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Wire Cleaning Machine Manufacturer


Logos weld is one of the leading welding electrode making machines and welding electrode machine manufacturers in India. We offer wide range of innovative welding electrode machineries. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Wire Cleaning Machine Manufacturer

How To Do Aluminum Welding?
  • A lightweight, soft, low strength metal -
    aluminum can be easily cast, forged, machined and
    welded. In fact aluminum can be easily welded,
    brazed and soldered with other metals using
    conventional equipments and techniques.

Tungsten Inert Gas Welder / TIG Welder
  • A tungsten electrode and an inert gas is used in
    this welding process. The inert gas is used to
    sheild the welding area. Though there are other
    welding processes too with which aluminum can be
    welded, TIG welding is comparitively easier and
    thus suits the new welders. Also the precision
    achieved with this type of welder if very
    important, especially when the aluminum sheets
    are very thin.

Aluminum filler rod
  • With the help of aluminum filler rod you can
    easily bond the pieces of aluminum together or
    aluminum with other metals. Logos Weld leading
    Welding Electrode Plant- suggest total avoidance
    of use of rusty/ dirty filler rods. Dirty/ rusty
    filler rods will make the welds weak.

Argon gas canister
  • This is used for shielding purpose. Pure argon is
    a time-tested cost-effective gas solution. To
    this solution you can also add 3 helium to
    increase arc stability. It is recommeded that you
    buy the gas from authorized dealers only. You can
    easily get it from most welding supply stores or
    can refer you to an outlet where you can buy the
    argon gas canister from.

One needs to keep in mind that aluminum forms a
thin coat of aluminum oxide on its exterior when
melted at a higher temperature than aluminum. And
this is why it is advised that you clean the
aluminum piece before you start welding it. You
can clean the aluminum by spraying the joints
with acetone, rinsing the work piece in water and
then leaving the sheet to dry thoroughly. It is
recommeded that you scrub the aluminum with a
stiff stainless steel brush to finish the
cleaning process.
Once the cleaning process is done, you need to
preheat the piece of aluminum either directly in
an oven or with a gas torch. Try to heat at a
temperature of 176 degree celsius. Once heated,
you need to fix the pieces together as tightly as
  • This is especially important in case of TIG
    welding, as if the pieces are not joined tightly
    then the joints would have many gaps. Now you
    need to set the amperage of your weld at about 1
    amp/ .025 mm. of the aluminum's thickness. When
    this is done, you can start the welding process.

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