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BRC Packaging ISSUE 5 Certification


BRC packaging standard is for packaging industry to improve their hygiene practices and food safety. This revised standard is published in July 2015 for quick BRC packaging with complete list of total documentation package. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: BRC Packaging ISSUE 5 Certification

BRC Packaging ISSUE 5
Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging
What is BRC Packaging ISSUE?
BRC standard for Packaging and Packaging
Materials is certification of companies supplying
packaging to manufacturers and retailers. BRC
packaging Ensure transparency and compliance with
fair trading legislation and continuously review
and improve standards and supporting processes.
Objectives of BRC packaging issue 5
  • The objective of the BRC/IoP Packaging Standard
    is to specify safety, quality and operational
    criteria which are required to be in place within
    any manufacturing organisation supplying
    packaging to UK retailers, their suppliers or
    other Standard users. The format and content of
    the Standard are designed to allow an assessment
    of a company's premises, operational systems, and
    procedures, by an accredited third party
    certification body. Amongst the aims of this
    standard are
  • The intention to minimize duplication of
  • The reduction of conflicting requirements from
    various customers, and
  • The promotion of "best practice" for the
    industry as a whole.
Why choose the BRC Packaging and Packaging
Materials Standard?
The BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials
Standard is a leading global brand and the first
Standard that is recognized by worldwide. Its
why over 2,000 suppliers in over 70 countries
have chosen to be certificated by BRC Standards.
In this standard food safety chain and the
connected due diligence chain are based on the
appropriate contribution of all the market
players for safe products. The standard applies
to manufacturers and suppliers of converted
packaging for use in food packaging or filling
operations, for example
  • Flexible films
  • Bags paper, plastic, laminates
  • Corrugated cases
  • Cartons
  • Trays
  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Consumer disposables plates, cups, cutlery,
  • Contact / Barrier sheets
What the standard covers
The BRC Packaging ISSUE 5 Standard applies
primarily to the manufacturing of converted
packaging used in food packaging and filling
operations.  It is also intended to apply to
prior converting operations operations supplying
packaging materials from stock where additional
product processing or repacking occurs and,
consumer disposable goods that come into contact
with food that are made from packaging materials
or material intended for food preparation.
How can anyone prepare for certification?
  • Companies that plan well will often have an
    advantage and be prepared for certification. It
    is important that you and your company are
    positive, committed, and set clear target dates
    for implementation and assessment.
  • This includes
  • Establishing a Technical Management System
  • Identifying legal requirements
  • Identifying and documenting the specific food
    safety hazards and the relevant control measures
    (HACCP system or Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • Identifying the applicable Good Manufacturing
    Practice/Good Hygiene Practice, including a pest
    control programme, equipment and building
    maintenance programme, housekeeping and cleaning
    programme, and all the specific standard
  • Implementing any needed structural improvements
Benefits of BRC Packaging Certification
  • Obtaining certification will help satisfy your
    customers expectations by demonstrating the
    plans, programs and systems that the standard
  • A Hazard and Risk Management System to manage
    risks by following a step-by-step approach
  • Senior management commitment to provide
    sufficient resources to achieve the standard
  • A quality management system that details the
    organizational and managerial policies needed to
    provide a framework to achieve the standard
  • A series of pre-requisite programs dealing with
    the basic environmental and operational
    conditions needed for the production of safe and
    hygienic packaging and controlling the generic
    hazards covered by good manufacturing and good
    hygiene practices
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