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Security for Healthcare’s Digitally Transforming World


Seceon aiMSSP enables Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to offer outsourced security services to SMBs, including 24×7 security monitoring, threat intelligence, and real-time detection and remediation, at nominal and predictable linear costs. Call Us: +1 (978)-923-0040 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Security for Healthcare’s Digitally Transforming World

Seceon Delivering Cutting-Edge IT Security for
Healthcares Digitally Transforming World
Innovations in mobility, IoT, wearables, and
cloud computing have empowered healthcare
systems to improve healthcare management and
enhance patient-provider relationships. While the
healthcare industry has embraced these benefits,
increased connectivity is also putting health
systems at much greater risk of malware and other
cyber threats that, if successful, could have
devastating consequences on patient care,
privacy and healthcare organization
management. Massachusetts-based Seceon
delivers cutting-edge IT security solutions to
its clients to protect against these risks by
detecting, quarantining, and eliminating any
threats before they do any damage. This
trailblazing IT security company is distinguished
for offering the first fully automated,
comprehensive cyber security platform that helps
organizations to safeguard their valuable
information and people. Seceons mission is to
empower SOC and IT teams of all-size
organizations to easily and affordably detect and
mitigate threats, as soon as they are
uncovered. Since its inception, Seceon has
successfully served over 300 clients, won more
than 50 awards, and built a robust network of 50
distributors and reseller partners globally. The
company launched its Open Threat Management
(OTM) Platform in April 2016 and has been
releasing major updates every quarter with
enhancements in machine learning, dynamic threat
models, multi-tenancy, and scaling. Seceons
innovations have continued in 2018 when the
company introduced aiSIEM and aiMSSP to
transform the landscape of IT security in
healthcare. Seceons Solutions Provide Much-
Needed IT Security Assurance
Over the years, Seceon has crafted a niche in the
market as an adept security solution provider
that deeply understands the nuances of cyber
threats encountered by small-to-medium sized
businesses (SMBs) and enterprises. To achieve
the goal of Cyber-security Done Right, the
company engineered its groundbreaking OTM
Platform from scratch. OTM works out-of-the-box
to instantly protect against known and unknown
threats. It provides comprehensive visibility,
proactive threat detection, and automated
containment and elimination of threats in
real-time, all while minimizing costs, staff
bandwidth constraints, and performance impact.
OTM helps enterprises automatically generate
prioritized threat alerts that matter in
real-time and empowers SOC / IT teams to detect
and respond to the threats quickly, before
critical data gets exfiltrated. Seceons aiSIEM
and aiMSSP solutions are
  • built on the OTM Platform
  • Seceon aiSIEM goes beyond traditional SIEM and
    eliminates the need for adding multiple silo
    solutions. It ingests raw streaming data from
    applications, identity systems, flows, and raw
    traffic from networks to provide comprehensive
    visibility, proactive threat detection,
    automated threat containment and elimination, and
    continuous compliance, policy management,
  • Seceon aiMSSP enables Managed Security Service
    Providers (MSSPs) to offer outsourced security
    services to SMBs, including 247 security
    monitoring, threat intelligence, and real-time
    detection and remediation, at nominal and
    predictable linear costs.
  • The Secret behind Seceons Success
  • Seceons OTM platform is growing in popularity
    across all business verticals due to its unique
    ability to ensure proactive detection,
    containment, and elimination for all threat
    categories. Key differentiated benefits of
    Seceons OTM platform include
  • Comprehensive Visibility
  • The OTM Platform ingests all raw streaming data
    (Logs, Packets, Flows, and Identities) and
    provides real-time extensive view of all assets
    (users, hosts, servers, applications, data
    access, and movement traffic) that are on
    premise, cloud, or hybrid, and their
  • Reduce Mean-Time-To-Identify (MTTI) with
    Proactive Threat Detection
  • The platform proactively detects threats and
    surfaces threats in real- time without an agent
    or alert fatigue.
  • Reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolve (MTTR) with Automatic
    Threat Remediation
  • The OTM Platform performs automatic threat
    containment and elimination in real-time. It
    also provides clear actionable steps to
    eliminate the threats that can either be handled
    automatically by the

  • system or manually by the security expert
  • Continuous Compliance, Policy Management and Risk

The platform provides continuous compliance and
scheduled or on- demand reporting. This
FINRA, etc. Innovation Starts at the Top An ideal
21 century IT security leader is one who
envisions the upcoming threat landscapes and
prepares foolproof solutions for it in advance,
not only to drive the success of his business,
but to benefit the industry at large. Chandra
Pandey is a leader who fits this mold. As
Founder and CEO of Seceon, he has guided his
organization in pioneering solutions for
critical cyber threats. He orchestrates the
companys business and technical strategy, and
fosters innovation by empowering all company
members with decision-making abilities,
encouraging open and respectful communications,
and building a culture of continuous
improvement. Chandra is the driving force behind
Seceons commitment to creating affordable
cybersecurity solutions for organizations of all
sizes. An engineer by trade, Chandra applies the
deep leadership, technical, and business
strategy expertise gained during previous
positions at Nokia, Ciena, Juniper Networks, and
BTI, to Seceons groundbreaking IT security
business. The Road Ahead Seceons expertise in
crafting leading-edge solutions for rising cyber
security challenges, out-of-the-box thinking, and
passion for ensuring Cybersecurity Done Right,
has made it a dominant IT security
provider. During the next few years, Seceon will
continue to be laser-focused on adding
innovations to its aiSIEM and aiMSSP
Comprehensive Cyber-security for the
Digital-Era solutions. Seceon is designed from
the ground up to automatically detect, contain
and eliminate critical cyberthreats faced
by the healthcare industry in real-time,
including data breaches related to PHI and IP
ransomware, malware
on medical devices, credentials/insider threats
and compliance with regulations like HIPPA,
PCI-DSS and NIST, concluded Chandra Pandey.
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