons and Alzheimer's
disease are consigned to distant memory. Today,
scientists believe that its possible to stop
people grow old as quickly and help them live
with good health well into their 120s or
110s. New Era Even it seems like a science
fiction, the researchers have proven that
Metformin, a drug for diabetes, extends the life
of animals and in the US, FDA has now agreed to
ahead with the trials to know if the same effects
could be replicated in the human beings. If
successful, it just means that the person in
their 70s will be as healthy as a fifty-year
old. It might using in a whole new era of
geo-sciences where the doctors would never fight
against individual conditions such as dementia,
diabetes, and cancer, but rather treat aging,
which is an underlying mechanism. Professor
Gordon Lithgow, a Scottish aging expert of Buck
Institute for Research on Aging, is basically
one of the advisors in the field study. He stated
that once you target the process of aging and
slow down aging, it will slow down the diseases
as well as agings pathology. He added that this
is revolutionary and never happened in the
previous years. Lithgow also said that he was
doing the research for several years now and the
concept theyre trying to talk about is the
clinical trials in the human beings for
anti-aging drugs wouldve been though
inconceivable. However, theres a reason to
believe that it is possible. The future is
taking the biology that they have now developed
as well as implementing to the humans. Back
then, the process of aging is a total mystery,
yet with todays advancement, many scientists and
experts understand it slowly. The Better Way To
understand Aging process Aging isnt an
inevitable part of ones life because every cell
contains a DNA blueprint that keeps the body
functioning properly. Several marine creatures
dont age at all. But, over the lifetime billions
of the cell divisions should occur to the bodies
functioning properly and the more times the cells
divide, the more issues creep in the
process. As cell concerns grow, ones body cant
repair the damage. In case of cancer, the cells
dont have the ability in preventing mutations
and the tumors start to grow. When it comes to
Alzheimers disease, the brain gets rid of
clearing the sticky plaques. Due to this,
dementia starts to develop. Overall According
to the scientists, they are thinking of the best
candidate for anti- aging drug and they end up
with Metformin, which is the most widely used
drugs for diabetes in the world and available at
an affordable price. Metformin increases the
oxygen molecules released into the cells, which
appear to improve longevity and robustness. When
the Belgian researchers tested Metformin on tiny
roundworms, the worms didnt only aged slower,
but also stayed healthier longer. When they
tested it on mice, nearly forty percent of their
lifespan was increased and their bones became
much stronger.
Published on Thursday, August 11,2016-214344Lo
ndon URL http//
aging-research-news/ You Could Find More About
Anti-Aging Drugs Via Helpful Resources http//ww
tinamide- mononucleotide/ https//en.wikipedia.o
rg/wiki/Life_extension Related
Articles http//
ctive-anti-aging-treatments/ http//www.healthyev
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