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Best Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Perfect Spray Tanning


Here Presenting Best Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Perfect Spray Tanning Women’s Skin Care and Beauty. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Perfect Spray Tanning

Best Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Perfect Spray
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Many brides and bridesmaids will opt to have a
spray tan as part of their beauty preparations
for their special day. If you are choosing to
sport a faux sun-kissed glow at your wedding,
heres some advice on how to ensure you look more
like Cinderella rather than her pumpkin.
Firstly, what is a spray tan?
A spray tan is a beauty treatment which involves
the recipient being sprayed with a mist solution
that reacts with the skin and creates a layer of
bronzed colour. The layer of colour stays on the
skin for four to five days on average, and
eventually fades and rubs off.
Whats the difference between a spray tan and
self tanner?
A self tanner can will provide natural looking
results, however, some people can find self
tanner difficult to use in terms of achieving an
even consistency of colour, and it can be hard to
reach certain areas of the body such as the
middle of your back. A spray tan will provide an
even application of a consistent colour, and is
generally favoured for a professional finish.
Avoid Lotions, Make-up Or Perfume
Avoid wearing perfume the day of your spray tan
appointment as some perfumes can permeate the
skin and interfere with tanning solution even if
you have showered. Skip deodorant, make up,
moisturiser and any lotions on the day you are
having your tan applied too, as these products
can also prevent the spray tan from taking to
your skin in an even manner.
Dont Shave Or Wax After
If you are planning to wax or shave any body
hair, do so before you go to your spray tan
appointment. If you wax in the days after your
spray tan you will remove your tan and be left
with obvious patches on your skin. Shaving is OK,
but not recommended 24 hours after your spray
tan, and when you do shave expect that your tan
may wear a little as a result.
Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
Moisturise as often as possible once you have
your tan to make it last longer. If dead skin
cells are shed they will take your tan with them.
Moisturizer will keep them attached to your body.
At a minimum you should moisturise morning,
night, and after taking a shower.
Dont Forget Sunscreen
Just because you have a beautiful spray tan it
doesnt mean you are protected from the suns
rays. Apply sunscreen liberally once you are on
your honeymoon, and in general too! Plus, you
wont need to lie out in the sun all day anyway
as you will already have the perfect tan.
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