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Dotnet Online Training with Certification


Learn from basics of dot net at Learningslot. Our curriculum is the industry's most in-depth hands-on exposure to the Microsoft platform. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Dotnet Online Training with Certification

Welcome to
Lets have look at
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What is .NET? Microsoft .NET (pronounced dot
net) is a software component that runs on the
Windows operating system. .NET provides tools and
libraries that enable developers to create
Windows software much faster and easier. .NET
benefits end-users by providing applications of
higher capability, quality and security. The .NET
Framework must be installed on a users PC to run
.NET applications.
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This ASP .Net training certification course is
for IT Job aspirants focusing on experiential
learning using .Net and related advanced
technologies. The Dot Net Training is designed to
ensure that the trainees are able to find
suitable employment opportunities. This
certification course is also focused on project
development. Business communication skills and
aptitude training are blended into the program to
ensure that trainees are industry ready.
call91 81 21 519 519
call91 81 21 519 519
Advantages of ASP.NET
  • ASP.NET considerably reduces the amount of
    concept required to build large applications.
  • With built-in Ms windows confirmation and
    per-application configurations, your applications
    are safe and effectively properly secured.
  • It provides better efficiency by using early
    applied, just-in-time selection, local marketing,
    and caching services right out of the box.
  • Its framework is associated with a wealthy device
    kit and developer in the Noticeable Studio room
    integrated growth atmosphere. WYSIWYG changing,
    drag-and-drop server controls, and automated
    execution is just a few of the features this
    highly effective device provides.
  • Provides comfort as it allows executing common
    tasks, from easy form submission and client
    confirmation to execution and site
  • The source concept and HTML are together
    therefore these sites are extremely easy to
    sustain and create. Also the source concept is
    applied on the server. This provides a lot of
    power and flexibility to the sites.

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  • .NET Training Course Objective
  • Learn the fundamentals of C programming in
    Visual Studio.
  • Using .NET Framework
  • Working with variables, data types
  • Work with standard programming skills
  • Exception Handling in C
  • Object oriented programming in C
  • Object oriented techniques
  • Working with Arrays
  • Create Generic classes and methods.
  • Collections in C
  • Generate and test your own classes using the
    Class Designer and Object Test Bench tools.
  • Use delegate types to provide flexibility and
    type safety.
  • Use anonymous types, lambda expressions,
    extension methods, object initializers, and
    implicit type declarations

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The Training groups are customized as per the
requirement of the trainees. There is always a
human-touch involved in classroom training unlike
the online training courses. There is flexibility
to interact with the group members. The trainees
can clear their doubts instantly with the
trainers. Learning Slot ensures that trainees are
more refined and productive after the course. ?
At learning slot, we give them lot of sensible
figuring out than simply focusing on theory part.
The path helps in structuring first-rate skills
in the zone of dotnet-online-training, the place
the trainees can use their inspiration to boost
their possess platform. We formulate them to
attain manifestation towards program progress and
aid them to work from day one.Our medium is
drafted in this type of manner that it may be
used in a self-learn crisis, so that anyone can
match this training program.
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The career prospects of this technology are high
worldwide. There are different multinational
companies which look for professionals with such
expertise. Many companies have changed their
prior software to .NET due to its high
reliability factor and ability to work on
different platforms and on different devices.
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career prospects
Learning Slot gives great significance in
maintaining quality education to students. By
joining an IT career course with learning slot,
you get, A wide variety of career, professional,
online training live project support, one to
one work support designed for the learning
career needs of students, working professionals
call91 81 21 519 519
call91 81 21 519 519
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