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Common health concerns for seniors


Health disorders are part of life when you are getting older , Some problems are life-threatening, while others lower the quality of life. The good news is that these Health disorders can be managed effectively. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Common health concerns for seniors

Common Health Concerns for Seniors
Lifespans in America are getting longer. On
average, when a person reaches 65, he or she has
almost 20 years left. However, the odds of
developing a chronic health condition increase as
individuals get older. Some problems are
life-threatening, while others lower the quality
of life. The good news is that these medical
conditions can be managed effectively. .
"Arthritis" is actually a catch-all term that
includes more than a hundred medical conditions
that cause joint pain. Inflammation of the joints
is a frequent symptom. Arthritis can strike at
any age, but it is strongly associated with age.
Almost half of all Americans age 65 and older
have some form of arthritis.Severe arthritis can
restrict movements, and make it difficult to
perform normal activities.
Heart Diseases
Heart diseases are the leading cause of death
among seniors in the United States. There are
several common conditions referred to as heart
disease. Arteriosclerosis is a narrowing of
arteries due to plaque buildup. If a blood clot
forms, this can block blood flow, and cause a
heart attack. Congestive heart failure means the
heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the body's
needs. Heart valve problems and irregular
heartbeat (arrhythmia) are other major heart
diseases. These conditions are treatable using
surgery, medication, diet and exercise. If heart
disease is managed properly, people often enjoy
many years of active life.
Respiratory Diseases
Respiratory diseases are a leading cause of death
among seniors. Common conditions include asthma,
which leads to difficulty breathing, and
pneumonia. Of major concern is chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. With
COPD, air sacs in the lungs are damaged (referred
to as emphysema), and this combines with chronic
bronchitis or inflammation of mucous membranes to
produce coughing and difficulty breathing.
Respiratory diseases can be managed with
medication exercise, and smoking cessation.
Osteoporosis means loss of bone mass. This is
common among seniors and makes bones brittle and
easily broken. The risk of a serious fracture due
to a fall goes up dramatically. Osteoporosis is
treatable with proper medication. A diet rich in
calcium and vitamin D is also helpful.
When a person has diabetes, the body can't
produce enough insulin to properly regulate the
level of glucose or blood sugar. Diabetes may be
diagnosed with a blood sugar test. Proper
management of diabetes is a must. If blood sugar
gets out of control it can lead to a diabetic
coma and death. In addition, long-term effects
can cause damage to vision, blood vessels,
kidneys and legs. Diabetes is treatable with
insulin, other medications, diet and exercise.
With all of these age-related conditions, being
proactive is critical. Healthy lifestyle choices
like proper diet, exercise and breaking unhealthy
habits like smoking can enable a senior to remain
active for years.
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