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Persuasive Essay Outline Example


Here we present a basis for your Persuasive Essay Outline on a specific Topic "Should Marijuana be Legalized?". The whole article is presented on our website – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Persuasive Essay Outline Example

Persuasive essay outline example
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Persuasive essay outline example
  • Here is an example of persuasive essay on a very
    popular topicMedicinal marijuana should be
    legalized in Pennsylvania.

1. Background information about Medicinal
drugs legislation in Pennsylvania state
a. Side effects of using medicinal marijuana
b. Benefits of using medicinal marijuana
c. Other states in the country that already done
Persuasive essay outline example
2. Thesis statement a) Medicinal marijuana
should be legalized in the State of Pennsylvania
3. Research question a) What are the reasons
why medicinal marijuana should be
legalized? (Using medicinal marijuana can help
people suffering with particular diseases).
b) The side effects of using medicinal marijuana
are not detrimental to health and therefore could
be utilized to offset particular aspects of
Persuasive essay outline example
4. Thesis a) Medicinal marijuana should be
legalized in the state of Pennsylvania because
positive effects of using it are beneficial and
widely recognized in modern benefits.
5. Claims a) Counter arguments i. It
can be a gateway drug ii.Why opponents of
the legislation are against. 6. Personal
story a) How the use of medicinal marijuana
helps someone get by in their everyday life.
Persuasive essay outline example
  • Writing tips
  • Outline is just the first step of the writing
    process. Moreover, outline is not fixed. It
    should be modified in the process of writing and
  • Once you find new ideas or strong piece of
    evidence, you can and should add a new point to
    your outline.
  • It is not uncommon when you make the other side
    on the issue in the result of exposure to very
    strong evidence or supporting claims.
  • Do not be afraid to re-write your paper.

Persuasive essay outline example
  • Writing tips
  • It is the biggest mistake made by many students
    to rush through writing.
  • To create a strong persuasive essay, believe in
    what you are writing about.
  • There are situations when you are not given the
    freedom to choose the side on the issue and the
    teacher assigns the specific topic. In such
    cases, you need to focus on locating the
    strongest arguments.

Persuasive essay outline example
  • Writing tips
  • Proofread your essay thoroughly for grammar
    mistakes and for strength of the argument.
  • Give your essay to friends and ask them for their
    opinion. Did they find your arguments convincing?
  • They may also share many good creative ideas or
    recommendations for improvement!

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